SLegend of Zelda: Doppelgangers, Sorceresses and Oracles

By Jason Boaz

Epilogue: The Master Sword's New Home

After Nayru returned Link I, Zelda II, along with Zelda and Navi to
Hyrule's proper timeline, the five of them, along with Impa, went into
the Lost Woods.  There, they met with Saria, Darunia and Ruto.  They
stood by a pedestal which bore Hylian script.  The script said, "The
Hero's Triumph on Cataclysm's Eve, Wins Three Symbols of Virtue, The
Master Sword He Will Then Retrieve, Keeping the Knights' Line True."

Ruto: We've been waiting for you, Link.

Darunia: What kept you so long, brother?

Link I: Zelda and I ran into Ganon and his forces, from the future.
Fortunately, my descendant, and Zelda's descendant were able to help us.

Saria: That's good to hear.

Link: HEY!  You're the one who pulled a prank on me, saying I had a
spider on my shoulder, a month or so back!

Saria: Whatever do you mean? (innocent look)

Link: Never mind  .

Zelda II: Let's get serious.  You all know why we're all here. 

Link I: Right.  It's time to place the Master Sword to rest in this new

Link and Zelda watched in awe, as Link I placed the Master Sword into
the new pedestal.  Impa then said it was time for them to send the newly
reforged Pendants of Virtue into the Eastern Palace, the Desert Palace,
and the Tower of Hera.

Impa the Sage: Finally, we can place these Pendants of VIrtue, formerly
known as the Spiritual Stones into the three palaces we specifically

Saria: I'm off for the Eastern Palace.

Ruto: I'm headed for the Desert Palace.

Darunia; And I'll go to the Tower of Hera.

Zelda: You see this, Link?  This is history in the making.  We are
fortunate to be able to witness this event.

Link: I guess you're right about Hyrule's history, after all, Zelda.  My
learning about it helped me and my ancestor beat Ganon.

Link I, Zelda II, along with Navi, Impa, Ruto, Darunia and Saria, knew
it was time for their new allies to go.

Link I: I guess this is...goodbye.

Link: Yeah.  It was fun, though.

Link I: Thanks.  I know Hyrule is in good hands wirh you around.  You
are the greatest Hero of your time.

Link: Thanks.

Zelda II: Make sure to keep the Triforce of Wisdom safe, ok, my

Zelda: You know I will.

Saria: Now, go home, Link III and Zelda IV.  Your mission here has been

Darunia: Yes.  Ganon has been defeated.  Once more, Hyrule is safe.

Ruto: Now, you must return.

Link: I understand.

Zelda: It was an honor to help you all.

Impa the Sage: Thank you.

Nayru used her powers to send Link, Zelda and herself back into their
time.  Zelda II, and Link I wished their descendants good luck.

Nayru: Now, we must go.  Farewell, Hero of Time, and Princess of

Link I and Zelda II: Goodbye, Link III, Zelda IV and Nayru...and good

In no time at all, the three heroes were sent back into the present, in
the chamber of the North Castle where they were sent to the past in the
first place.

Link: We're in the North Castle!

Zelda: We're home!

Kylara greeted her friends, and told them it was time for her and the
Oracles to go.

Kylara: You made it.

Link: Thanks for the help, Kylara.

Kylara: You're welcome, Link  Now, the three Oracles and I must return
to the Sacred Realm.

Link: I understand, Kylara. 

Zelda: It was good to see you again, Kylara.

Kylara: Likewise, Zelda.

Din: Goodbye.

Nayru: Good luck...

Farore: And thank you.

In a flash of light, Kylara, Din, Nayru and Farore returned to the
Sacred Realm.  Link, who felt he accomplished quite a lot, asked Zelda
to kiss him.

Link: Now, can you please kiss me?

Zelda: Well, alright.  You did help out in beating Evil Zelda, Veran and
Ganon.  You've proven to your ancestor you are Hyrule's greatest Hero,
in your own time.  I guess that deserves a kiss.

Link: Thanks. 

Link and Zelda were one second away from kissing, when Sprite, Miff and
Impa came in.

Miff: Zelda, class ended hours ago.

Sprite: We gotta go, Link.  Now that Hyrule's past is safe, we gotta do
our duties here.

Impa: Yes.  Zelda has several peace treaties to sign.  And you, Link,
must look at documents dating back to the Legendary Hero's exploits in
Holodrum, Subrosia and Labrynna.  You have to bone up for the next


And so, another adventure had ended.  Hyrule's past was now secure.  The
Master Sword was moved to the Lost Woods, and Link has a greater
appreciation for Hyrule's history...basically.  All in all. it was a day
for them to remember.

The End

(Roam and Epheremelda the fairy are characters from Shotaro Ishiomori's
"Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past" comic book)

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