Night of the Evil Twins

by Jason Boaz

Chapter 2; Spirit of the Gerudo


The next morning, Zelda and Link were sent to Leigh's room to give her some breakfast in bed, which consisted of some bacon, eggs, pancakes, juice and toast. Zelda had the tray with Leigh's breakfast in her hands. And while Zelda's jealousy grew, Link tries to calm her down.

Zelda: By the time I'm through with that double-dealing Avatar, She'll be nothing but a has-been!

Link: Calm down, Zelda. I'm sorry for gawking at her. I didn't mean to make you mad.

Zelda, wanted this apology. But...she realized he'll literally do

ANYTHING to gain that apology. So, she had to demand he does something.

Zelda: And what will you do to gain my forgiveness?

Link: Anything.

Zelda: Well...(wicked smile) You have to go down on your knees and beg me for my forgiveness. Otherwise, no apology from me.

Link, who'd do anything to please the Princess, did as Zelda wanted him to do. EXACTLY what she wanted him to do.

Link: (on his knees, begging) Zelda, I beg you, can you ever forgive me?

Zelda: Well....Sure. You're forgiven. (This time.)

Link: Thank you, Zelda.

As Zelda forgives Link, Link opens the door to Leigh's room. Zelda comes in first...and sees the same evil mirror that created Evil Zelda.

Zelda: Leigh, your breakfast is...(sees mirror and gasps) Oh NO!!

Ganon's Doppelganger Mirror is in Leigh's room!

Link, who was totally convinced by Evil Zelda's performance, did his best to explain.

Link: But...I don't understand. You WANTED me to help you get this mirror to her room.

Zelda began to realize that Evil Zelda was involved, and that Link was totally fooled.

Zelda: I see...Was I wearing black when "I" asked you to help?

Link: Yeah. You were.

That made Zelda furious. And, in her anger, she dumps all of Leigh's breakfast on Link.

Zelda: (dumps Leigh's breakfast on Link) YOU IDIOT!! That wasn't me...that was EVIL ZELDA!!

Link: YUCK! (has butter, syrup, eggs, jam and juice all over him) That's what I first. I asked her to kiss me, knowing that if she did, she wasn't really you.

Zelda: I see. And what did "I" do, Link?!

Link: Well...instead of kissing me, "You" or rather Evil Zelda, gave me a right hook to the jaw instead. (rubs his aching jaw) OWCH!

With Link's explanation finished, Zelda realized what happened. It was so funny to her, that it caused her to laugh at Link's stupidity.

Zelda: That could mean ONE THING, Link! She tricked you into thinking she was me, by acting just like I do! (laughs) And you fell for it...hook, line and sinker!

Link: Yep...that pretty much sums it up. What're you going to do, Zelda?

Zelda: I'm going to give Ganon seven years bad breaking this evil mirror. And YOU, Link, are going to take a bath and have a fresh change of clothes...(laughs again) silly, easy-to fool and super-gullible hero.

Link: Okay. WIll do.

And as Link walks away, to get a bath, Zelda, using her magic bow, fires an arrow into the Doppelganger Mirror, thus breaking it.

Zelda: There! That'll mess up Ganon's plans a bit. Now to wake up Leigh. (goes to Leigh and tries to wake her) Leigh, wake up. It's morning.

Try as she might, Zelda couldn't wake the sleeping Avatar up. She was sound asleep. This disturbed the Princess greatly, as she realized that the she destroyed the mirror a little too late.

Zelda: (to herself) She won't wake up! That means the damage is already done. The evil mirror that Ganon created has done its work. An evil clone of the Avatar has come to being. I'd better consult the Triforce of Wisdom right away!

While Zelda goes into Link's messy room to ask the Triforce of Wisdom for its guidance, Evil Zelda and Dark Leigh were already terrorizing Kakariko Village, home of the original Impa, attendant of Zelda I and Sage of the Shadow Temple. With a cadre of Moblins, they burned houses, stole food, scared villagers away, rustled the livestock and spooked the horses. After they did their damage, Dark Leigh spoke.

Dark Leigh: People of Kakariko Village, you are fortunate that we, the forces of the Great Evil King, Ganondorf...or should I say, Ganon, the Prince of Darkness are merciful enough to spare your miserable lives. This is but a mere fraction of his power! And remember, I Leigh, the Avatar am the willing servant of Ganon! (evil laughter) Farewell...for now!

Evil Zelda added to Dark Leigh's speech.

Evil Zelda: And remember...We'll be back!

And with those parting words, Dark Leigh, Evil Zelda and the Moblins teleported from the village. While everyone else was fooled into thinking that the Avatar has turned against them, a female villager notices something very important. She watches for "Leigh's" reflection in the surface of the water in the well...but finds none.

