Legend of Zelda: Flick's Revenge

By Jason Boaz

Chapter 6: The Gerudo's Rites of Passage! Avanna Vs. Ganon(dorf)

As Ganondorf, the Evil King teleported to the battlefield where Veran
had met with her latest defeat, Avanna, who is known to others as Flick,
asked Nabooru what the message was.

Avanna: Alright. I thank you for telling me about who Ganon really is,
Great Nabooru. Now please, tell me...what message did my mother and
father tell you to give me?

Nabooru: The message is this..."Avanna, we, your parents are sorry that
this unfortunate turn of events ever took place. Only you can set things
right. Using the powers that you possess, you'll have a great chance of
success. We have been watching over you, and shall continue to do so.
For our sake, and the sake of all warriors, Gerudo, Hylian or
otherwise, you must stop the evil Ganon. Once you do that, you shall
regain your honor. We wish you luck."

Avanna was once again  moved to tears, at hearing the heart-warming
message her parents told Nabooru to give her. This time, Link didn't try
to sympathize with her...which was a good thing, too.

Avanna: (cries again) My parents...they have great faith in me. I
mustn't let them down!

Nabooru: You won't let them down. I know you'll succeed.

Avanna: (looks at Link) Any comments?!

Link: Nope...none whatsoever.

Avanna: Good. Then I won't slash you...this time.

Link: Thanks heaps!!

As Link settled things with Avanna on the crying matter, an image from
the distant past was projected in the sky. It was a moment which lived
in infamy. In it, was the moment when Ganondorf was banished into the
Dark World, and was swearing revenge.

Avanna: (sees something weird in the sky) What is that?

Nabooru: Oh no...not this...anything but this. (hears Ganondorf's voice
trail off)

Nayru: What's going on?

Nabooru: Shhh...listen.

Voice of Ganondorf: YOU...

Ralph: What is that?

Link: I'm afraid I know. LOOK!


Zelda: I think...he knows who Avanna is, now.

Avanna was puzzled at what was going on. She wondered what this little
display had to do with her.

Avanna: What's going on? What does this have to do with me?!

Leigh: I'm afraid we'll find out soon enough.

Sure enough, they did find out, as Avanna, along with Link, Zelda,
Leigh, Nayru and Ralph watched as an image of the screaming Ganondorf
appeared, swearing he'd get his revenge.

Ganondorf's image: Someday...when this seal is broken...that is when I
will exterminate your descendants!!

Nabooru, Leigh, Link and Zelda cringed, as they realized what was going
on. As they did, the image of Ganondorf faded, while he completed his
oath of revenge. Avanna thought this had nothing to do with her, but was
proven wrong by her ancestor, Nabooru. This revalation brought about her
old fear of Ganon.

Link: Oh, no...

Nabooru: This is bad.

Leigh: Really bad.

Zelda: Really, REALLY bad.

Ganondorf's image: (fades away) As long as the Triforce of Power is in
my hand...

Avanna: What does this mean to me?! This has nothing to do with me.

Nabooru: Oh, yes it does.

Avanna: What?

Nabooru: You see, Link I, who was the Hero of Time, along with Zelda II,
Impa of the Sheikah, Darunia, the Big Brother of the Gorons, Rauru, the
Sage of Light, Ruto, princess of the Zoras, Saria of the Kokiri and
myself, were able to join forces and banish Ganondorf into the Dark
World. While he was vanishing from Hyrule, he swore he'd exterminate our
descendants. And since you're my descendant...

Avanna: (is afraid) Then he's...coming after me...Oh NO!!!

Ganondorf's voice: Oh, YES!!

Avanna, Nabooru, Link, Zelda, Leigh, Nayru and Ralph looked on as
Ganondorf, the Great King of Evil, teleported into the battlefield. By
now, Link was able to recognize Ganon in his human form.

Link: GANONDORF!! I see you've decided to be human again! It doesn't
matter! I'll stop you!! You won't hurt Avanna! (unsheathes his Cressword
and Shield)

Ganondorf: Stay away, Hero! I am not interested in you, this day. Our
battles will continue another time. But for now...(looks at Avanna) I
will turn my attention to her.

Link: You coward! Come on and face me!

Ganondorf ignored Link's demand, and gave Avanna one chance to bow to
him, the ancient Gerudo King.

