SLegend of Zelda: Doppelgangers, Sorceresses and Oracles

By Jason Boaz

Chapter 2: Zelda II Meets Evil Zelda/B>

Sometime later, Ganon's Vires had reached Moldera, homeland of the evil sorceress, Mara Hespera. When Vires came into her chambers, she demanded to know what Ganon wanted.

Vires: Are you Mara Hespera?

Mara: Yes, I am the one you seek. What do you want, Vires?! Or, should I say, what does your master, Ganon want?! I must know!!

Vires: Master Ganon requests your presence at Death Mountain right away, Mara. He says its urgrent.

Mara: Really? Well, I guess I'll go. I have nothing better to do, right now. It's been a while since I've been to Hyrule, anyway.

Vires: Very well. You know where Death Mountain is. Take us there.

Mara: As you wish.

Without hesitation, Mara teleported herself and the Vires into Ganon's Death Mountain hideaway. She was surprised to see the infamous Sorceress of Shadows was there. It turns out that Veran is Mara's hero and idol.

Ganon: Welcome to my humble abode, Mara Hespera. It's been awhile.

Mara: Yes, it has, Ganon.

Veran: Pleased to meet you, Mara. I am Veran, Sorceress of Shadows.

Mara: THE Sorceress of Shadows? You're...Veran?! I don't believe it! I finally get to meet you. Ever since I was young, I dreamed about being as evil, and as powerful as you are my hero, Veran. It is A SERIOUS HONOR to finally meet idol.

Veran: Why, thank you. I guess. Now, we have work to do.

Mara: I understand, Veran. (turns to Ganon) What is my part in your plan, Ganon?

Ganon: You, Agahnim, Veran and Dark Leigh will combine your powers to send Evil Zelda centuries into the past. There, she will capture Zelda II, the leader of the Seven Sages. The Link and Zelda of this time are bound to hear of the threat in the past. I'm certain they'll find a way to travel through time to help Zelda II. That's where Evil Zelda's skills of impersonation come in.

Evil Zelda: I get it. After I capture Zelda II, I'll take her place and send Link and Zelda on a wild goose chase, or destroy them on the spot.

Ganon: Exactly. But, I want you to get them into a wild goose chase. In case Link I gets wind of my plans....If worse comes to worse, I'll introduce Link to my human form, and the first form I took on as Ganon.

Evil Zelda: Got it. Will I have any allies on this venture?

Agahnim: The Dark Link of the Imprisoning War era will assist you, Evil Zelda.

Dark Leigh: Hopefully, he'll be of better help than the Dark Link of this time.

Evil Zelda looked towards the Evil Jar, and stuck her tongue out at Dark Link.

Evil Zelda: Nyah! (sticks out tongue)

Dark Link: Well, excccuuusssse me, Princess!

Ganon, feeling the usual chaos of Evil Zelda's fighting with Dark Link close in, ordered them to be quiet.


Evil Zelda: Yes, master.

Dark Link: Sorry, master.

Ganon: That's better. Now, Mara, you, Agahnim, Veran and Dark Leigh must create a time portal through your combined powers.

Mara: Ah...a joint effort. Very well, I'll help you. (and my hero)

That's what I like about you, Ganon. You always think big.

Ganon: Thank you, Mara. Now, form a circle around Evil Zelda, and cast a portion of each of your magic to send her through the time portal you'll create!

Agahnim: Yes, master.

Dark Leigh: Yes, sir.

Veran: As you desire, Master Ganon.

Mara: Alright, then.

And so, Agahnim, the Dark Wizard, Veran, the Sorceress of Shadows, combining their powers with the powers of Dark Leigh and Mara Hespera, successfully sent Evil Zelda hurtling through a time portal..centuries into the past.

Ganon: This time, nothing will stop me! Geh heh heh ha ha ha ha ha hee hee ho ho AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HEH HEH HEH HEH!!

Meanwhile, centuries in the past, in the Temple of Time, a young man, in the shadows enters this hallowed place. He opens the Door of TIme with a tune from a blue Ocarina. Then, he reaches out and pulls the Master Sword out of the Pedestal of Time.

Man: It's time. After all this time, I can finally put this sword to rest, so the next hero can wield it.

As he spoke, a fairy flew to him. She scoped out what was happening in the castle.

Fairy: We've got a problem. I feel dark powers permeating from Hyrule Castle. Someone is after Zelda.

Man: Oh, no! ZELDA! We have to hurry, Navi. We mustn't let anything happen to her!

Navi: Got it!

Man: I guess I'm going to have use this sword one last time.

