Legend of Zelda: Flick's Revenge

By Jason Boaz

Chapter 1: Flick; The Assassin

Deep within a shack in the Moruge Swamp, a young man, who was about 15 years old was cowering in fear. He wanted to run away and see a great peace conference involving the many kingdoms of Deimari in Hyrule's North Castle, without permission, but his plans were upbraided by a young woman, who was about 17 years old. Though she was wearing a red, yellow, brown and white colored mask, he knew who this girl was in an instant.

Man: Oh, no...not you...ANYONE BUT YOU! You're Flick...THE ASSASSIN!!

Flick: I'm flattered that you've heard of me...but then, I've been in Calatia, Hyrule, Labrynna, 'Olodrum, Subrosia, Moldera and Arcadia, just to name a few kingdoms.

Man: P..p...p...please...don't kill me.

Flick smiled at him with a smirk. She then told him that she wasn't going to kill him...merely persuade him to go home.

Flick: Yer fortunate, my friend...I wasn't sent here to kill ya...yer mum's worried sick about you. She wants ya to go home, pronto!

Man: B..b...b...but I'll be grounded for a month!! She'll be SO MAD at me for going to see the peace conference at the North Castle WITHOUT PERMISSION!!

Flick: You'll get over it.

The man, in fear that Flick will kill him, picked up a pitchfork and pointed it at her. Flick was disgusted with his obvious lack of fighting skills and used her knives to chop it to pieces.

Man: St...st...st..stay back... (holds a pitchfork, really, really scared)

Flick: Fighting is the way of a true warrior. Those who don't have the warriors' instincts cannot call themselves warriors. They are the common men and women of this land...and I see yer one of them (pulls out two knives from a magic pouch, and chops the pitchfork to pieces) Now, don't try me patience...okay?!

Man: Y....y...yes ma'mm.

Flick then put one of her knives away, and used the other to cut her own hand.

Flick: Let me teach ya about why ya should fear me. (puts away one knife, and uses another to cut her own hand) I...fear...NOTHIN!! GOT IT?!

Man: Yes, ma'mm.

Flick then found a torch which the young man used to find his way through the swamp. She used it to burn the shack down. She then shooed him off like a dog. He ran very fast.

Flick: (uses the torch the man used, and lights the shack on fire) Now...get outta here, before I change me mind, and decide to kill ya. ALRIGHT, MATE?!

Man: Yes, ma'mm. (runs away like lightning)


As the 15 year old man went out of sight, another figure stepped in. He was the mace-wielding Onox, General of Darkness.

Onox: That was most impressive, young Flick. But aren't you afraid this act of mercy might ruin your reputation as an assassin?

Flick: Absolutely not. Not only am I an assassin, but I'm also a bounty hunter, as well. I don't care about what the job's requirements are, as long as I get paid. Now, who are ya?

Onox: I am Onox, General of Darkness. I have been sent by a person who is more than impressed with your work.

Flick seemed interested at what Onox was offering, at first. But, when he mentioned the job was from Ganon, something in her snapped, and she refused.

Flick: Yeah? Who sent ya?

Onox: Why, Ganon...the Evil King, of course. He wants you to go kill a certain adventurer and hero known as Link for him.

Flick: Is that so?!

Onox: Yeah. So, what's your answer?

Flick: Me answer...is...NEVER!! I will never do any work for yer master!

This response enraged Onox, who then began attacking with his mighty mace.

Onox: FOOL! You dare refuse the all-powerful Ganon?! For that you will die!! HYAH! (swings his mace at her)

Flick, who was known for a lot of things, including her superhuman speed, agility, and other extraordinary attributes, outran the mace with ease. She then threw a knife at Onox's breastplate. It penetrated it with ease.

Flick: (dodges the mace) HAH! I'll teach ya a lesson you'll never forget...in the afterlife! I'm gonna take you down! (throws a knife into Onox's breatplate)

Onox: UUNGGHH! (sees the knife penetrate his armor) Im...impossible! Nobody has ever been able to penetrate my armor! It was forged from the strongest metals in the Dark Realm! (of course...the Master Sword, which was wielded by Link II, was able to cut through it like a hot knife through butter. Speaking of knives...that hurts! SHE'S DEAD!!)

Flick: Well, guess what?! Yer armor isn't as strong as ya thought it was.

Onox, who was bleeding a bit, took the dagger out of his chest. He then, in a bout of rage, revealed his true form...that of a Dark Dragon.

Onox: (takes the knife out of his chest) Not bad. Maybe you do live up to your reputation, after all. But, you're still a mere girl...who can never stand up to my true might! (transforms into a Dark Dragon) I was sent here from the Dark Realm by Twinrova! Now, feel the might of A DARK DRAGON!! PREPARE TO DIE!!! RRRAAAARRRR!!! (claws at Flick)

Onox started his attack by trying to claw Flick, who dodged it nimbly. He then tried to breathe two different fireballs at her. But, he couldn't hit her even once. She then noticed something about the jewel on his forehead.

Flick: (dodged the attack) HA! Ya missed again! Yer really slow, Onox!

Onox: Oh, yeah?! Try these on for size!! (breathes types of fireballs at Flick)

Flick: (dodges the fireballs with ease, and thinks to herself) Hmmm...each time he's about to attack, the jewel on his forehead glows...OF COURSE! That's his weak point! Now, he's going down!!