Ganondorf: So, Avanna, you're the descendant of Nabooru, eh?

Avanna: Y...y...yes. I am.

Ganondorf: Then, I shall give you one chance to live. I want you to bow
down to me...for I am YOUR KING! For you are one of many proud Gerudo
women, and I am the one who ruled over them!

Avanna, who regained her courage, spit on Ganondorf's face, and told him
he was no longer the king of the Gerudo.

Avanna: (spits on Ganondorf's face) No! You aren't the king of the
Gerudo...not anymore! You ceased being king on the day you first became
a monster! The day you became the creature known as Ganon, was the day
you lost your humanity!

Avanna's response angered Ganondorf, who then resolved to go according
to the laws the Gerudo lived by...and issued the Rite of Challenge.

Ganondorf: You DARE REFUSE ME?! Very well. I shall destroy you!
But...just to be fair, I'll give you a chance to beat me. Hopefully, the
laws of the Gerudo have remained unchanged, since my time.

Avanna: Maybe...what do you have in mind,

Ganondorf: I hereby issue the ancient Gerudo RITE OF CHALLENGE!

Nabooru and Avanna knew exactly what he meant.

Avanna: So...you want me to fight you one-on-one....and you shall make
the choice of weapons for both of us...am I right?

Ganondorf: That is correct.

Nabooru: Very good, Ganondorf. You were right in assuming that the
ancient laws of the Gerudo would still endure in this day and age.

Link was very confused, and asked Nabooru what the Rite of Challenge

Link: Uuuhh...Nabooru? What is this Rite of Challenge?

Nabooru: It's an ancient rite that dates back to the erection of the
Spirit Temple and the Desert Colossus...which was in a bygone era When
one makes a challenge, the other person who is being challenged must
accept...in other words...they cannot refuse. Once the challenge is
accepted, the person who made the challenge gets to make the choice of
weapons for both the challenger, and the person who made the challenge.

Link: I understand.

Nabooru: I'm glad you do.

Link: Uhhh...what happens if the challenger

Nabooru: They're forced to fight, anyway.

Link: Oh boy...there's so much I still don't know about the Gerudo.

Zelda: You got that right, Link.

Link: Well excccuuuusssse me, Princess!

Nayru: Quiet!

Leigh: Yeah!

Ralph: Avanna's about to make her answer.

As Link realized what the Rite of Challenge was, all eyes looked toward
Avanna...who accepted the challenge.

Ganondorf: Well...what do you say, Avanna? Will you accept my challenge?

Avanna: Yes. I accept your challenge. Name the weapons that will be

Ganondorf: We will use swords. You are not allowed to use your daggers
in this fight. You must fight me using your ancestral weapon.

Avanna: Ancestral Weapon?! Aw great. I can't use my daggers for this.
What a downer.

Nabooru: You'll change your tune, soon enough. CATCH! (gets out a
scimitar and tosses it to Avanna)

Avanna, who was momentarially distressed at the fact she couldn't use
her daggers, suddenly changed her mind, when she caught the scimitar
Nabooru gave her. She recognized it at once. It looked a bit ancient,
rusty, and dull. But, after a few seconds in her hands, it was as good
as new. Avanna then placed her mask safely in her magic pouch.

Avanna: (catches the scimitar) This sword...it's...could this be? Is
this my mother's sword?

Nabooru: That's correct. That sword belonged to your mother. This is a
family heirloom which has been passed down from generation, to
generation. It originally belonged to me. Your mother and father want
you to have it, now.

Avanna: What use will it be against Ganondorf's sword? It's very old.

Nabooru: Not for long.

Avanna: (sees the sword shimmer, and become razor sharp, and shiny) Oh
my goodness...it...it became as good as new.

Ganondorf: That means your powers as Nabooru's descendant have finally
awakened ENTIRELY!! (unsheathes his sword)

Avanna: I guess so. (places her mask in her magic pouch) Shall we?

Ganondorf: Let's.

And with the small talk finally drawing to a close, the battle began.
For about half an hour, Avanna and Ganondorf exchanged blows, and
parried other blows. One of the blows Ganondorf gave Avanna was on her
right leg...which resulted in a brand new scar....this was her second
battle scar ever.

