Legend of Zelda: Flick's Revenge

By Jason Boaz

Chapter 5: Flick Unmasked

 As Ganon commanded Veran to awaken Ambi II's powers, Link, Zelda,
Balayna, Flick, Nayru and Ralph made it back to the conference room.
(Link wiped the mud off of his face, beforehand) The force field had
dissolved, since Dark Leigh was now back in the Evil Jar. King Harkinian
and Queen Seline noticed that Zelda had gotten mud all over her blue
dress. They asked her about what had happened. (Seline had her own

Harkinian: Oh my...Zelda, you are an absolute mess. Your beautiful
outfit is covered in mud.

Zelda: Sorry, daddy. Couldn't help it.

Seline: (smirks) Let me guess...my little girl was fighting with her
evil twin again, and fell into the mud, am I right?

Zelda: You'd win that bet, mom.

Link: Can we worry about outfits LATER? Veran's going to stop time at

Zelda: You're right. We have to stop her!!

Seline: I'm coming with you. Veran is a dangerous adversary. Only those
who have some sort of magical power will be protected.

Balayna: Good point, your majesty.  That means, Link, Zelda, Ralph,
Nayru, Flick, you, myself and Leigh will be protected from Veran's

Link: I guess so.

Flick: Well, what are we waitin for?! Let's get Veran!!

Zelda: Right!

Batayna: Let's do it!

Nayru: We're not going to make it!

Ralph: We have to!!

Link: Come on!!

Leigh: We gotta hurry!!

But before they began pursuit, Queen Alainia of Arcadia asked about her
son, Prince Facade.

Alainia: Wait...before you go...can you tell me what happened to my son,

Leigh: Prince Facade, your son, fainted because Flick threw a ball of
mud at him. He wouldn't fish me or Zelda out, since we fell into the

Alainia: It figures. I wish he'd overcome that ego problem of his.  He's
always been this way, since he was a boy. Now, go Leigh...and stop

Leigh: We will, your majesty. Anything else?

Alainia: Yes. You look pretty filthy. I mean...your torquoise outfit is
completely caked with mud. (laughs) It is a bit funny, though.

Leigh: Thanks, my liege. We'll go get Veran now! Wish us luck!!

Alainia: Good luck...you'll need it.

As Queen Alainia of Arcadia wished her Avatar good luck, Veran had made
it to Link's tower. She was temporarily overcome by the stench of Link's
dirty clothes.

Possessed Ambi II: (looks around, and sees the Triforce of Wisdom)
Ugghh...what a filthy place this is! And this stench...it's so foul! For
Hyrule's greatest hero, he's sure isn't neat. Oh well...no matter. This
is the PERFECT PLACE to gather the dark powers and stop time! Then,
after I take care of those remaining pests, I will give the Triforce of
Wisdom to my master. Ganon will be SO PLEASED!! (holds her hands
high) NOW! Forces of darkness, come to me! I, Veran...Sorceress of
Shadows hereby awaken Ambi II's sleeping powers, so I can stop time

As Link and the others raced to his room, the effects of Ambi II's newly
awakened powers can be felt in Hyrule. The sun stopped moving toward the
west. King Harkinian and the other delegates were petrified. All people
who weren't competent sorcerers or sorceresses were turned to stone.
Even Mara Hespera's mother was petrified. The evil sorceress felt now
was the time to help her heroine.

Mara: (sees her mother turn to stone) Hmmm. Looks like I won't be under
mom's supervision, for awhile. Thank you, Veran. Now, I can help my
heroine out, in any way possible. (looks at her mom) I'd ask you to come
with me to see me and Veran triumph, but I see you're a little bit
stoned, at the moment. Heh heh heh heh. Sit tight, now. (teleports to
where Veran is)

As Mara teleported to Veran's current location, Oberon, his daughter,
Sprite, and Miff decided to go have some fun at the waterpark until
Veran was stopped.

Oberon: (seeing the mayhem that stopping the flows of time causes) Oh
my...this is going to be one of those days.

Sprite: I'm sorry this turned out this way, daddy.
Oberon: Its alright, dear. Does anybody want to have fun at the
waterpark until time starts moving on again?

Sprite: I do.

Miff: Sure. I'm in.

Oberon: Then let's go.