Meanwhile, in the depths of Death Mountain, Ganon was watching. He was impressed with Flick's abilities. At the same time, he was ticked off with Onox's shoddy attacks. He knew he would have to pull him out of the battle before he dies, and send him back to the Evil Jar to rejuvenate.

Ganon: Geh heh heh. So, Flick is living up to her reputation as the greatest assassin in all Deimari. I'm impressed. On the other hand, that idiot, Onox isn't doing so well. I'd better send him back to the Evil Jar before he dies at her hands.

Back in the Moruge Swamp, Flick picks up the bloodstained knife which had blood from both her hand and Onox's chest. She then threw it straight for the jewel in Onox's forehead. It completely shattered upon impact. He then fell down to the ground with a thud.

Flick: I'm afraid yer not goin to make it past me! (picks up her knife) TAKE THIS! HYAH!! (throws the knife at the jewel on Onox's forehead...which shatters)

Onox: NOOO!!!! (falls to the ground, hard) Not again...I'm dying all over again.

Flick: Again? What do ya mean?!

Onox: Several centuries ago...there was a young warrior who managed to vanquish me by repeatedly slashing at this very jewel on my forehead as I attacked him...he was the Legendary Hero of Hyrule...his name...was Link II.

Flick: Link II? As in this Link fella ya wanted me to ice for yer wicked master?!

Onox: Yes...the Link who Ganon wanted you to kill...is Link III...the descendant of Link II. Link I, his distant ancestor, was the Hero of Time. My master has always had a grudge against the family of the hero.

Flick: Is that so?!

Onox: Yes...you may have vanquished me this time...but I'll be waiting...to haunt you, Flick! My master will make you pay for your decision with your life!!

As Onox spoke, Ganon called him back into the Evil Jar.

Ganon: Onox...I command you...return to the Evil Jar!!

Onox, then muttered that he will one day return. As he died, his body disappeared, and he was brought back to life by the power of the Evil Jar.

Onox: One day, Flick...I will return! Farewell...for now! Gwah ha ha ha ha hah!! (dies, then diseappears)

Flick, who watched Onox disappear, was a bit miffed about Ganon's minions always being sent back to the Evil Jar, when they are defeated. She then thought about the horrible things the Evil King did to her, and to her parents.

Flick: Stinkin Evil Jar! Because of it, I can never enjoy the victories over Ganon's monsters!! (I'll never forget what he did...years ago, he performed the Dark Rites and sacrificed the bodies of my mother and father...their bodies were made into the vessels for Agahnim and Twinrova. The instant that happened, the souls of my parents were sent to the spirit world, never to return! He then tortured me, and sent me into the prison in the Gargoyle's Domain, whenever I tried to escape!) Ganon, I will never forgive ya for what you've done...ya hear me?! NEVER!!

Ganon, who watched as Onox returned to the Evil Jar, ranted at him for his failure.

Ganon: You idiot! You let Flick overpower you! How did she discover your secret weakness?!

Onox: I don't know, master. Maybe she saw the jewel in my forehead glow when I used my fireballs.

Ganon: That explains it. I mustn't concern myself with this, now. Stay there until you regain your strength...GOT IT?!

Onox: Yes, sir.

Ganon then called for Veran and Dark Leigh, who emerged from the Evil Jar.

Ganon: Veran, Dark Leigh, come forth!!

Veran: (emerges from the Evil Jar) Yes, Master Ganon?

Dark Leigh: What is your desire, my lord?

Ganon: I want you two to dismantle the peace conference at North Castle. Leigh is attending as the advisor for Arcadia's Queen Alainia. And, Queen Ambi II of Labrynna will be there, as well.

Veran: Ahhh...so, you want me to possess Ambi II, who might have a measure of the power her great-great-great-great-great grandmother Nayru has, correct?

Ganon: Yes.

Dark Leigh: And, you want me to take Leigh's place, and cause some havoc?

Ganon: Exactly. Now go, and make sure the peace confrence fails. I will triumph, this time! Geh heh heh ha ha ha ha ha ha he he he ho ho ho...AH HA HA HA HA HA HEH HEH HEH HEH!!

Meanwhile, as Dark Leigh and Veran set off for North Castle, back at Moruge Swamp, Balayna Anacreon, who in reality is Nabooru, Sage of Spirit, was watching Flick from an overhead cliff. She had suspicions about the assassin.

Balayna: (to herself) Hmmm...this girl's fighting style is definitely a Gerudo Warrior's technique. I wonder...could she be my descendant, Avanna, who disappeared for five years? I don't know. One thing is certain, I need Link and Zelda to help me in this. I must give Avanna the message her parents gave to me, as well as her mother's scimitar. At the same time, I'll need them to keep an eye on Flick. I hope and pray she's the one I've been looking for.

As Balayna walked away, and headed towards the North Castle, several mysteries are being pondered. Who is the mysterious Flick behind the mask? What were the names of her parents? Could she be the girl Nabooru is looking for? Also, will Link and Zelda be able to put up with Flick, if they meet? Can they stop Ganon's latest plot to dismantle the peace conference? Find out in the next chapter of "Flick's Revenge!"

To Be Continued...

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