Ganondorf: (slashes Flick's right leg) HA! Looks like you've got a new
battle scar, eh Avanna? This makes your second one, am I correct?

Avanna: That's right, Ganondorf! Only now...my battle scars, not to
mention my mask will no longer symbols of shame! From this day forward,
they are symbols...OF HONOR!! (The scars I got from being tortured don't

Link watched with awe, and wanted to help. Nabooru dissuaded him.

Link: Aw, man! She's getting creamed! I have to help her!

Nabooru: No, Link! Leave her be! You can't interfere!

Link: Why not?

Nabooru: Because once the challenge has been accepted, there can be no
outside help. Avanna must rely on her own skill.

Link: I get it. Well, you don't have to tell me twice!

Nabooru: I think...I just did.

Link: Whoops!  Sorry, Nabooru.

Nabooru: It's alright.

As Nabooru told Link the reason he can't intervene, Avanna finally gave
Ganondorf the final blow, by slashing his chest. At this time, his red
cape with intricate yellow patterns was torn and tattered...just as it
was when the Hero of Time defeated him. He buckled over and fell on his
knees. His breathing was labored, and his face was revealing the look of

Avanna: Now, this fight is MINE! Take THAT! (slashes Ganondorf in the

Ganondorf: UUNNNGGHH! (is on his knees) This...can't be happening! Not
this again...(breathing become labored, as he puts his hand on his
chest) The Great Evil King Ganondorf...beaten by this kid?!

Ganondorf then coughed up blood, and outstreched his hand, as if
reaching for something. For the moment, victory seemed to be certain.

Ganondorf: (coughs up blood, and outstreches his hand) Avanna....

Avanna: I may be a kid, to you...but I am the one who has put an end to
your evil.

Ganondorf: You think so...huh?! (goes into the air)

To Avanna's amazement, Ganondorf rose into the air, and was still alive.

Avanna: It can't be! You're still alive...but how?! That slash should've
killed you!

Ganondorf: Yes...it would've killed me...if I wasn't under the
protection of the Triforce of Power!

Avanna: WHAT?!

Ganondorf: You see...the first time I died, was when Link I, the Hero of
Time managed to beat me.  With my last breath, I caused my castle to
collapse. But he and the Princess of Destiny, Zelda II, escaped. Then,
the Triforce of Power gave me the strength to overcome death. It's
ironic that I've been beaten by another seventeen year old. But this
ends NOW!!

As Ganondorf gloated, a wall of fire encircled both himself and
Avanna...keeping them in, and Link and the others out. Link, who saw
this particular wall of fire before, knew what it meant.

Link: (sees a wall of fire arise) Uh oh...I think Ganondorf's about to
throw out the rulebook...

Zelda: I think you're right!

Avanna: What are you doing?!

Ganondorf: All I'm doing is...THIS! (hold his right hand in triumph,
and the symbol of the Triforce of Power appears) Feel the might of the
Triforce of Power! Rrrraaahhh....YYYYEEAGGHHH!! (transforms into OoT

Ganondorf held his hand high, and used the power of his Triforce to
become the behemoth that was his first form as Ganon. Avanna was
momentarilly shocked to see this monstrous form. But then, Link gave her
advice on how to beat him...which was unecessary.

Avanna: Oh...my...word. He's became huge! (is scared to death)

Link: THE TAIL!! Use your sword on his tail! That's his weak spot!!

Avanna: (regains her composure and looks at
Link) Shut up, Link! I already know that!!

Link: You do? But how?

Nabooru: It's required learning for Gerudos to know everything there is
about Hyrule's history. Some people have even said that we have better
scribes than the Hylans...but that's just a popular misconception.

Link: Ah. I see.

Nabooru: You were right about the fact that you have a lot to learn
about the Gerudo.

Link: Yeah. I guess I was. But I also know Ganon's cheated. Someone has
to help Avanna!

Nabooru: Someone WILL help Avanna...but it won't be until Ganon's ready
to recieve the final blow.

Link: You mean...

Nabooru confirmed Link's suspicions and instructed Nayru and Queen Ambi
II, who just arrived, to get ready to get the Hero of Time transported
from the past.

Nabooru: Yep. (looks at Nayru) Nayru...I need you and Queen Ambi II to
do something for me, as soon as Avanna is about to give Ganon the final

Nayru: Sure thing. What do you want?