As the fairies left, Link, Zelda, their allies and Flick finally made it
to Link's room. Zelda made a few comments about Link's room, and why he
left the Triforce of Wisdom unguarded.

Zelda: Well, we're now at the place Veran's holed up in. I can feel it.
There's one thing I'd like to know, though...WHY did she choose to be IN
THERE?! It's a pigsty!

Link: Maybe she's resistant to my usual security system?

Zelda: SECURITY SYSTEM?! You call all that dirty laundry a way to deter
would-be thieves from the TRIFORCE OF WISDOM?!

Link: Yeah...sort of.

Zelda: Well it FAILED, MISERABLY!! Also...WHY did YOU leave the TRIFORCE

Link: Well, Exccuuussse me, Princess! How was I to know Ganon was going
to try something at this time?!

Flick, who felt this conversation was going nowhere, opened the door.
Everyone followed.

Flick: Argue all you want, later! Right now, I'm goin in!!

Link: Okay...

Zelda: Right.

As they entered the room, Mara Hespera had just arrived, and was telling
her heroine about how brilliant a move stopping time was. They were busy
talking until Flick gave them yet another one of her cryptic sayings.

Mara: (teleports in) Thank you for stopping time, Veran. That was a
stroke of genius!

Possessed Ambi II: Why thank you, Mara Hespera.

Mara: You are more than welcome, Veran. If it weren't for you, I'd
wouldn't be able to ditch my mom for a while.

Flick: Mother is the name of good in the eyes and hearts of children.
Those who consider their parents as a burden become fruitful, and feel
like they are unloved! Those people grow up to be cruel, and malignant.
Of course, there are those who have good parents, who have been a bad
seed from the start...they grow up to be ruthless, as well. And yet,
there are also those who have been changed forever by a tragic turn of
events that is beyond the child's power. Those few never come back the
way they once were, in those happier times.
Mara: (turns around) What the?! IT'S FLICK!!

Possessed Ambi II: And she's got help! Link, Zelda, Nabooru, Nayru,
Queen Seline, Ralph and Leigh are with her!!

Link: That's right! Now, get out of Ambi II now, before we get mad!

Veran laughed, and taunted them with something she said to Link
II...hundreds of years ago.

Possessed Ambi II: AH HA HA HA HA HA HA! You come despite the fact you
might kill Ambi II as well as me?! Do you not value life? Or are you
mere fools? Regardless, it won't be easy! I'll teach you your place!
I'll not be as kind as before!

Mara: Brilliant choice of words, Veran! That's what you said to Link II,
when you fought him in the Black Tower, isn't it?

Possessed Ambi II: Indeed it is, Mara. Indeed it is. Now let's get

And so the fight began. Veran teleported from place to place, shooting
beams and causing spiders to drop from the ceiling. Link was freaked
out, at first.

Link: (jumps out of the way) Spiders!! I hate those things! Get them
away from me!!

Flick: Suit yerself. I'm takin Veran down!!

Flick dodged the beams and killed the spiders, which went into the Evil
Jar, since they were akin to the Deelers. She then got close enough for
a clean shot at Veran, who was still in Ambi II's body.

Flick: (dodges the beams, and kills the spiders) There! I'm now all set
to give Veran a taste of her own medicine! (aims her knife) One good
blow in the heart should end it for Veran. Of course, I won't get paid
after that, but I hope the queen understands what I have ta do.

As Flick was about to throw the knife, Mara Hespera uses a restraining
spell, trying to stop the assassin. But, the nimble Flick was able to
break the hold on her and knocks the evil sorceress from Moldera out.

Mara: NO!! (casts a restraining spell on Flick) I won't allow you to
stop my heroine and role model!! You shall not prevail, assassin!!

Flick: (breaks out of Mara's spell) Wrong! It's you who isn't gonna
prevail! (knocks Mara out with the hilt of her knife)

Mara: Uunngghhh!! Veran...I'm sorry. Ooohhh...(is knocked senseless)

Possessed Ambi II: MARA!! NO!! (looks at Flick with anger) Now you've
done it! You'll never get away with this!

Flick: Don't be so sure, Veran! Say good bye!! (prepares to throw her

But, as Flick was about to throw the knife at Veran and deliver the
final blow both to the Sorceress of Shadows and the queen of Labrynna,
Link lunged at her, and stopped the female assassin from killing Ambi
II. He then used the Slingshot Kylara gave him to fire Mystery Seeds at
Veran, forcing her into the open.

