The Courageous Prince

by Jeremy Blum


  Ganon, the evil wizard of darkness, stood on a cliff at the far side of Death Mountain, the cold winter air rustling his dark black robes. His ugly, pig-like face scowled in thought. He couldn't believe it. That 'meddling brat' Link and that 'stupid fool' Princess Zelda had foiled his evil plans of stealing the powerful Triforce of Wisdom two times already. Ganon gritted his sharp teeth together. He somehow had to think of a plan to get Link and Princess Zelda out of the way. Once they were dead, he could easily steal the Triforce of Wisdom, for King Harkian, the noble ruler of Hyrule, was getting old, and his time on Earth was becoming short. He would be no problem. However, Link and Princess Zelda were problems. Ganon's evil plans were always foiled by them, and he was furious about it.

Ganon's thoughts were disturbed by one of his small Moblin slaves, who had crept up behind him. "Er&ldots;." It said. "Sir&ldots;&ldots;"

"What do you want?" snarled Ganon, turning around. "It had better be important. I don't like having my thoughts interrupted."

The poor Moblin began to tremble with fear. "S-sir," he stammered, "o-one of our spies has l-learned that t-there will be a p-p-arty at Hyrule castle tonight." He gulped.

"A party?" asked Ganon, sounding interested. "For what reason?"

The Moblin sighed, relieved that his master wasn't angry anymore. "King Harkian has invited Prince Trockmar from the land of Saran to Hyrule. It appears that King Harkian was friends with Prince Trockmar's father, King Marain, in his early years. Prince Trockmar is arriving in Hyrule today. King Harkian is preparing a welcome party for him."

Ganon smiled. "If there's a party at the castle, then I will easily be able to sneak into the east tower and steal the Triforce of Wisdom."

"Er&ldots;." Said the Moblin, "I'm afraid not. King Harkian has recently moved the Triforce of Wisdom down into the castle treasury, so that it wouldn't be stolen. He is posting guards to watch it, too."

Ganon frowned. But in a few moments, his frown vanished, and he smiled an evil smile. "I have a plan," he said. "and this one will not fail."


Meanwhile&ldots;&ldots;.In the east tower of Hyrule Castle, Link was busy reading a book intitled: How to Win a Princess' Heart. (Link has been known to have a crush on Princess Zelda)

 Link was a tall lad of sixteen years. He had long brown hair, and he wore a soft green cap on his head. He had on a green tunic, and brown pants. On his feet were leather boots. A strong belt was around his waist.

  Link's room was cluttered with junk. A large bed took up most of the space in the room, and scattered on top of the bed was smelly old laundry Link had forgotten to wash. On the untidy floor were shirts, pants, and other oddments that Link carelessly scattered around. There was a closet in the far wall of the room&ldots;.but Link had forgotten that it was there. Leaning against the wall were two swords, and a shield. Link had a small desk near the north wall of the room, and on the desk were many books and pens and paper. Zelda had often reminded Link to clean up his messy room, but Link rarely paid attention.

  Link had just reached page twenty when Princess Zelda opened the door. She was fifteen years old, and she had beautiful blonde hair that fell down to her soldiers. She had blue eyes and a pretty face. She was tall and slender, and unlike Link, she was very tidy. However, she and Link often practiced sword fighting in the castle courtyard, and she was an excellent archer, even better than Link.

 "Link," she said. "Prince Trockmar has arrived! He's in the castle courtyard now! Come and meet him!" she gestured for Link to follow her.

 "I'm coming," said Link, putting his book aside. He too was eager to meet Prince Trockmar, the 'brilliant young man' King Harkian had been talking about.

  When Link and Zelda reached the castle courtyard, they saw King Harkian already talking to Prince Trockmar. The Prince was perhaps Link's age, with long black hair that he tied back. He wore a long, red cloak, and he was dressed in a grey tunic with black pants. He wore expensive leather shoes, and slung over his shoulder was a sword. He had green eyes, and standing near him was his beautiful white horse. Link had to admit, the man looked pretty impressive.

 "Hello, Link!" said King Harkian, cheerfully. "Please allow me to introduce you to Prince Trockmar. His father and I were friends back in the days of the great Hyrulian War."

