SLegend of Zelda: Doppelgangers, Sorceresses and Oracles

By Jason Boaz

Chapter 1: Link's Hylian History Lesson

The story begins in the North Castle. Zelda, the princess of Hyrule was giving Link a lesson in Hyrule's history...whether he wanted it or not.

Link: Why are there two scrolls about the Imprisoning War, Zelda?

Zelda: Because after Ganon was sealed inside the Dark World, Link I, your ancestor, was sent back to the time exactly after Ganon, who was human at the time, entered the Sacred Realm and caused the Triforce to spilt. He told Zelda II, my ancestor of the dangers to come, and thus prepared the Knights of Hyrule for Ganon's arrival. The King, who survived Ganondorf's betrayal, had summoned Saria, Ruto, Darunia, Impa and Nabooru to Hyrule Castle. Through Link I, my ancestor learned that she and those people were six of the Seven Sages..she told her father about it, and was secure in the knowledge that Hyrule would be safe. Ultimately, the Hero of Time, your ancestor, entrusted the Knights of Hyrule with the Kokiri Emerald, which would one day be reforged into the Pendant of Courage.

Link: Alright...What happened next? (This is BORING!!)

Zelda: Three months later, Ganon's army was beginning to invade Hyrule, just as Link I predicted. The king send for the Seven Sages and ordered them to seal the entrance to the Dark World. The Seven Sages looked for Link I, the only person valiant enough to take up the Master Sword, but he was nowhere to be found.

Link: WHAT THE HECK? Where was my ancestor anyway?

Zelda: He was in an alternate world called Termina. He was fighting against Majora's Mask, and fought the entity that lived in it, to save Termina from doom by the falling moon that was there...but that's another story.

Link: Ok. What happened after the Seven Sages couldn't find my ancestor?

Zelda: Ganon's army swarmed from the tainted Golden Land into Hyrule and attacked the castle. The sages and the Knights of Hyrule combined forces to wage war on this evil horde.

Link was starting to get interested in this little history lesson. He asked about the fate of the Knights.

Link: These...Knights of Hyrule...what happened to that war?

Zelda: The Knights took the full brunt of the fierce attack, and although they fought courageously, many a brave soul was lost that day.

Link: Ulp...that's bad.

Zelda: I was a tragic loss. However, their lives were not lost in vain, for they bought precious time for the Seven Sages to magically seal Ganon in the Golden Land. All of Hyrule rejoiced at the victory that upheld peace and order over Ganon's evil and chaos. This war, which had claimed many lives, became known as the Imprisoning War in stories told in later centuries.

Link: Whoa! I guess that wasn't so boring, after all.

Zelda: (smiles) Why thank you, Link. Alright, class...pop quiz. What did Ganon say, when he was defeated by Link's ancestor, the Hero of Time, and sealed away in the Dark World, in the era where he was the Great King of Evil?

Link, who wasn't quite sure of these pop quizes, answered as best as he can.

Link: (Aw, great! I HATE these pop quizes!! Well, here goes...)

Ummmm...He said..."I shall return?"

Zelda smiled, and told him he was close. He then asked Miff, who was part of the class to answer the question.

Zelda: (smiles) Close...but not close enough.

Miff: HA HA! Link blew it...big time!

Link: Watch it, miss smarty pants!!

Zelda: Calm down Link!!

Link: Well exccuuuussse me, Princess. If Miff's SO SMART, why not ask her what Ganon said?

Zelda: Good idea. (looks at Miff) Miff, can you tell us what Ganon said when he was banished into the Dark World?

Miff: I'll do better than that...I'll show you.

Miff, using her magic, made a window which looked into the past. The voice of a man, who seemed to be in a void, yelled in anger.



As the voice of the person trailed off, it revealed it belonged to a Gerudo male wearing black armor, and a torn cape. Link realized this person's voice sounded familiar.

Link: HEY! This man's voice sounds familiar!

Zelda: It should...that man is Ganon, when he was human. Now, hush up, so we'll listen.

Link: Sorry.

Ganondorf: Someday...when this seal is broken....that is when I will exterminate your descendants!! As long as the Triforce of Power is in my hand...

Zelda: As Ganondorf swore he'd have his revenge, he vanished into the void of the realm. And that was how the First Imprisoning War was won.

Link: Not bad.

Zelda: Thank you, Miff.

Miff: You're welcome, Zelda.

Link felt Miff was acting like a teacher's pet, and was ticked off.

Link: Now, cut that out...Teacher's pet!

Miff: At least I'm not the teacher's pet peeve.

Link: You think so, huh?!

Miff: Yes, I do!


Meanwhile, as Link and Miff argued, somewhere in the depths of Death Mountain, Ganon was watching the whole thing. The history lesson gave him a diabolical plan.

Ganon: Hmmmm,...this little history lesson Zelda gave Link gives me an idea. (turns to the Evil Jar) Vires, Agahnim, Veran, Dark Leigh, Evil Zelda, come forth.

Ganon summoned Agahnim, the Dark Wizard, Veran, Sorceress of Shadows, Dark Leigh, Leighs evil twin, Evil Zelda and Vires from the Evil Jar. The Vires got to learn what it's assignment was first.

Vires: What is your bidding, Master, Ganon?

Ganon: I need you to find Mara Hespera right away. I have some business to discuss with her.

Vires: M...M...M...Mara Hespera? But she's a tough cookie. She's nearly as evil as you...and her powers are frighteningly powerful.

Ganon: JUST DO IT!!

Vires: Y...y...yes sir!

As the Vires flew off, Veran asked her master why she and the others were summoned.

Veran: Why do you need Mara Hespera, anyway? And why did you summon us, Master?

Ganon: will find out, soon enough, Veran.

As the Vires flew completely out of sight, Ganon was gloating that his minions would find out what he needs the evil

Mara Hespera for. What is Ganon up to? Why is Mara Hespera needed? Will Link and Zelda catch on to Ganon's scheme in time? Find out in the next exciting chapter of "Doppelgangers, Sorceresses and Oracles."

To Be Continued...

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