Link: NNNOOOO!!! (lunges at Flick, knocking her down) I won't let you
stop Veran this way! (fires mystery seeds at Veran)

Veran: (forced into the open) How dare you?! I was so close to achieving

Link: Yeah, right. (looks at Ralph) NOW, Ralph! Fire the Switch

Ralph: Right!! (fires the Switch Hook)

As Ralph fired the switch hook, Veran was now taken out of Ambi II's
reach. However, an enraged Flick, who felt Link ruined everything,
started to fight him.

Flick: THAT'S IT! I've had it wit you! You've officially gotten in me
way! (lunges at Link, swiping her knife at his chest) Now you'll
pay...with yer life!!

Link, seeing Flick was on the warpath, dodged the knife, and put the
Handy Glove on.

Link: WHOA! (dodges the knife) That does it, Flick!! The kid gloves are
off! And the HANDY GLOVE is ON! (lunges at Flick and throws her onhis

Link lunged at Flick, and threw her on his bed. She nimbly got up, and
threw her knife at him. He jumped out of the way.

Flick: UNNGGHH!! You're gonna regret this! You RUINED EVERYTHING!!
(throws her knife at Link) Take this!!

Link: Not this time! (jumps out of the way) This time I have a MAGIC
GLOVE, so I'll be STRONG enough to BEAT YOU! (tosses Flick into his
dirty laundry)

Link then grabbed Flick and tossed her into his pile of dirty clothes.
She was offended, big time. She reacted with a kick in the groin. As he
reacted in pain, Flick took this to her advantage, and knocked him into
the floor.

Flick: P-U! (gets up) So...you're usin a magic glove, since ya know
you're no match fer me otherwise! Bad choice of tatics! (kicks Link in
the groin)


Flick: Now...ta finish you off! I don't like it when someone gets in me
way!! (knocks Link down onto the floor, and gets ready to kill him)

But, as Flick was about to kill him, Zelda got in the way.

Zelda: (gets in front of Link) NO!! I won't let you do this!!

Flick: Get out of the way, Zelda! He ruined everythin!

Zelda: No...I won't!

Flick: Then you'll be dead, too!!

Zelda: I'd gladly die, rather than watch Link die at your hands!!

Link: Zelda....I don't...want...you to...

Zelda: (whispers to Link) We'll discuss this, and a kiss, later.  You've
done your best against Flick. I'm proud of you.

Link: (whispers to Zelda) Thanks, Zelda. I owe you one.

Flick: Give me ONE GOOD REASON not to kill him ON THE SPOT!

Zelda: Well, while you two were fighting, Veran has gone to the Castle
plaza, and took Mara there, without your notice.

Link & Flick: WHAT?!

Sure enough, both Veran and the unsconsious Mara Hespera were no longer
in Link's room. Seline decided to tend to the recovering Ambi II, while
Link and the others chase the Sorceress of Shadows.

Seline: There will be time for these petty squabbles, later. Right now,
you, Link and my daughter must go with Nayru, Nabooru, Leigh and Ralph
and stop the Sorceress of Shadows. If she's went to the plaza, then she
won't get far. I will stay here and help Ambi II recover. The main
priority is preventing Veran from escaping.

Flick: I guess you're right.

Link: Let's go.

Zelda: Thank you, mother.

Nayru: Let's go get her!

Ralph: I'm with you my love.

Balayna: You going with us, Leigh?

Leigh: Yeah! There's no way I'm missing this for the world!

As the others went to the plaza, Veran placed the knocked-out Mara close
to her mother, who was still petrified. She then thanked her for helping
her as best as she can.

Veran: (places the unconscious Mara Hespera next to her petrified
mother) It's alright, Mara. No one will harm you, here. You'll be safe.
I thank you for your best efforts to help me. (takes off her black
spiked elbow guards with a dark-blue scarf connected to them, and places
them on Mara) These elbow guards are yours, from now on, Mara. It's my
way of showing you how much I appreciate your endavor to help me. Sleep
now, Mara. For when you awaken, you'll know I am proud to have you as my
greatest admirer. Maybe someday, I could even be...your teacher, and

As Veran finished thanking Mara, she turned to see Flick, Link, Balayna,
Leigh, Zelda, Nayru and Ralph surrounding her.  She was so angry, she
decided to change into her true form.