 "I'm Link." said Link, shaking Prince Trockmar's hand.

 "Pleased to meet you." said the Prince arrogantly. "If you'll excuse me," he said. "I'd like to meet this young lady." He walked toward Princess Zelda. Link began to scowl.

 "Ah&ldots;" said Prince Trockmar. "You must be the lovely Princess Zelda." Zelda blushed. The Prince kissed her hand. Link scowled even more.

 "Now," said King Harkian happily, we have prepared a great welcome party for you, and you may stay in this castle for as long as you wish. As long as you stay here, I'll treat you like a son."

  "Thank you, sir." said Prince Trockmar. Link snorted.

 "The party will not take place until 6:00," said the King, "so you have an hour to wash yourself and settle into the castle. I'll show you your room."

 "Thank you, sir." said the Prince, walking off with the King.

 "Isn't he wonderful?" asked Zelda dreamily. Link put his hands on his hips. "He's so strong, so polite, so nice&ldots;.." her eyes sparkled.

 "Oh come on, Zelda." Muttered Link. "He's just another snobby prince. He carries a sword around, but I doubt he's ever used it, except maybe to scare off a rabbit eating a carrot in his father's garden."

 "Link," said Zelda, "I do believe you're jealous."

 "You're darn right I'm jealous!" mumbled Link.

  Zelda giggled. "If you want me to actually kiss you someday, then you'll have to act more like 'that snobby prince'."

  "What does he have that I don't?!" said the angry Link.

  "A brain, for starters." Zelda joked. "Also, he doesn't brag, like you."

 "I can't help it if I'm perfect!" yelled Link.

 "See what I mean?" Zelda laughed. "Now stop acting like a child and get ready for the party! Who knows, maybe you'll even become friends with Prince Trockmar!"

 "Somehow," mumbled Link, "I doubt it."


  The welcome party that King Harkian held for Prince Trockmar was wonderful. There was all sorts of wonderful food, such as berries, chocolate cake, strawberry punch and others. There were all sorts of guests too. There were many peasants from the town of Hyrule, who dressed in their best and enjoyed the whole evening, and there were also many visitors from the land of Saran, who had accompanied Prince Trockmar on his journey. There was laughter, much talk, and dancing. Link, however, didn't have a very good time. He was too busy becoming jealous at the 'charming' Prince Trockmar.

 The Prince and Zelda had just finished their second dance together, and it appeared that Princess Zelda was having a very good time. They were laughing and Princess Zelda blushed every now and then, and Link suspected that she was falling in love with the Prince.

Angrily, he cut himself a piece of cake and ate in unhappy silence. He felt like strangling someone. Just then, he noticed Prince Trockmar and Zelda starting to dance again. To keep himself from going over to the Prince and kicking him in the face, Link walked out of the throne room doors. He stormed out into the castle courtyard, and sat down at a barrel next to the stable. Link figured that it would be better to just sit and watch the stars come out that it would be to challenge the Prince to a fight.

However, in a few minutes, Prince Trockmar himself walked outside the throne room and into the castle courtyard. Seeing Link, the Prince walked over and sat on another barrel that was beside him.

"What in the world are you doing here?!" yelled Link.

"Oh," said the Prince, stretching his arms. "That party is a bit too much for me. Too exciting. I figured that I would come out here and watch the stars come out for a while. Since you're here already, I assume that's what you were doing."

Link gritted his teeth and stormed out of the castle courtyard and back into the throne room. He couldn't stand the Prince's company.

"Well," said the Prince to himself as Link walked away. "He's not in a very good mood."

The Prince fell silent, and never did he see the Moblin creeping up behind him and whacking him on the head with the butt of a sword. In fact, he never knew what hit him. As soon as he fell to the ground, out cold, Ganon and another Moblin magically appeared.

"Well, well, well." said Ganon, smiling an evil smile. "This fool will get the Triforce of Wisdom for me, and he will destroy those meddling brats, Link and Zelda, too."

The two Moblins at his side grinned and laughed among themselves. Ganon propped the Prince up against the barrel and waved his hands in a magical gesture. The Ganon closed his eyes and said some strange magical words. The Prince began to stir, and slowly he got up. But when he opened his eyes, his pupils had turned from green to black. He appeared to be under a trance.