Nabooru: Send Link I here, to this spot, as soon as Ganon's down for the
count. That cheating creep threw the rules out the door the moment he
changed...so now...we'll help Avanna get even with him.

Nayru: Right!

Ambi II: (arrives, and had heard Nabooru's plan) I just made it! And
don't worry, Nabooru. I think I can do as you want, easily...with my
granny's help, that is.

Nayru: You called me...granny. (giggles) What would your ancestor say if
she was called granny by Ralph?

Ambi II: She'd say..."How rude! I am still young! Don't call me granny!"

Nayru: Yep. (giggles) You definitely got Ralph's trait of calling your
ancestor granny, when the woman who's your ancestor looks as young and
as beautiful as a forest maiden.

Ralph: (blushes) Ummm....oh boy. (I don't know what's worse...my great
great great great great granddaughter recognizing me on the spot, or
hearing her and Nayru reminesce about what happened when I called Ambi I

As Ambi II and Nayru embarrassed Ralph, the battle began anew. Ganon
stomped all over the place, and was swinging his twin swords around.
But, Avanna was able to dodge them easily. She went to his rear end, and
struck his tail with her sword.

Ganon: You won't stop me this time! (slashes at Avanna with his swords)

Avanna: (rolls under him, and sees the tail) You'll have to do better
than that, if you want to beat me, Pig-face! (strikes Ganon's tail)

(turns to swing his swords again)

As Ganon recovered from the hit, Avanna used the same techniques to
strike at his tail for four more times...soon enough, he fell down, and
was temporarily incapacitated.

Ganon: (falls down to the ground) You will pay for this, Avanna! When I
rise, I will be twice as fast!!

Avanna: It doesn't matter if you're twice as fast, or three times as
fast, Ganon!  You still won't be able to beat me! (strikes his tail

Avanna used her scimitar to strike Ganon's tail once again. This hit
made him get up with a start. This got him even angrier. In a rage, he
tried to slash at Avanna again, but missed once more.

Ganon: OWTCH!! Why I oughta...YOU'RE DEAD!! (slashes at Avanna)

Avanna: (dodges the blow) Now, now...your anger is going to cloud your
mind, and make you a smidge easier to defeat...just like it did with
Onox and Veran. I must admit, however, that fighting you in this form is
providing me with the ultimate challenge!!

Ganon: Why, thank you.

Avanna: Save your thanks! YAH!! (strikes his tail again)

Sure enough, Ganon's speed wasn't enough to save him from Avanna, who
was much faster. She struck at his tail for five consecutive times.
After the fifth blow, he went down once again, and the firewall
collapsed. He tried to get up, but Zelda wouldn't let him.

Ganon: Urrrggghh...(falls down) I'll get you yet...Avanna!!

Zelda: Oh no, you don't! (uses the power of Triforce of Wisdom to pin
him down)

Ganon: Uunngghhh....I can't...move!

Avanna: (sees Zelda pinning him down) If you're helping me...then that

Zelda: I'm afraid so. Ganon broke the rules of the Rite of Challenge by
transforming in the middle of the fight. That means, all bets are
off...FOR HIM!

Avanna: Got it! Do what you have to do!

Zelda: RIGHT! (looks at Nayru and Ambi II) Queen Ambi...Nayru...NOW!!

Nayru & Ambi II: RIGHT! ( both join hands) Hero of Time, we call upon
you from the distant past. Help us gain victory in this latest battle
with your nemesis and ours, Ganon! COME FORTH!!

In a burst of light, Link I came from the past.  He was armed with the
Master Sword and Mirror Shield, and had Navi at his side. He saw
Nabooru, and asked what was going on.

Link: Wha? Where are we, Navi?

Navi: I don't know, but I know this much...Nabooru's over there. Maybe
she knows what's going on.

Link: Right, Navi. (goes to Nabooru) Nabooru...what's going on? The last
thing I remember, Zelda sent me on my way to closing the Door of Time,
and I was going back to my days as a child, and next thing you know,
Navi and I end up here. Why are we here?

Nabooru: My descendant just forced Ganon to the ground. I was

Avanna: (completes what Nabooru was saying) Would you join me in sharing
the final blow against this creep?