Flick: Yer not gettin away this time, Veran!

Link: This time, you don't have a body to hide behind!!

Zelda: It's over, Veran!!

Leigh: There's nowhere to run...

Balayna: And nowhere to hide!

Nayru and Ralph: Give up or else!

Veran: Well done! I'm impressed that all of you made it this far.
You've ruined all of my plans. But it isn't over...not by a longshot!
You've seen me like this before, but THIS is my true form. You'll regret
making me show my true might! I'll give you reasons to fear Veran,
Sorceress of Shadows!!

Link: Nayru, what does Veran mean by showing her true might?

Nayru: She's going to transform into a creature with blade-like fairy
wings, claws on the hands and feet, not to mention antennae on her head.
She'll look like a cross between a fairy and a demon.

Link: Oh, great.

As Nayru told Link about Veran's true form, bolts of lightning had
encircled the Sorceress of Shadows, and caused a bright flash of light.
When the light faded, she transformed into the monstrous form Nayru

Veran: You'll pay for this humiliation with your lives!  Now, it's your
turn to taste despair...and the fear of death!!

Link: Not if I have anything to say first!

But as LInk was about to attack, Flick stopped him. She wanted to finish
the job where she left off.

Flick: No...you've done yer part. This is my fight, now, as it should've
been in the first place.

Link: But Flick...I...

Flick: No buts. Stay outta my way this time, alright, Link?!

Link: Alright.

Flick: Good.

And so, Flick's fight with Veran began. Veran started with firing beams
from her mouth, but Flick dodged them all. The Sorceress of Shadows then
fired her circling beams at her foe. The young assassin avoided those,

Veran: Have a blast, Flick!! (fires blue beams of energy from her mouth)

Flick: (dodges the beams) Sorry...not today.

Veran: Alright then...take THIS! (fires her multi-shooting circling

Flick: (avoids them, too) Ya have ta do better than that!!

Veran: As you wish...(fires a large blue energy ball)

Veran, who's very angry at Flick by now, fires her large blue energy
ball. Flick dodges it, and the ball hits Link instead...turning him into
a 5-year old.

Flick: Too bad! You're not going to hit me with those beams!

Link: AAHHH! ! (is hit by the energy ball, and is now 5 years old)  I'll
get you, you big meanie!

Leigh: AAWWW...how adorable!

Zelda: You're sooo cyuute, Link.

5 year old Link: Who are you cawling cute and adorwable? What's going

Zelda: (smiles smugly) Look in the mirror.

Link looked into the mirror Zelda handed him, earlier. He was shocked to
see himself in the form of a 5 year old.

5 year old Link: WWAAHHH! I'm a baby! I don't wanna be a baby.

Nayru & Balayna: He's SOOO CYUUTE. (both giggle)

Ralph: I guess he is.

As Link was forced to undergo a second childhood, Flick finally used
both daggers on Veran's wings, bringing her down. She felt Veran
deserved a last request.

Flick: I'm afraid you're grounded, Veran! HYAH!! (throws both knives on
Veran, shredding her wings)

Veran: NNOOO!! (falls down onto the ground) UMPH!! (looks up) I
guess...I'm going to be vanquished again, after all...aren't I?

Flick: That's right. But, before I take ya out, and send you back into
the Evil Jar, tell me...what is yer final request?

Veran: I prefer facing my opponents out in the open...if I am to be
destroyed once more...I wish to know who the one taking me down truly
is. Please...take off your mask.

Flick: Very well. Normally, I'd never take this mask off, but since it's
yer final request, I shall do so.

As Flick spoke, she pulled off the feathered hairband which had her hair
tied in a horsetail, and placed it in her pocket, as her hair went down
to her shoulders. She then removed the mask that concealed her face. As
she did, everyone was in awe.

5 year old Link: What the?

Ralph: I don't believe it...

Zelda: She's taking off her mask.

Nayru: Who is she under it?

Leigh: What does she look like?

Balayna: Is she...the one I've been looking for? We'll know soon enough.

As Flick removed her mask, her features were revealed. She was a
beautiful young girl, who had a monstrous scar on her face. It ran
across her face from above her left eyebrow to her right cheek. Her skin
was tanned, like all Gerudo, and had Hylian ears, and a Hylian's type of
nose. From the looks of her hardened features, it was easy to see the
expression of a seasoned Gerudo warrior's face. Everyone can tell that
she was part Gerudo. Her stature, fighting skills, and attitude were
qualities her mask couldn't hide. Looking at everyone, even Veran, she
called herself by her true name.

