Night of the Evil Twins

by Jason Boaz

Chapter 1; The Return of the Doppelganger.


Before we get the ball rolling, here's something you should know. Leigh and Balayna are Zelda characters created by Juliet A. Singleton. Used with permission. And now, here we GO!

It all began at the Hyrule Castle Town. All of Hyrule was having a celebration. It was almost as if the arrival of someone very important was imminent. Link, Zelda, Sprite and Miff wanted to know what it was about, so they asked Captain Krin, of the Royal Guard about what was happening.

Link: Hey Captain Krin, what's going on here?

Krin: The Avatar is coming to Hyrule.

Zelda: Who's this...Avatar?

Krin: The Avatar's name is Leigh. From what we of Hyrule know of her, she is descended from the Sage of the Forest, Saria.

Sprite: Saria? She was the namesake of Saria Town. Why is the descendant of one of the Seven Sages coming here?

Krin: The Avatar has come to Hyrule so she can rid us of the scourge of Ganon, the Prince of Darkness, once and for all.

Miff: But why? Link's done his matter how pitifully he does it. He's defeated Ganon, time and time again.

Krin: Yes. That's true. He has acted very bravely above and beyond the call of duty.

Link: But if I did such a good job, why do you need someone else's help?

Krin: The answer is simple, Link. Even though you've managed to repel Ganon countless times, there never has been a deciding battle, wherein Ganon was totally destroyed. If Hyrule is to have everlasting peace, then Ganon must be stopped once and for all.

Miff, who decided to laugh at Link, totally agreed with Captain Krin.

Miff: (laughs at Link) You're absolutely right, Captain. Link isn't powerful enough to obliterate the Great King of Evil. So, we need somebody more powerful than him to finish the job.

Link wasn't too happy with what Miff said about him.

Link: ARE YOU CRAZY, Miff?! I am Hyrule's greatest Hero! I have the Triforce of Courage in my heart! I'm the best Hyrule has! Right, Zelda?

Zelda gave out an honest reply.

Zelda: Well, you do have a point, Link. However, you can't rely on the Triforce's power alone to totally defeat Ganon. However, if we mix the wisdom of the Sages with the Courage of the Knights, then he will finally be vanquished.

Link, who had just learned about the Seven Sages and their descendants, the Seven Maidens in his latest adventure, realized what this was all about.

Link: You mean this Avatar and I are supposed to work together to stop Ganon forever?

Captain Krin confirmed what Link had just stated.

Krin: That's correct. Only with her help, will you finally rid Hyrule of Ganon, for all time.

And as the conversation had come to a stop, one of King Harkinian's messengers announced the arrival of Leigh, the Avatar.

Messenger: Presenting the Avatar of the kingdom of Arcadia and descendant of one of the Seven Sages, Leigh!

The Castle gates opened, and the Avatar walked into Hyrule Castle. She was immediately greeted by King Harkinian himself.

Harkinian: Greetings, O great Avatar. On behalf of all of Hyrule, I, King Harkinian, welcome you to our land.

Leigh was flattered by the King's welcome.

Leigh: I am honored, your majesty. I thank you for the greeting you and all of Hyrule have given me.

Link was gawking at the Avatar. Zelda was very jealous.

Link: WOW! What a knock-out! Nobody told me she was as pretty as she was powerful!

Zelda: Hmph! I'd like to knock her down a peg or two. Just to teach her some humility!

Link: (turns to Zelda) What's with you, Zelda? You sound jealous.

Zelda, who wasn't one to show her true feelings very often, just scoffed at Link's correct assumption.

Zelda: ME? Jealous...of HER? Get serious, Link. I'm just glad to see someone from the Seven Sages' bloodline return to Hyrule, that's all.

Link: If you say so, Zelda. (to himself) Zelda's acting just the way I did when that so-called White Knight, Prince Facade came into Hyrule. But she'd never admit it, though. I'll have to talk with her later.

As the crowd welcomed the Avatar to Hyrule, someone was watching the whole thing go down from the distance. It was a Gerudo warrior woman from the Gerudo's Fortress, in the outskirts of the Desert of Mystery at the entrance of the Haunted Wasteland. Her name was Balayna. And she was concerned with a situation which was about to take place, very soon.

Balayna: This isn't good. If I know Ganon, which unfortunately I do, he's undoubtedly gotten wind of what just occurred by now. I'd better warn them about what Ganon's up to!

As the Gerudo Thief made her way Hyrule Castle, sure enough, at Death Mountain, Ganon had watched everything with his crystal ball. He was devising a new evil plan.

Ganon: Yes. Now that Leigh has finally arrived to Hyrule, I can finally recreate the Doppelganger Mirror, and cast a bad reflection on her AND all of Hyrule. Evil Zelda, come forth!

Upon hearing this, Evil Zelda emerged from the Evil Jar, and was ready to do Ganon's evil bidding.

Evil Zelda: What are your orders, my lord?

Ganon: You are to deliver the Doppelganger Mirror to Hyrule Castle, as a gift to the Avatar from "Princess Zelda."

Evil Zelda: Right. And then, once Leigh looks into the mirror, an evil clone of her will come into being!

