Legend of Zelda: Flick's Revenge

By Jason Boaz

Chapter 3: Flick's Latest Kill

The delegates who attended the peace conference, who kept quiet about Flick, finally began a commotion, when Veran arrived.

Nell: Oh, my goodness! She's here!!

Anita: It's Veran! The Sorceress of Shadows!!

Alainia: We have to get out of here, right now!!

But, as they tried to escape, Dark Leigh encased the delegates in a force field.

Dark Leigh: You're not going ANYWHERE!! (uses her powers to trap the delegates in a force field)

Alaina; What is the meaning of this, Leigh?! Why did you do this to us?!

As Queen Alainia demanded what was going on, Dark Leigh answered her, thus revealing who she truly was to the queen of Arcadia.

Dark Leigh: I'm just following Master Ganon's orders, Queen Alania of Arcadia. He wants me and Veran to dismantle the peace conference.

Alainia: Of course! You're Dark Leigh, aren't you?! Leigh told me all about you, when she had completed her adventure in Hyrule.

Dark Leigh: I'm flattered that you've heard of me. I guess, the job will be easier, this way. Now...where is my good-two-shoes counterpart?

Alainia: Last I heard, she was freshening up.

Dark Leigh: I see. She's always been a smidge vain. I'll bet she's putting on her face. No matter. I'll wait. She'll show up, sooner or later.

Sure enough, at Leigh's guest quarters, the Avatar of Arcadia was freshening up. She was using a mud pack to enhance her beauty,

Leigh: Mmmm. This is so refreshing. I love how it cleanses the pores. I'll bet, if Link saw me now, he'd think I was a monster. (giggles) He's so silly at times.

Just then, Leigh heard the sounds of commotion and had a bad feeling Dark Leigh was involved.

Leigh: (hears voices from down the hallway) Uh oh...sounds like there's trouble down there. I'll bet Dark Leigh is involved. If she is, I'm going to clean her clock!!

Leigh left her room in such a rush, she totally forgot to wash the mud mask off. Meanwhile, in the chamber where the delegates are, there were a few people who were not encased in a force field. They were, Link, Zelda, Miff, Sprite, Prince Facade, Nayru, Ralph, Ambi II, Captiain Krin, his guards, Ambi II's knights, Balayna, and Flick the Assassin.

Link: We have to do something!

Zelda: I know, Link. Somehow, we must stop Veran from possessing Ambi II!

Veran: HAH! Do what you will, but I must warn you, no one has EVER stopped me from possessing a person before!

Link, trying to stop Veran, lunged at her, but went riight through her. Since she was in her flame form, she couldn't be touched. As Link fell on his chest, she went inside Ambi II, thus gaining control of her.

Link: Well, there's going to be a first time!! YAH! ! (lunges at Veran, only to fall on his chest) OUCH!! That hurt! Why didn't I stop you?!

Veran: This is my non-corporeal form! It is in this form that I am able to possess people! Watch! (goes into Ambi II)


As always, it was too late. Veran had once again possessed her target...who was Queen Ambi II.

Nayru: It's happened again, Ralph! Once again, Veran has possessed the one she wants to take over!!

Ralph: I know, honey! She's got a hold of our great, great, great, great, great granddaughter!! There must be something we can do!!

Flick: (to herself) This is more like it. Finally, I'll get to see some action! I'll probably get to do what I do best...fight to the death!

Possessed Ambi II: This is magnificent! I am certain that with my powers, I can unlock Ambi II's hidden potential!

Krin: You're not going anyhere, Veran! I order you to leave Ambi II's body, at once!

Possessed Ambi II: You order ME? HA! I think it's time to take out the trash!!

Veran uses her powers to blow Captain Krin and his guards away. Zelda, who felt this was time for action, told Link to take off the dumb outfit he wore. He totally agreed, and took the suit off, and tripped as he done so.

Krin: We're being overwhelmed! FALL BACK!!

Zelda: Link, I think it would be the right time to take that outfit off, and stop Veran, don't you agree, Link?

Link: I sure do! HERO TIME! (takes off the outfit, trips, and falls) OOPH! I'm glad I'm taking this thing off!

Prince Facade: Oh my. You do seem to be quite the buffoon, Link.

Miff: Prince Facade is right. You sure are a buffoon, Link. I mean...who else would take the risk of enraging Flick? Nobody but you.

Link: That's enough, you two!!

Sprite: YEAH! Stop treating Link like dirt!!