Flick: I am Avanna...of the Gerudo.

Balayna, Link and Zelda looked in wonder, realizing that Flick was the
person who they were looking for, all along.

5 year old Link: Fwick...you're weally...Avanna?
Zelda: You've been right under our noses, all this time.

Balayna: Why have you been hiding behind that mask? Where have you been,
all this time?

Avanna: Before I answer your questions, I have a job to complete.
(looks at Veran) Adios, Veran. Say hello to Ganon, in the Evil Jar.
(slashes her)

Avanna turned to Veran, and slashed her in the chest. Veran died for a
moment, and then was sent back into the Evil Jar. Ganon, who now knew
who Flick truly was, watched her intently,

Veran: My...my body withers...just as it did when Link II vanquished me
centuries ago...but it doesn't matter. I'll be waiting, Flick...to haunt
you...and the Evil King, Ganon...will have his revenge. Farewell. (dies,
and disappears)

Avanna: And I'll be waiting for him.

Ganon: (watches in his crystal ball, then sees Veran appears in the Evil
Jar) Excellent work, Veran. Though you have failed in destroying Link
and the others, I have to thank you for inadvertantly causing Flick to
reveal herself. You've also did a good job, sabotaging the Peace
Conference, as long as you have.

Veran: Thank you, master. Now, if you'll excuse me...I'm going to pass
out right next to Agahnim now. Uuhhnnn...(passes out)

Agahnim: (sees Veran faint right next to him) HEY!  Watch where you're
passing out, alright?

Evil Zelda: YEAH! Dark Link and I were fighting, here! That idiot still
hasn't done anything to earn a kiss from ME, yet.

Dark Link: Well Excccuuussse me, Princess! You're the one who's all
covered in mud!

Evil Zelda: (throws some mud on Dark Link)
Now you're covered in mud, too. (smirks) Heh heh heh heh ha ha ha ha ha!

Dark Link: Why I oughta...

Ganon: SHUT UP! I'm trying to listen!! (The LAST THING I need RIGHT NOW
is hearing those two bicker!!)

Evil Zelda: Yes, master.

Dark Link: Sorry, master.

Ganon: That's better. (looks at Avanna) So...after 2 years since your
escape, I've finally found you, Avanna...but how were you able to escape
the Sacred Realm? And how did you survive? The slash across your face
should've killed you...but WHY DIDN'T IT?

As Ganon watched, Link reverted back to normal. The sun was finally able
to set, and all the petrified delegates were returned to normal. But
that was beside the point. As Balayna asked Avanna what happened, the
Hylian/Gerudo girl told her tale.

Balayna: Avanna...I've been searching for you all this time. What
happened to you...and your parents? Why'd you decide to be an assassin?

Avanna: I'll answer you, right now, Nabooru. (looks at Link, Zelda,
Nayru, Leigh, Balayna and Ralph) Five years ago, I was living happily
with my parents. My mother was Navarra, the greatest Gerudo warrior of
this time. My father was Terell...one of Hyrule's best knights.

Zelda: I knew Terell. It was when I was only 13 years old....sometime
before Link even came to Hyrule...before I knew that Queen Seline of
Calatia was truly my mother. Your father was a good man, Avana. He often
expressed how much he loved his wife and daughter many times, to all who
gathered around to listen to the tales of his adventures. He felt that
nothing was more important than family. He was the best of Captain
Krin's knights...and a hero. Then...5 years ago...he disappeared...and
was never to be seen nor heard from again. What happened to him, Avanna?
What happened to him and your mother on that day?

Avanna: I'm getting to that, Zelda. As I stated, my mother, my father
and I lived happily in the town of Nabooru. At times, we visited the
Gerudos' Fortress, so I would know of my mother's side of the family
tree. I even went to North Castle with my father, to know of his side of
the family. We were happy...and we thought it would last. Then, one dark
day, my time with my parents, not to mention my happier days, were about
to end...forever. Ganon, the Prince of Darkness, had came to Nabooru
town, and ravaged it. His forces nearly burnt the town to the ground. My
mother was angered by these wanton acts of destruction, and wanted to
protect the village that was our home..the village that was named after
the Great Nabooru...sage of the Spirit Temple. My father fought by her
side. Afer a long and taxing battle, Ganon defeated them, and captured
all three of us. I was 11 years old, at the time. Though I was by then,
a competent swordsman...I was no match for him.