Villager: What in the world? She has no reflection. This could mean one thing. She's a doppelganger! I'd better find "Balayna" right away. Ganon won't get away with this!

A couple of hours later, after Link had bathed, Zelda told him, and their fairy friends what the Triforce of Wisdom had told her. They all met in the Avatar's room.

Link: So...what did the Triforce of Wisdom say?

Zelda: Well, I've got good news, and bad news.

Sprite: What's the good news?

Zelda: The good news is, that the sleeping potion that affected Leigh is only temporary, and she'll wake up any time now.

Miff: That's great! And the bad news?

Zelda: The bad news is, that Evil Zelda and Dark Leigh, who is Leigh's evil doppelganger, attacked Kakariko Village with a squadron of Moblins.

Link: And?

Zelda: And...the villagers think Leigh is in league with Ganon. Plus, they've formed an angry mob, and are storming the castle now.

Link, Sprite and Miff were all shocked.

Link & the Fairies: SAY WHAT?!

At that very moment, the sleeping potion's affects wore off, and Leigh woke up.

Leigh: (yawns) Good morning, guys. How is everyone?

Link: Morning?! It's the middle of the evening.

Leigh, in disbelief, looked into the window.

Leigh: Are you silly? It's...(looks into window) Well, I'll be. It IS evening. I guess I overslept.

Zelda: You don't know the half of it. We'd better go to the throne room and straighten this mess out right away!

Leigh: Mess? What mess?

As the confused Leigh followed our heroes into the throne room, they are soon greeted with a mob of angry villagers. Impa, Zelda's nursemaid, was trying to quell their anger, but to no avail.

Man: THAT'S HER! That's the evil sorceress who works for the Prince of Darkness, Ganon!

Leigh, who was sleeping all day, had no clue to what had happened.

Leigh: What are you talking about? I don't serve that scum!

Of course, the mob didn't believe her.

Woman: LIES! I, and everyone else in the village saw you and Evil Zelda terrorize our village, in the name of your master..GANON!! I say we banish her right away!!

2nd Man: Yes! Banish the evil witch!

All of the angry mob: BANISH HER!!

Link and Zelda were prepared to repel the misguided mob, without hurting them.

Link: Things are looking pretty bad, Princess.

Zelda: I know. But remember, they're just innocent pawns. Please don't hurt them!

Link: ME? Hurt THEM! I thought it was the other way around!

But, just as the mob was about to attack, the female villager, and "Balayna" got through the crowd, and stopped them.

Villager: Stop! Fellow people of Kakariko Village, the Leigh who attacked you is an impostor! The Avatar was not responsible for the attack!

The mob calmed down a bit, and wondered how a seemingly ordinary villager knew that Leigh wasn't the attacker.

Man: Are you sure, woman? I sure did look like her.

It was then that "Balayna" of the Gerudos spoke.

Balayna: Yes. It is true that who attacked the village looked like the Avatar. But, the one who attacked wasn't Leigh! It was an evil doppelganger created by Ganon's evil mirror! I know this, because I have witnessed the whole thing! Right after her creation, Dark Leigh had given her real counterpart a sleeping potion, which caused her to sleep for the whole day, while she and Evil Zelda frame Leigh for something she hasn't done!

As Balayna was making her speech, Ganon was watching what was happening on his crystal ball, in the depths of Death Mountain. He was a little startled...and distressed...for he had some suspicions about true identities of the two women.

Ganon: How would this fellow Gerudo know about what Dark Leigh and Evil Zelda had done? Could she couldn't be...could it? Of course, I do have the most distinct feeling that I know her AND that villager.

Back at the castle, the villager continued to tell the calmed mob the truth of what had happened at Kakariko VIllage. As she did, Impa noticed something on her collar...the symbol of THE SHEIKAH!

Villager: What Balayna says is true. I know this, because I saw that the "Leigh" who attacked our village had no reflection at all!

Impa: (notices Sheikah symbol on villager's collar, gasps) You...have the Symbol of my ancestor's people, the Sheikah, on your collar! Could you be...

As Impa had come to a conclusion on the villager's true identity, the time of masks was over. It was time for Balayna and the villager to reveal their true identities.

Villager: You are absolutely correct, Impa. I and Balayna aren't who we appear to be.

Balayna: In truth, we are...

As everyone watched, a bright purple light emanated from the villager, and a bright orange light manifested from Balayna. When the two lights faded, both have revealed who they really are. The villager was really Impa I, Sage of the Shadow Temple, and Balayna was in truth, Nabooru, Sage of the Spirit Temple.

Impa the Sage: Impa, one of the survivors of the Sheikah, and the attendant of the original Princess Zelda. I am also the Sage who guards the Shadow Temple...

Nabooru: ...And Nabooru, the lone wolf thief of the Gerudo and the Sage of Spirit!