Miff: Speak for yourself, blockhead-sympathizer!

As Miff and Sprite argued, Veran, who was in Ambi II's body, ordered the knights to attack. But, a majority of them were afraid to fight Flick, for fear of their lives.

Possessed Ambi II: Guards! I order you to attack these people, at once!

Knights: Are you crazy?! That's Flick the Assassin, we're dealing with! She'll kill us!

Possessed Ambi II: I see, Well, I'll give you a choice. Either you attack them, or I'll turn you to stone.

Knights: FORGET IT! We're outta here! There's no way we're going to get killed by Flick, or be turned to stone! SEE YA!!

As most of the knights ran off, Flick was disgusted with their cowardice.

Flick: Cowardice is what shames people. It makes most men and women paralyzed with their own worst fears. Those who wish to be warriors, must be able to overcome their fear.

Link: I get this one. Those who have courage, can overcome what he or she is most afraid of.

Flick: Yer learning, Link. I guess yer not such an idiot, after all.

Link: Thanks...I think.

The guard who remained decided to fight, to honor queen and country, and those who written the oath for the knights. His name was Simon.

Possessed Ambi II: Well, since you're the only one left, what is your decision, Simon?

Simon: I know that fighting Flick, is to meet with certain death. But if it is what I must do, so be it. Know now, that I'm not doing this for you, you evil witch. This, I do to honor my queen, my kingdom, Nayru and Ralph, who wrote the oath of the knights which I live by, and for my wife and child!

Possessed Ambi II: You're willing to sacrifice your life for those you care about? I don't...understand.

Simon's words brought tears to Ambi II's eyes. She was able to temporarily overcome Veran's control and say farewell. As she bid the brave knight goodbye, Veran regained control.

Ambi II: (temporarily breaks free of Veran's hold) Simon, you've always been the bravest of my knights. I will see to it that you get a decent burial. Farewell, brave Simon. I'll never forget you. AAAHHH!!! (is back in Veran's control)

Simon: Farewell, my queen. I'll never forget you, either.

Flick: So, you wish ta fight Flick, eh? Very well. Ya have one chance to live. If ya beat me, you'll get out of this alive. If I beat ya, however, you'll die. Do ya understand?

Simon: I understand. Perhaps death is terrifying. But to live and do nothing just isn't me! Then it means nothing! I will fight you, and honor the oath which Ralph created for the knights of Labrynna!!

Nayru: That man is so brave. He's ready to die, for queen and country. He's like you, in a way, my love.

Ralph: I know, pumpkin. But, at times like this, I wish I didn't write down the words I said, as I challenged Veran in the Black Tower.

Nayru: Don't be ridiculous! Those words you said, were spoken from the heart. You did a great service for the Knights of Labrynna by writing down those words of wisdom. I'm proud of you for it.

Ralph: Awww...thanks, Nayru. I guess...it was the right thing to do, after all.

And so, the battle began. Flick and Simon fought bravely, and for awhile, both were evenly matched.

Flick: Yer really good! Yer a capable fighter...more than most! Yer almost as good as me!

Simon: I do not know that. What I do know is that I will do my best. Now, is it true you'll send my body back to my family, after you kill me?

Flick: What you've heard is true, mate. I'm a woman of me word!

As they spoke, Flick finally overpowered Simon. After using her knives to torture him, she got his last request from him. Some people were afraid to watch, while others weren't. Among those who were afraid to watch was Prince Facade. In fact...he threw up.

Flick: (defeats Simon) Looks like ya lose, Simon. Do ya know what I'm gonna do, next?

Simon: You're going to torture me, to get my final request, aren't you? If so, do as you wish.

Flick: You got that right. (gets out her knives, and slashes Simon on both legs, hands, arms, the chest, and the face)

Link: She's brutal! No wonder she's the most feared assassin of all Demiari.

Prince Facade: Yes...this is most upsetting. I cannot watch...this is making me sick to my stomach. (throws up)

Nayru: I don't know about you, Prince Facade, but I feel I have to watch this man's noble sacrifice.

Ralph: Nayru is right. This man will die honorably...that's the best way for a true knight of Labrynna to die.

Zelda: I'm glad you decided to watch, Link. This man is ready to face his own death. He'll go down as a true hero.

Link: If you say so...I still think Flick's brutal.

Balayna: Maybe so, but she's a good fighter. (Amazing! She IS an expert in the art of a Gerudo warrior's fighting. I don't know if she's the one I'm looking for, but I'm hopeful.)