Balayna: That's horrible. What happened next?

Avanna: The next thing I knew, we were in this strange chamber, called
the Room of Rites. My parents were lying on an altar. There were three
torches. One of them had already lit, and a red flame came from it.

Balayna: The Flame of Destruction. The blue one is the Flame of Sorrow,
and the purple one is the Flame of Despair. They're part of a ceremony
which dates back to the darker times of Gerudo society. That knowledge
should've been lost forever...

Avanna: But apparently, it wasn't. Ganon knew the ceremony well. The
Flame of Sorrow ignited, soon after...because of the sorrow that
resulted in the destruction of my village...and when I realized I would
lose my parents, forever...I fell into despair...thus lighting the third
and final Flame.

Link: I'm almost afraid to ask..but...what happened next, Avanna?

Avanna: Ganon called forth the spirits of Twinrova and Agahnim the Dark
Wizard, from the darkest depths. All three flames became dark blue...and
evil eyes could be seen. Then...my mother and father came to their
senses, just in time to have their bodies sacrificed. They held their
hands and told me that they'll miss me, and bid me farewell. It was as
if we all knew, that in a way, that they, who were my parents were about
to die.  And then...several shadows were cast onto the both of
them...and their bodies were consumed by two flames...a red one...and a
blue one. The flames took on new shapes as I saw the spirits of my
parents leave their bodies. The flames changed into the bodily forms of
Twinrova and Agahnim...and the souls of my parents, who no longer had
bodies of their own...went into the spirit world...and I never saw
them...ever again. (cries)

As Avanna told her story, she began to cry.
Link, trying to sympathize with her, told her she was crying. She denied
it...in her own way.

Link: I...I don't believe it...you're crying.

Avanna: (wipes her tears away) I am not. I just have some dirt in my
eyes, that's all.

Link: Aw, come on, Avanna...admit it. Underneath that tough exterior,
you're just a big softie.

Avanna: Well, how would you like to be a bleeding heart, huh?!

Link: I guess I was wrong. You weren't crying...I goofed.

Avanna: That's more like it.

Balayna: After your parents were sacrificed, what happened to you,

Avanna: After that horrible event took place, I was tortured for 3
years. I even got the scars to show for that long, unending nightmare.
At times, when I tried to escape...I want sent into the dungeon of the
Gargoyle's Domain, in the Sacred Realm. Though that place was an ugly
and twisted structure, the land it was on was beautiful, fertile...the
sky was gold. It brought tears to my eyes. Then one day...something came
over me. I...don't know what happened, but I felt different. My
strength, speed, stamina, senses, and skill increased tenfold. Around
that time, I was once again taken to the Gargoyle's Domain for
attempting yet another escape, but as I was being escorted to the cell
they usually put me in...I overpowered the Goriyas that were taking me
there. I fought my way through Ganon's troops. They seemed to be in
disarray. As if someone was causing Ganon trouble in the Light World.

Link: That was when I came to Hyrule...and...recovered the eight
fragments of the Triforce of Wisdom....and it was the first time I
fought Ganon.

Avanna: No wonder they were so disorganized. Anyway, most of them were
easy to take on...but there was one guy who wore gold armor with blue
tights, and purple gloves, boots and cape...he was hard to beat.

Zelda and Link: THE DARKNUT PRIME!!

Avanna: Yes. He was the one who slashed me in the face. I should've died
right then and there...but for some reason, I didn't. Using my newfound
strength, I threw him onto the other monsters, and found a cave with an
unusual light. I entered it, and when I came out...I was back in Hyrule.
From that day on, I took up the mask, and accent, to hide my shame from
the world. I decided to be a professional assassin, and use my skills
kill those who would do the same unforgivable acts that Ganon did to my
parents, or those who would commit even worse crimes...I would be for
hire, and yet I would keep some sense of honor in what I do. It was on
that day that Flick the Assassin was born. For two years, I haven't
taken off this mask. Nobody ever asked me to take it off, as a last
request...until today.