Elsewhere, in the castle garden, Princess Zelda II, the seventh Sage, was enjoying the view, picking flowers. Her father, the king, was away on business delegating a peace treaty with the Gerudos. Nothing could prepare her for what was going to happen next...except for the Triforce of Wisdom.

Zelda II: What is that awful feeling? It's so cold.

Triforce of Wisdom: An evil entity is coming this way. She will be here, in a few seconds.

Zelda II: Who said that?

Zelda II look at her hand, and saw the triforce mark on her right hand glow. She was surprised to see that the Triforce of Wisdom could talk.

Triforce of Wisdom: I did. I am the essence of the Triforce of Wisdom.

Zelda II: (in shock) can talk. I never thought this was possible.

Triforce of Wisdom: That is not important, right now. Getting out of this situation alive is. We must go, now!

Zelda II: Right!

But as Zelda II turned around to leave, she was blocked by Evil Zelda, who appeared out of nowhere.

Evil Zelda: You're not going anywhere...except for the castle dungeon!

Zelda II: What is this?! Who are you?! You...look like me...but you're dressed differently....why?

Evil Zelda: Let's just say, an old friend of yours sent me to capture you, while I take your place.

Zelda II: You fiend! I won't let you capture me!!

Zelda II tried to run, but was stopped by Evil Zelda. She was about to be captured when a beam shot at the doppelganger, barely missing her.

Evil Zelda: And where do you think YOU are going? You're coming with me!! (grabs Zelda II by the hands)

Zelda II: Let me go!!

Evil Zelda: (feels energy pass by her...barely missing her) WHAT THE?!

(looks around) WHO DID THAT?!

Evil Zelda looked around, and spotted a man wearing green clothes, He had blonde hair, blue eyes and a fairy. He wielded the Master Sword, and was immediately recognized by Zelda II.

Man: Looks like I've came just in time.

Evil Zelda: Who are you?!

Zelda II: LINK! Am I glad to see you!

Evil Zelda: LINK? Uh oh...

Link I: I was in the neighborhood, and was going to ask for your help in moving the Master Sword. Navi detected trouble in the I've come to even the odds, Zelda.

Zelda II: Thank you, old friend.

Evil Zelda: Where IS HE?! I need help!!

Link I: Where is who? And who...or what are you? You look like Zelda, but you're dressed differently.

Evil Zelda: So we finally meet, Hero of Time. My name is...Evil Zelda.

Link: (gasps) Evil....Zelda??

Evil Zelda: That's right. I've come from the distant future to take care of you and Zelda II. Ganon sends his regards.

Link I: GANON?! I thought he was sealed in the Evil Realm!!

Evil Zelda: It's a long we won't have time for! (smiles evilly)

As Evil Zelda spoke, Navi warned Link about a shadowy figure who swiped at him...he barely got away.

Navi: LINK! Watch out!!

Link: (ducks) YEOW! What was that? (sees Dark Link) YOU...I thought I destroyed you in the Water Temple!

Dark Link I: Hmph. Well, I was brought back to settle the score.

Link I realized that this wasn't a battle he nor Zelda II could win.

Instead, he threw a Deku Nut, which exploded in a blinding flash.

Link I: We can't afford to fight now, Zelda. Let's get out of here!

HYAH! (throws a Deku Nut)

Zelda II: Right!

Evil Zelda: UNNGH! Can't see!!

Dark Link I: Where'd they go?!

By the time Dark Link I and Evil Zelda regained their vision, it was too late. Link I and Zelda II were gone.

Dark Link I: GREAT!! They're gone!

Evil Zelda: Master Ganon isn't going to like this.

Using a hand mirror, Evil Zelda communicated with Ganon, who was plunged into a bad mood because of her news.


Dark Link I: It wasn't our fault...Link threw a Deku Nut which momentarially blinded us!

Evil Zelda: By the time we were able to see again, they were gone!!

Ganon: I see...we'll have to advance our timetable. Get into Zelda II's clothes, and dress yourself as her immediately!! By the time you've assumed her identity, Link and Zelda should be arriving. Stall them! Send them on that wild goose chase...and don't let them see Dark Link it?

Evil Zelda: Yes, sir. Over and out. (puts up hand mirror)

Mara, who was amazed at the stupidity of Ganon's minions, made a quip.

Mara: Looks like things aren't going the way you expected them to, Ganon.

Ganon: Just watch, Mara. I will regain the upper hand...and I WILL DESTROY Both Zeldas and both Links!!

As Ganon swore he'd destroy his foes, Link and Zelda were still talking about that pop quiz. Will they find out about Ganon's latest plot in time to aid their ancestors? Also, will Evil Zelda's infamous flirtatious behavior towards Link III give her true identity away again? All this and more will be discovered as our story continues.

To Be Continued...

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