After Flick tortured him, it was time for Simon to make his final request.

Flick: Well...now that I've skinned ya a bit, what is yer final request?

Simon: I want you to destroy Veran...and free her majesty, at any cost. This is so much like what happened to the original Queen Ambi, several centuries ago. Please...save the queen...and kill the Sorceress of Shadows...in any way possible

Flick: I'll do just that. As promised, I'll have yer body sent to yer family. Goodbye, Simon...you were a great warrior...I WILL miss you. (stabs him in the heart)

As Simon made his final request, Flick swore to honor it, and stabbed him in the heart. After saying a final farewell, Simon breathed his last.

Simon: Unnghhh! Farewell, Flick. (coughs up blood) It was...an honor...to be bested by one as superior as you. You're a true warrior, Flick. Good...bye. (dies)

Possessed Ambi II: Hmph! I thought he'd never kick the bucket! Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Ambi II, once again regained control, calling telling Veran she knows nothing about honor. Veran responded by making her hold on her stronger.

Ambi II: (snaps out of it) You fiend...you have no idea what honor is. Simon was the noblest, and bravest of my knights. Don't ever speak that way about him, again!!

Veran: I'll do whatever I want, while I'm inside your body!

Ambi II: UUUNNNGGGHHH!!! (is back in Veran's grasp)

Possessed Ambi II: Soon, I will be able to stop time! I'm certain that Ambi's power is equal to her great great great great great grandmother's power, if not greater.

As Simon died, Link again commented on Flick, saying she was a heartless murderer. Zelda disagreed.

Link: Did you see that...she killed him! Flick's nothing but a heartless, cold-blooded murderer!!

Zelda: No, Link...you're wrong about Flick. She's a warrior...in the truest sense. If she wasn't, she wouldn't have given Simon one fair chance to live. They fought, and he lost. He died in FAIR COMBAT, Link. (Something about Flick reminds me of the Gerudo. I don't know why, though.

Flick: She's right, Link. I AM a warrior! (slashes Link on the arm) Get with it! (That girl, Zelda, show great strength..no! What am I saying? That's a sign of weakness. Mustn't give in!)

Link: OWIE!! That hurts!!

Miff: That's strike two, Link.

Flick: Butt out, ya dumb fairy! (swats at her)

Miff: Watch it!!

Zelda: Miff is my fairy, Flick! She's not dumb!!

Flick: Whatever.

Meanwhile, back in Death Mountain, Ganon had watched Flick kill Simon. He was getting bored, and needed a good laugh.

Ganon: Ho hum...this is too boring. Flick killed Simon, easily enough, but it wasn't enough to interest me. What I need is a good laugh. And I know just how to get it.

Ganon turns to Evil Zelda, who emerges from the Evil Jar, in the exact same dress Zelda is in...only it was black.

Ganon: Evil Zelda...come forth!!

Evil Zelda: (appears) Yes, Master Ganon?

Ganon I want you to go to the Peace Conference in the North Castle. I've got no doubt in my mind that Dark Leigh may need a little help, whenever she encounters the real Avatar.

Evil Zelda: Got it. I love parties...especially when I crash them!!

Ganon: Good! NOW GO! And do your best to make Link and Prince Facade look like fools!!

Evil Zelda: Yes, sir!

As Ganon teleports Evil Zelda to the North Castle, he laughed a bit, knowing what the outcome will be. At the same time, he felt that there was something familiar about Flick.

Ganon: Ha ha hah!! With any luck, she, Zelda, Dark Leigh and Leigh will fall into a mudhole! Link will have to do the kissing contest, and Prince Facade might be forced to join the fun!! Geh heh heh ha ha ha he he he ho ho...AH HA HA HA HA HEH HEH HEH!! But...I am deeply concerned...Flick reminds me of someone I know, someone who escaped my grasp...but who? No matter. I will learn that soon enough.

Is Ganon right? Is he on the verge of discovering who Flick truly is under the mask? And, what will be the fate of Queen Ambi II? Will Flick kill her, in order to stop Veran? Or, will Link manage to save her? Also, do Dark Leigh and Evil Zelda know what's in store for them? Will they, along with their good counterparts, play in the mud again? Speaking of mud, how will Link react when he sees Leigh's face covered in a mud mask? And, what will happen to the mud-allergic Prince Facade? All these questions will be answered...and soon.

To Be Continued...

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