Hyrulian Deal or no Deal

By Zeldalover

Howie Mandell: Hello ladies and gentleman! Tonight, we have two surprises! First, surprise number one, Ladies!


All the models enter with their cases labelled 1 to 26 and are wearing pink dresses. They go up just above the knee and have  a low bustline.  One of the models has on a dress that shows the entire side of her breasts. 


Howie Mandell:Now, here's the treat! Audience, please look at the lovely model standing with case number 17!


The model has blond hair down to her butt and is wearing a gold headpiece with pink jewels encased in it along with a diamond right in the center.


Howie Mandell: It's none other than Hyrule's princess, Zelda!!!


Loud cheers are heard from the crowd as Zelda curtsies


Howie Mandell: And, the second surprise is that Hyrule's hero, Link, is coming on the show tonight! give it up foooooooooorrrr, LINK!


Link enters and loud cheers are again heard from the stands. One girl is frantically waving a sign that says "MARRY ME LINK!!!" Zelda now looks love-struck as Link walks up to the table where Howie is waiting


Howie Mandell: Hello Link! what are you going to try to win on this round of...


Audience: DEAL OR NO DEAL!!!!


Link: Well, Howie, I plan to win that rainbow rupee!!!


Howie Mandell: Well, alright! For all you folks who don't know what a rainbow rupee is, it's hyrulian currency that is worth 1,000,000 rupees!!!!




Howie Mandell: Okay Link, which case do you want?


Link: I think i'll take case...


Zelda is looking hopeful and Link sees her. Little does she know, he's had a crush on her for a loooooooong time...like 7 years!!!!


Link: number 17.


Deal or no Deal music plays as Zelda walks down the steps in her hot pink high-heels. Zelda walks up to Howie, gives him the case, then walks to the 27 seater couch for the models next to to the supporter's couch.



Howie Mandell: O.K. Link! Just asking, why did you pick this case?


Link: (obviously nervous)um.....welll..... (thinks up something quickly) I'm 17 years old, and seven is a lucky number, so it seemed like a good choice!


Howie Mandell: That's seems like a good reason as any! well, let's meet your supporters!


      Howie walks to the couch containing all of Link's most trusted friends/family


Howie Mandell: Let's see. can you introduce me to all of these people Link?


Link: Sure!


              They stop at a 15 year-old girl wearing a green tank top and a green mini-skirt. She just happens to have green hair, and is wearing it in a baby blue bow.


Link: This is Saria, one of my most valuable friends in Hyrule!


Howie Mandell: Wait, if I recall, Saria is a kokiri, so how did she grow up a little?


Link: When she became a sage, she was allowed the choice to either stay puny or become older. She chose older (and, she looks hotter too might I add!)


Howie Mandell: Okay then! Who is this fine number?


   They come to a tall girl, about '6ft. 5in. with tanned skin and is wearing what looks like a  pink bikini top without straps, red knee boots, and an ankle long pink skirt and pink armlinks with blue running down the sides. 


Link: this is Nabooru, a female thief!


Howie Mandell: (looking worried) she won't try to steal anything, will she?


Link: No, I have a contract that says she won't steal anything tonight right here with her signature.(takes out a rolled up scroll with a green ribbon tied around it.) See, here's her signature!


Nabooru: (mumbling to herself) Should have never signed that contract....


Howie Mandell: (looks over contract carefully.)  Alright then! let's move on, shall We?


They come to a red headed girl wearing a long ankle length white dress. She's wearing gold slipper like shoes with little shiny blue bows on them. Her hair is curled, and a yellow headband keeps it back.


Link: This is my friend, Malon Lon-Lon!


Howie Mandell: Okay! moving on!


Malon: WAIT! (blocks Howie with the incredible Malon force field of death. ) Listen to this first!  (starts singing)


Suddenly, Epona runs onto the stage and does a backflip.


Howie Mandell:.......................


Link: Moving on.....!!!


         They now come to a short kid who has his nose in the air. He is dressed in a green t-shirt and has green shorts on. He is also wearing green hiking boots and has a green baseball cap on.