"W-what did you do to him, master?" asked one of the Moblins.

"I've put him under a hypnosis spell," Ganon smiled. "As long as he is under this spell, he will do anything I command him to do. And right now, I comand him to steal the Triforce of Wisdom!"

"Yes, master." said Prince Trockmar. His voice had a canned quality to it. The Prince then walked back into the throne room. No one happened to notice his eyes or the fact that he was heading toward the castle treasury. However, as he was walking, he was stopped by Princess Zelda.

"There you are," she said. "I have been looking all over for you! Do you want something to eat?"

"No." said Prince Trockmar. "Go away."

Zelda gasped. "But I th----" she began, but before she could finish, the Prince pushed her out of his way. Zelda gasped again.

Zelda walked over to where Link was standing, watching an elderly couple dancing. "Link," she said. "You wouldn't believe what Prince Trockmar did to me! I just asked him if he wanted something to eat, and he shoved me out of his way!"

Link grinned. "I told you he was a snobby fool of a prince. I told you! But did you listen to me? N-o-o-o-o!"

Zelda rolled her eyes.


Meanwhile, Prince Trockmar walked down the stairs leading to the castle treasury. Two armed guards stood, guarding the doorway to the treasury. One of the guards greeted the Prince.

"Hello, Prince Trockmar!" he said. "What brings you here?"

The Prince didn't answer. Instead, he pulled out his sword from its sheath, and swung it in the direction of one of the guards!

"Prince Trockmar!" cried the guard, dodging the sword. "What is the meaning of this?!"

Prince Trockmar answered by ramming his foot into the guard's stomach. The man fell over in pain. The second guard quickly charged at the Prince with his spear, but the Prince whacked him in the head with his fist, causing the man to fall to the ground. Prince Trockmar searched the man's belt and found the key that opened the door of the treasury. The Prince quickly unlocked the door.

Inside the castle treasury, floating on a pedestal in the center of the riches-filled room, was the Triforce of Wisdom. It shone with an eerie blue light that filled the whole small room. The Prince grabbed the Triforce of Wisdom and hid it in his cloak. He then exited the treasury and hurried back up into the throne room. He strode through the large room quickly, and on his way he bumped Princess Zelda over, knocking her down. The Prince paid no attention. He just hurried out the throne room door.

Link helped Zelda up.

"I wonder what's wrong with the Prince?" Zelda asked.


Meanwhile, outside the throne room in the castle courtyard, Prince Trockmar walked up to Ganon and his Moblins.

"Well?" asked the evil wizard." Do you have it?"

The Prince pulled the Triforce of Wisdom out of his cloak and gave it to Ganon. The evil wizard smiled and clutched the Triforce of Wisdom in his hands. He laughed an evil laugh.

"At Last!" he cried. "After all these years! The Triforce of Wisdom! With the Triforce, I will be able to take over all of Hyrule!"

Ganon's Moblins danced around happily.

All the racket and noise disrupted the party inside the throne room.

"What's all that noise?" asked King Harkian, getting up and opening the throne room doors. A few members of the party followed him. Zelda and Link shrugged, and followed too.

King Harkian, Link, Zelda and the members of the party walked out into the castle courtyard. When they saw Ganon, King Harkian's face turned white, Zelda and Link gasped, and a few of the women screamed, in horror.

"Ganon!" yelled King Harkian. "What do you want!" Suddenly he saw Prince Trockmar standing beside Ganon.

"Prince Trockmar!" cried the King. "What in the name of Hyrule are you doing?!" Zelda, Link, and everyone else watching stared in disbelief.

"I knew that guy was a snob," said Link. "But this is going too far!"

"Hello there, King Harkian." Laughed Ganon. "If you've noticed, I just happen to have finally stolen the Triforce of Wisdom!"

The King's face twisted in horror. "H-how did you get it?" he said in a weak voice.

"Oh," said Ganon carelessly. "Your 'brilliant' Prince Trockmar stole it for me."