Ganon: (sees Link I and his eyes go wide) No..no..NOO! Not

Link I: (notices Avanna) You must be Nabooru's descendant, right?

Avanna: Yeah. The name's Avanna...you can call me Flick.

Link I: (shrugs, then sees Ganon) Alright, Flick. I would be more than
happy to do a double final blow on Ganon.

Ganon: This can't be happening...(I HATE this part!)

Link I: I'm afraid it is!

Avanna: Sayonara, Ganon!!

And so, with synchronized timing, Link and Avanna gave Ganon three
slashes, and a stab in the mouth in unison. Ganon reeled in pain, but
was able to shrink down into his current day form before disappearing in
the Evil Jar.

Ganon: NNOOOO!! I HATE THIS! (shrinks down into his current form)  You
haven't seen the last of me, Link! I"LL BE BACK!! (disappears)

Link I looked on at Ganon's new form as he disappeared, and asked what
was going on. Link explained as much as he can without revealing who he

Link I: (That's odd.  Why did Ganon change into that form?  And who are
these people?  That's not important, though.  Finding out what happened
here is.)  Can someone please tell me what's going on here?

Link: I'll do my best. Ganon was trying to dismantle a peace conference,
here in the North Castle. We met Avanna, who's parents were sacrificed
by Ganon, in order to bring back Twinrova and Agahnim.

Link I: Twinrova I know, but Agahnim I don't. What happened next?

Link: After Veran was beaten, Ganon, who came here as Ganondorf, invoked
the Gerudo's Rite of Challenge, but broke the rules, as Avanna beat him
the first time.

Link I: I get it. So, this Avanna...who wants me to call her Flick,
who's also Nabooru's descendant, beat Ganon single-handedly?

Nabooru then laughed and slapped Link I on the back. She then asked what
he was going to do next.

Nabooru: Ah ha ha ha ha! You got it, kid! (slaps Link I on the back)

Link I: OOPH! It's you, alright...Nabooru. It's really you.

Nabooru: That's right, kid. You just helped Avanna deliver the final
blow to that disgraceful Gerudo King, Ganon. What do you plan to do,

Link I: I plan to go back to being 10 years old, and I'm going to close
the Door of Time, as Zelda wanted. If she's come back to the castle by
now, I'll tell her about everything that's happened. After that, I'm
going to entrust the Kokiri Emerald to the Knights of Hyrule, and hope
for the best. I don't want the tragic events that occurred in Hyrule to
happen again.

After Link I told Nabooru of what he planned to do next, she told him to
regain his lost time. Realizing that this was what Zelda II would've
wanted, he was moved to tears.

Nabooru: They won't, Link. This I promise. Now, go home, Link...regain
your lost time.

Link I: Home...where I'm supposed to be...the way I'm supposed to be.

Nabooru: It's alright...let it out. After all...it isn't as though
you'll never see Zelda again, later in llfe.

Link I: You really mean it, Nabooru?

Nabooru: I sure do. Goodbye, kid...and good luck.

Link: Thanks. I'll see you around.

Navi: Goodbye, everyone.

As Link I, Navi and Nabooru said farewell, Nayru and Ambi II cast a blue
light on the hero and his fairy. The Hero of Time and Navi, knowing what
would happen next, relaxed themselves as they were sent back to their
own time. As Link watched his ancestor disappear into the mists of time,
he wondered if he should've told him who he was.

Link: I wonder...should I have told my ancestor that I'm his descendant?

Nabooru: No. It's better this way.

Leigh: Nabooru's right. From what Saria, my ancestor has told me in a
recent visit, Link I and Zelda II aren't fated to meet you and Zelda
until it's nearly time to move the Master Sword to the pedestal in the
Lost Woods.

Link: I guess you're right.

Zelda: Come on...don't be such a party pooper! We have a peace
conference to attend! (whispers to Link) And...I'm going to give you a
kiss, remember?

Link, remembering Zelda's promise to kiss him later on, was more than
eager to go.

Link: (whispers to Zelda) Thanks! I remember now!  (gets ready to go to
the Castle) ALRIGHT! Let's go! (Alrightie! Smooching time!)

Leigh: After you, Nabooru.

Nabooru: Thanks, Leigh. No way I'm missing out.

Ambi II: I hope the conference isn't over yet.