Ganon: Correct! Now, go! And make sure the mirror casts a bad reflection on her! (evil laughter) Geh heh heh heh ah ha ha ha ha ha hee hee ha ho ho, AH HA HA HA HA HA HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH!

And without delay, Ganon recreated the Doppelganger Mirror, and Evil Zelda was teleported into the gates of Hyrule Castle.

At that very moment, at Hyrule Castle, Zelda had brought Leigh to her room. She was supressing her jealousy as best she can.

Zelda: This is your room, Leigh. Good night. (I'd like to pop you one, you dirty floozy! That would teach you not to steal MY BOYFRIEND!)

Leigh: Thank you for your hospitality, Princess Zelda. Good night.

At almost the same time Zelda left the room, Evil Zelda had arrived inside the Castle, pushing the Doppelganger Mirror with some difficulty.

Evil Zelda: Unngh...(to herself) I don't think I can get this thing to the Avatar's room by myself. I need the help of that easy-to-fool sap, Link. (turns and see Link) And here he is now. (to Link) Hello, Link. I'm in need of assistance.

Fortunately, for her, Link was on hand to help.

Link: Hi, Zelda. Looks like you need a little help.

Evil Zelda: Yes, I do Link. I've just purchased a mirror to give to Leigh, as a gift. But I'm having a little bit of trouble getting it to her room. Can you help me?

At first, Link was more than happy to help. But then, he noticed that "Zelda" was wearing black, and had suspicions about her.

Link: Anything for you, Zelda. I'm more than happy to help. (Wait a minute here. Zelda's wearing black. I wonder if this Zelda is the real one or her evil twin? I have to find out. And, if she's the fake, She'll kiss me right away. Then I'll know she's an impostor and send her back to the Evil Jar, where she belongs.)

He asked her to kiss him, remembering that Evil Zelda was sweet, and passionate towards him.

Link: Zelda, before I help you, I need some motivation. Kiss me, Princess.

At first, Evil Zelda was about to, but then remembered that it was her eagerness to kiss Link that told Link who was the real Zelda, and who was the clone.

Evil Zelda: Well.....(Wait a second! If I kiss him, he'll know I'm Zelda's evil twin, and then I'll be sent back into the Evil Jar with a well-placed zap from the Cressword! No...I'm not going to kiss him this time. I'll have to act like the real version of me.)

Link: I'm waiting. (closes his eyes and puckers up)

Evil Zelda, determined to convince Link she was the real Zelda, instead gave him a right hook to the jaw and insults him.

Evil Zelda: (punches him with a nasty right hook to the jaw) Forget it, Link! Will you quit trying to get me to kiss you and help me?! You pig-headed spoilsport!!

Link: OOWW! (She punched me! That settles it. She's the real Zelda, alright.) Okay. I'll help you, Zelda.

And so, Link unwittingly helped Evil Zelda carry the Doppelganger Mirror

to Leigh's room. He was totally unaware of the evil that was about to

emerge from the mirror. Leigh was delighted with the present "Zelda"

has given her

Evil Zelda: Leigh, I've bought you a mirror as a gift. I hope you like it.

Leigh: Ahhh. It's a beautiful mirror, Zelda. Thank you.

As soon as Link and "Zelda" had placed the mirror to the wall, they left the room, and went their separate ways. As they left, Leigh looked into the mirror, thus giving into her vanity.

Leigh: (looks into the mirror) Well, I look simply ravishing tonight.

(goes to bed, and blows out the candle) I'd better get some sleep.

(goes to bed)

As the Avatar went to sleep, the evil mirror does its work, and in a few seconds a new evil clone was created. Dark Leigh was born! As the evil twin steps out of the mirror, she uses some sleeping potion on her real counterpart.

Dark Leigh: (steps out of the mirror) Time for you to go sleepy-bye. (uses some sleeping potion on the real Leigh) She'll be out for at least a day.

Evil Zelda entered the room, greeted her new ally.

Evil Zelda: Welcome, Dark Leigh. Ready to wreak havoc on the good citizens of Hyrule?

Dark Leigh: I am all set, Evil Zelda. By this time, tomorrow, everyone will think Leigh is on Ganon's side...then, she'll be booted out! And after that, we'll destroy our foes and take the Triforce of Wisdom. Ganon will RULE ALL! (evil laughter) Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!

Unbeknownest to the evil clones, Balayna had watched everything from the balcony window which was outside Leigh's room. She was distressed, and yet determined to stop this evil plot.

Balayna: It's just as I had feared. Ganon has made his move. Tomorrow, when word of Dark Leigh and Evil Zelda's reign of terror reaches Hyrule Castle, I must tell Link III and Zelda IV about what I've seen! Of course, if I do, it'll surely make Ganon realize who I truly am. Oh well. Let him find out that Nabooru, Sage of the Spirit Temple, has come to set things right! I never liked him, anyway, even while he was Ganondorf Dragmire, King of the Gerudo...OR as the Great King of Evil!

And as Balayna, who in reality was Nabooru, the lone wolf thief and the Sage of Spirit, prepared for Ganon's latest attack, Evil Zelda and Dark Leigh team up. Will Link and Zelda learn about their treachery in time? And, will Leigh wake up in time to combat her bad self?

To Be Continued In "Chapter 2: Spirit of the Gerudo"

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