Link: This is Mido. Nosy little punk....he just happens to be my cousin.... (sulking to himself) Let's just finish up here, shall we Howie?




Howie Mandell: Right. (mumbling to self) if anything like what Malon did happens again, I'm trading places with the banker!


  They now come to the last supporter, a hylian wearing a blue tunic exactly like Link's. He even has the brown boots, and a blue floppy cap to match his outfit. If he was dressed in green, you couldn't tell him and Link apart.


Howie Mandell: who is this person, Link?


Link: This is my twin brother, Luke!


Luke stands and takes a bow.




Ruto runs down the stairs, then firmly takes hold of both Link's and Luke's arms


Ruto: You're both coming with me! One of you promised to marry me!!!!


Howie Mandell: SECURITY!!!!!!!!!


Security comes and unhooks Ruto from Link and Luke, but, as they try to take her away, she turns into water and DEMANDS that Link AND Luke come with her. Selfish pig!!!!




Link and Luke look at each other, then slightly nod.


Link: Ruto, this is my lucky day!!!


Luke: Yeah, and my bro' is gonna win some rupees, and we need you to get your slippy fish butt out!!!!




Both brothers take out din's fire and use it to burn Ruto to a crisp


Link: We're....


Link& Luke: SAVED!!!!


Cheers are now streaming from the audience.


Howie: Now, let's start!!!! choose six cases.


Everyone except Link & Howie sit.


Link: I choose case #10.


Howie Mandell: Jackie!


The girl has tanned skin and red hair to her waist. It wraps around her head in a perfect wave of red-raspberry.


Jackie: Let's hope you have some low amounts, hon'!


The whole crowd is in suspense. Jackie opens her case to reveal....1 CENT!!!!

Link is really happy, thus the huge smile on his face.


Howie Mandell: Yeah, great start!!!! Now, you have five cases left.


Link: #6


Howie Mandell: Marleen!


A pale girl looks back at Link.  A black scarf keeps her black hair back. She is obviously concentrating.


Marleen: Hmmm.... I am feeling.....very....


Marleen closes her eyes and then quickly opens the case to reveal $10,000


Marleen: Positive Vibes!!!


Link is again really happy. He acts like it's really hard to choose.


Link: Hmmmm...number......19!!!


Howie Mandell: Triny!


A girl with blond hair and a sparkly pink purse held this case. Her hair was in a ponytail, and she had bright red lipstick on. She reminded Link of when Saria tried to act like a hyrulian grown-up.


Triny: Gosh, I need, like, $1 dollar!!!


Case reveals 10 buckaroos.




Howie Mandell: Marissa!


A girl with brown hair steps up. Her hair is loose, and her skin has a brown tint to it. A cowboy hat studded with blue gemstones sparkles.


Marissa: Golly, i a hope I can get you one of them 100 bucks, partner!!!


Amount is 1 buck.


Howie Mandell: One case left!!!!


Link: Number 16!!!!


Howie Mandell: Laura!!


A sarcastic looking maid comes up. She has.....WHAT?!?! PINK HAIR????!!!!!!! THIS WASN'T IN THE SCRIPT!!!!


Laura: Okay, let's win some mon, hon!!! (thinks to self) God, why do I have to hang with these losers?


Case is 100 dollars.

Link is pretty happy, but Luke is energetic.

The phone is ringing. Silence.


Howie Mandell: Okay, the banker. (picks up phone) Yes Banker? (pauses.) Okay, I'll tell him. (hangs up) the offer is.....12,000 bucks.


Link: I'm gonna have to say no deal!!!


"Deal or No Deal?" music plays as Link slams down button case.


Howie Mandell: Folks, I'm afraid that's all the time we have for tonight! Tune in to the next episode of....


Audience: DEAL OR NO DEAL!!!!





Authorís Note: Please don't sue me for making Mido Link's cousin. It was just an excuse why they fought all the time. Also, thank U MidnaScape for giving me the idea to burn Ruto.



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