Zelda was amazed to see two of the Seven Sages have returned from Hyrule.

Zelda: Impa, Sage of Shadow, and Nabooru, Sage of Spirit! To what do we owe the honor of this visit from two of the Seven Sages?

Impa the Sage: We've come to help clear Leigh's name, which we have.

Nabooru: That's right. Now that we have, we must now help you, Link and Leigh battle Ganon's forces, and defeat them.

Leigh was grateful for the assist, and was more than ready to thwart Ganon's latest scheme.

Leigh: Thank you, Great Sages. I'm more than ready to clean Ganon's clock for what he's done!

Link: Then it's settled! We're going to the Underworld, right away!

Zelda: Right. And the nearest Underworld Entrance is located in the Desert of Mystery!

Nabooru: The desert is where my people live. I'll help lead the way to the entrance.

All: LET'S GO!

And so, with all matters settled, the three heroes and the two Sages headed for the entrance to the Underworld in the Desert of Mystery.

Meanwhile, back in Death Mountain, Ganon's hunch was confirmed...and was really, REALLY angry.

Ganon: NNNNOOOOO!! I KNEW IT! The Villager and "Balayna: are really Impa and Nabooru, the Sages of the Shadow and Spirit Temples!! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!! The lone wolf thief and Zelda I's attendant have returned to bring forth my latest defeat!! NNOOOOOO!! (turns to Evil Zelda and Dark Leigh) EVIL ZELDA, DARK LEIGH!!

Both doppelgangers were trembling in fear.

Evil Zelda & Dark Leigh: Y..y..y..y..y..y..y..y..yes, master?

Ganon: Release Gohma, Dondongo, Bongo Bongo, Dark Link, Twinrova and some Moblins and Stalfos! Knowing my enemies, they will take the attack to us, and go into the Underworld! We must be READY!!

Evil Zelda: Yes, sir!

Dark Leigh: Right away!

As the two doppelgangers release A squadron of Ganon's evil forces from the Evil Jar, Link, Zelda, Impa of the Sheikah, Nabooru and Leigh had made it to the Desert of Mystery, and were getting ready to enter Ganon's domain through an Underworld Entrance.

Nabooru: Well, this is it. Let's do it!

Before they went in, Link had a question to ask Nabooru.

Link: Right! Um...Nabooru?

Nabooru: Yes?

Link: Did you know my ancestor, the Hero of Time?

Nabooru: Yes. I knew him. When I first met him, he was but a lad. Link I agreed to help me steal the Silver Gauntlets from the Spirit Temple and mess up Ganon's plans. Back then, the Prince of Darkness was still...human. But, as he retrieved them, your ancestor witnessed the twin sorceresses, Koume and Kotake, Ganondorf's surrogate mothers kidnap me. He then travelled forward in time 7 years, reentered the Spirit Temple and found the Mirror Shield. After doing that, he encountered those two witches. They then sent me to destroy him. I was in an Ironknuckle's armor and was mesmerized at the time.

Link: Ganon sent his own mothers to do his dirtywork? Talk about a new low for him.

Nabooru: (giggles) Yes. Well, he never liked me and my chilvarous ways, anyway. And I assure you, I hate him as well.

Link: Why do you hate him?

Nabooru: You see, with his followers, Ganondorf stole from women and children, and he even killed people! A person like you might not know this, but the Gerudo race consists of only women. Only one man is born every hundred years. Even though our laws say that the lone Gerudo male must become King of the Gerudo, I vowed to NEVER bow to such an evil man!

Link: I think I understand. Did he...Link I, the Hero of Time...break the spell?

Nabooru: Yes. He did. When he defeated me, the armor fell off and I was freed. But then, the Sorceress Sisters recaptured me. Link I followed them, and a battle began. He used the Mirror Shield to repel their attacks. When both witches were weakened, they combined to form TWINROVA!! But, Link I defeated Twinrova, caused her to split back into Koume and Kotake and watched as halos appeared on their heads and leave. Then, he stepped into the light and I greeted him as the Sage of Spirit. After that, I gave him the Spirit Medallion, and he was ready to fight Ganondorf!

Link was excited with the story Nabooru just told him, and was ready to fight.

Link: Wow! That was amazing. And now, like my ancestor, I am ready to fight that old pig-face, Ganon! Are we ready, guys!

Zelda: Right!

Impa the Sage: We're with you!

Nabooru: Let's get him!

Leigh: LET'S GO!!

And with those last few words, Everyone went through the Underworld Entrance and were ready to face Ganon once more. Will they succeed in defeating Ganon once again? And, will they be able to send Evil Zelda and Dark Leigh into the Evil Jar? Find out in the exciting conclusion of "Legend of Zelda; Night of the Evil Twins."

To be concluded in "Chapter 3: The Battle of the Sages"

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