Ralph: Don't worry. I'm sure it isn't.

Nayru: Let's go.

Avanna: Got it. I have to get paid for a job well done. (gets her mask
out, and puts it and the feathered hairband back on, and uses her fake
accent again) Come on. We have ta go back...right, yer majesty? (looks
at Ambi II)

Ambi II: You're certainly right, Flick. And you'll be paid, all
right...paid in full. Plus..you've earned a little bit extra for beating

Flick: Really? Thanks, yer majesty. I'm glad I lived up to yer

Ambi II: You're welcome, Flick. Now let's go.
Flick: Right.

As Flick and the others went back to North Castle to finish attending
the peace conference, Mara Hespera, who woke up minutes before Ganondorf
appeared, finally made a comment about the battle which got her grounded
by both her mother and father.

Mara: Well...I guess that's the end of that. Oh well...I had a great
time. It was fun to ditch the dead weight when I was able to. This was
so exciting!

Mara's father: Dead weight, huh?! Is that how you think of us?

Mara: (Nuts! I forgot my parents changed back to normal nearly an hour
ago.) But dad...I didn't mean to say that.

Mara's mother: That's it, Mara! You're grounded! No more black magic for
a month!

Mara: But MOTHER....

Mara's mother: No buts, young lady!

Mara: Alright...can I at least keep these cool spiked elbow pads,
complete with the dark blue scarf attached to them as a permanent
addition to my wardrobe, though?

Mara's mother: I suppose, Mara.

Mara: YAY!

Mara's father: But since you can't do any black magic for a month, you
can't wear that outfit for a month, either.

Mara: (UNGH!  Touché, dad!)  Yes, father. (Oh well...at least I know
Veran truly cares for me, now...and I think..no! I KNOW I'll be able to
welcome her as a teacher, and as a friend with open arms. Thank you,
Veran. You made this peace conference a smashing hit. Too bad I can't
say the same thing for that buffoon, Ganon! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!)

As Mara Hespera was grounded for a month by her parents, back in Death
Mountain, Agahnim and Dark Leigh were relieved that Ganon changed back
to his usual form this time.

Agahnim: Whew. Am I glad you changed back to your current form in time,

Dark Leigh: Yeah. I believe that I speak for all of us when I say that
we of the Brotherhood of the Underworld don't wish to relive the time
you came into the Evil Jar in your first form.

BoUM: That's absolutely right, Dark Leigh! We're so relieved that Master
Ganon didn't stay in his first form, this time.

Ganon: Thanks, Dark Leigh and Agahnim...I think.

Agahnim and Dark Leigh: You're welcome, master.

Ganon then decided that he'll never face Flick ever again, and swore
he'd get even with Link and Zelda. Unfortunately, with Onox as a Dark
Dragon and Veran in her demon fairy form...he was fairly cramped inside
the confines of the Evil Jar. Dark Link's successful kiss with Evil
Zelda made it even worse. It made him nauseous.

Ganon: Curse you, Avanna! If I never see you again, it'll be too soon!
I don't ever want to face you again! EVER!! (thinks about Link and
Zelda) As for you, Link and Zelda, just you wait! I'll get you next
time, you hear me?! NEXT TIME!! (notices he's a bit cramped, and yells
at Veran and Onox) Move it, will you? (Oh, great! I just hope it doesn't
get any worse.)

Veran & Onox: Sorry, Master. (both move out of the way)

Ganon: That's better. (notices that Evil Zelda and Dark Link actually
succeeded in sharing a passionate and steamy kiss) WHAT THE?!

Evil Zelda: Mmmm....you're quite the kisser, Dark Link.

Dark Link: WHOOPEE! Finally! I got a kiss from you! And this time, the
master didn't have a chance to stop it!

Evil Zelda: (seductively smiles) You can say that again, my dearest Dark
Link. (looks at Ganon) What do you think, Master Ganon?

Ganon: (Correction...it just GOT WORSE!) I think I'm about to lose my
lunch...Bleach!! (throws up)

Evil Zelda: (backs away) EEWWW!!

Dark Link: (backs away as well) Watch where you're throwing up, ok

Ganon: Whatever. (This is...the end of a "perfect day.")
Urrff....uuunnnghhh. (Why me? Why do things like this ALWAYS happen TO

To Be Concluded...

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