Zelda: So that's why you wear that mask...Ganon must've caused you a lot
of pain.

Avanna: Yes. He has.

Avanna then looked at Balayna and asked her why she was looking for her.

Avanna: (looks at Balayna) Why have you been looking for me...all this
time?  And why do you remind me of my mother?

Balayna felt it was finally time to shed her guise, and in a orange
flash of light, revealed herself as the Sage of Spirit.

Balayna: Because you're blood of my blood, Avanna. I am the one who your
home village was named after. I am...(changes forms, in a flash of
light) Nabooru...the lone wolf thief of the Gerudo, and the Sage of the
Spirit Temple...I am also your ancestor.

Avanna was in shock to see that Balayna, who was referred to as Nabooru
was THE Nabooru...and was also amazed to know she was her ancestor.

Avanna: It...it can't be....you're THE Nabooru...the Sage of Spirit. I
can't believe it...my mother...looks a lot like you. That means
I'm...your descendant, aren't I?

Nabooru: Yes. Ever since you and your parents had gone missing, I have
been searching for the three of you. I never found you, or your parents,
until recently, when I found the sou of Navarra and Terell in the spirit
world. They gave me a message to give to you, Avanna. But before I give
it to you, I must tell you why you gained those powers.

Avanna: Please...tell me. Why did I get these superhuman powers, and how
did I survive?

Nabooru: From what you've told me, my best guess is that your powers, as
my descendant were awakening, when you were finally able to escape.
Because you are a member of the bloodline of the Seven Sages, like your
mother was, the power of the Sacred Realm prevented you from dying.
Also...I think the cave was one of the hidden pasages out of the Sacred
Realm.  They're so well hidden, not even Ganon could find them.  Heh
heh.  (gets serious again) Anyway, I know that what Ganon did is
horrible, and that it cannot be undone...but we can set this right. You
can avenge the deaths of your mother and father, and turn that mask into
a symbol of honor, instead of a symbol of shame.

Avanna: Thank you, Nabooru.

Nabooru: You're welcome. But, I have one more thing to tell you, Avanna.
There's something you must know about Ganon.

Avanna: What is it? I already know he's an evil being who cares nothing
for those he harms.

Nabooru: Yes...but this is something you don't know...Ganon is in truth
Ganondorf Dragmire...the Gerudo king who shamed all Gerudos by giving
into darkness, and ruled Hyrule for seven years in an alternate era with
an iron fist.

Avanna: NOOO! I can't believe it!! Ganon is a Gerudo...but he's so
ugly...and piglike...

Nabooru: I know that he's changed so much, since the era of the
Imprisoning War...but yes...he is a Gerudo male...and was also the Great
King of Evil.  With his followers, he stole from women and children, and
even killed people!  Nayru and Ralph may not know this, but the Gerudo
race consists only of women. Only one man is born every hundred
years...Even though our laws say that lone male Gerudo must become King
of the Gerudo, I vowed I'd never bow to such an evil man!

Nayru: I never knew...

Ralph: Neither did I.

Nabooru: Well, now you do.  Come on.  Let's prepare for Ganon's arrival.

Nayru and Ralph: Right.

Back at Death Mountain, Ganon was furious to learn the truth of Avanna's
heritage. He was also mad at Nabooru for telling her who he really is.

Ganon: NNOOOO!!! I don't believe it! Avanna is the descendant of
Nabooru, that accursed traitor and Sage! What's worse, that lone wolf
thief has revealed to Avanna my human identity!! NNNNNOOOOOOO!!! I will
have my revenge...NOW!!!  But...I will face her, as the Great King of
Evil...Ganondorf...not as I am now.  Avanna will fall at the hands of a
fellow Gerudo!  I will DESTROY YOU, AVANNA!!

As Ganon swore he'd destroy Avanna, he transformed in a flash of light,
and had become the Great KIng of Evil once more. He then teleported to
the plaza, where Link, Zelda, Nabooru, Avanna, Leigh, Nayru and Ralph
were. When Avanna stopped Veran, they were several miles away from
prying eyes. But now, as the story reaches its climax, will Nabooru be
able to deliver Navarra's message for Avanna? Will The Great Evil King,
Ganondorf destroy the Gerudo/Hylian girl also known as Flick? Or will
Avanna triumph? All this and more will be revealed as the story draws
close to its conclusion.

To Be Continued...

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