The crowd all began to talk at once. King Harkian stared at the Prince in amazement, and Zelda put her hand to her mouth. Suddenly, Link jumped from the crowd and landed in front of Ganon. In a flash he pulled out his sword. "I bet you have Prince Trockmar under some kind of magical spell," he said grimly. "You somehow got him to steal the Triforce for you!"

"Very good, Link." said Ganon. "I must admit, you aren't a total idiot, but still, I must get rid of you. Prince Trockmar, destroy him!"

The Prince smiled meanly, and then he pulled his sword out of its sheath and charged at Link, yelling a battle cry.

Link rolled out of the way, and the Prince's sword hit the sandy ground with a thump. The Prince swung his sword at Link's head, but Link defended himself with a sharp kick to the Prince's chest. The Prince fell over, but in a flash he jumped back up again. The crowd began to cheer Link on. Zelda especially.

  Link avoided the Prince's thrusts, and defended himself with a quick slash, which cut the Prince's cloak. Link smashed his sword against Prince Trockmar's, and the Prince's sword flew from his hand and landed in the dirt. Link quickly kicked the Prince to the ground and jumped on him. The two wrestled madly, and then they jumped back on their feet. Link quickly punched the Prince in the nose, and swung his leg under the Prince's feet, making him fall over.

Ganon yawned. "This is getting old." he said. "Moblins, go and attack Link so that this battle will be over with."

The Moblins nodded, and ran over and attacked Link also.

"Link needs help!" yelled Princess Zelda. She spotted Prince Trockmar's sword in dirt. She ran over to it and picked it up. She quickly rushed toward the two Moblins, brandishing the sword like a club. In two swift swings, she killed both of the Moblins.

"Thanks, Zelda." said Link, gasping for breath.

"Don't mention it." said Zelda. "Now to get the Triforce out of Ganon's hands!" She ran towards Ganon, waving the sword.

 "Don't try anything," said Ganon. "I've been known to kill girls too."

Zelda grinned, and keeping her distance, she hurled the sword at Ganon's hand. The sword sliced Ganon's hand right off, and he dropped the Triforce. "Ahhhh!" screamed Ganon in pain. He clutched the place where his hand once was. Zelda quickly ran forth and grabbed the Triforce. She threw it to King Harkian, who caught it easily. Ganon shrieked, and growled in fury.

"You may have won this round," he said. "But I'll be back!" And with then, Ganon vanished.

As soon as Ganon disappeared, Prince Trockmar began to wake up from the trance. "W-what's h-happening?" he asked. "Where am I?"

King Harkian quickly rushed to the Prince's aid.


A few minutes later, everything was resolved. The Prince had been told of what he had done, he apologized, the Triforce of Wisdom was returned to the castle treasury, the party resumed, and Link and Zelda had quietly walked up to Link's room in the east tower of the castle.

"Well," said Link. "I'd say that we did a pretty good job!"

"Yes," said Princess Zelda. "You should now try to become friends with Prince Trockmar. You did save his life."

"Yeah," said Link. "I guess so." Suddenly he grinned. "So, do I get a reward for saving the Prince's life?"

"What do you want?" asked Zelda, laughing.

"A kiss." said Link.

"All right," said Zelda, putting her arms around Link's neck. Their lips were just about to touch when suddenly there was a knock on the door to Link's room.

"What now?" muttered Link, opening the door. It was Prince Trockmar.

"Hello!" he said. "I just want to thank you, Link. You risked your life to save me."

"You're welcome." said Link.

"I'm sorry I was such a snob." Said the Prince. "In fact I was wondering if you could do me a favor."

"What is it?" asked Link.

"I'm not that good at sword fighting. I was wondering if we could creep away from the party for a while and go down to the courtyard and practice sword fighting!"

"Now?" asked Link.

Zelda smiled. "Do go, Link."

"Okay," muttered Link. "But couldn't you have chosen a better time to ask me this?"

"Why?" asked Prince Trockmar.

"Zelda and I were in the middle of something."

"Like what?"

Link rolled his eyes. "Don't you get it?!"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, forget it." muttered Link. "Let's just get this over with."

The two men walked down the stairs or the tower, the Prince chattering to Link all the way.

Zelda sat on Link's bed and laughed.


  The End


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