Legend of Zelda: Flick's Revenge

By Jason Boaz

Conclusion: The Anti-Kiss Triple Play, Or Maple's Revenge!

After Ganon's latest defeat, Link, Nayru, Ralph, Nabooru, Zelda,
Leigh, Ambi II and Flick all went back to the peace conference, which
was still underway. Zelda and Leigh used their magic to make their
clothes clean and mud free. To the joy of the people, the Peace
Conference was a big success. After it ended, it was time for everyone
to go back to their own kingdoms. Flick, who had successfully protected
Ambi II, (with a little unintended help from Link) was now paid 1000
rupees. 4 gold rupees for fulfilling her task, and one more for taking
Ganon down. (Of course, Seline decided to stay a few more days, to talk
with her daughter, Zelda, about her latest adventures.)

Ambi II: Here's 1000 rupees overall for a job well done. (pays Flick)
The 800 is for protecting me from Veran, and the extra 200 is for
vanquishing Ganon.

Flick: (takes the money, and puts it in her pouch) No need ta thank me.
Just doin me job.
Ambi II: I was right in trusting you to protect me from Veran. Though
she had possessed me, I think she given me quite of a favor, though.  If
it wasn't for that vile witch...my powers wouldn't have been awakened.

Flick: Ah, well...to each their own.

Zelda: Thanks for the help, mother. If it wasn't for you, Ambi II
wouldn't have recovered as quickly as she did.

Seline: It was nothing, my dear daughter. All I did was use a revival
spell, to wake her up.

Link: But if it wasn't for that spell, Nayru wouldn't have been able to
bring Link I here, and who knows what might've happened.

Nabooru: Maybe so, Link..but the point is, Ganon broke one of the Rite
of Challenge's rules...no transforming during a fight. He got what he

Link: I guess you're right.

Nayru: I'm just glad everything turned out ok.

Ralph: Yeah. Me, too.

Leigh: Well, Queen Alainia, Prince Facade and I have to go, now. It's
nearly time for us to give the big baby his bottle.

Alainia: (laughs) Good one, Leigh. I wonder when my son will ever become
as gutsy as you, Link?

Link: A million years?

Alainia & Leigh: That seems right. (laughs)

Prince Facade: Oh, stop, mother...you're embarrassing me.

Alainia: Sorry, son..but it's only fair, since you embarrass me all the
time, with your vanity ALWAYS overcoming your common sense and all.

Prince Facade: But mother...

Leigh: (gags Prince Facade's mouth) There. That should keep him quiet
for awhile.

Alainia: Thanks, Leigh. I truly wish he was as brave, and as much of a
risktaker as Link.

Prince Facade: (gagged) Mmppph...hhmmmpph..pphhhmmpph...

Leigh: We can dream, can't we? (turns to Link and Zelda) Goodbye, guys.

Link & Zelda: Goodbye, Leigh. Goodbye Queen Alainia.

Alainia: Good bye, Link and Zelda...

Leigh: And thank you.

And so, the delegates from Arcadia take their leave, and began their
journey home. Zelda then turned her attention to Link, and was ready to
reward him. Flick, who was about to leave, caught a glimpse of what Link
was about to do, and decided to slash him for getting mushy.

Zelda: Alright, Link. For your noble actions this day, I'm going to give
you that kiss, as I promised.

Link: OH BOY!! Let's do it. (holds Zelda romantically, and both are
about to kiss)

Flick: (notices that Link is about to kiss Zelda) No mushy stuff in
front of me, as long as I'm around, alright Link?! (slashes his hands,
feet and back with her scimitar) There...you have an entire set of
slashes that will make very nasty gashes. (Hey! That rhymes! Not bad.
Better not say anything about it out loud...I don't want to crack up and
laugh...that would embarrass me in front of my ancestor, Nabooru.) Be
lucky I decided NOT to give you scars.

Link: OOWWTTCCH! Thanks heaps!

Nabooru: (giggles, and thinks to herself) Oh my...This must be Link's
worst day ever. Oh well. I'm glad to see that Avanna has finally
overcome her shame.  Also, she has been reassured that her parents are
proud of her, as well. Though she makes a living by killing people like
bandits, highwaymen, and those who might get in her way during a job,
she does well to keep her sense of honor intact. There's no telling
where she'll go next...but I know this...she'll survive. Thank you,
Avanna...you've honored me and your parents by beating Ganon. (with a
little help from Link I, of course. Heh heh heh.)

Zelda: (to herself) Oh, boy.

Flick: You're welcome. Gotta go, now. See ya....and...thank you.

Link & Zelda: For what?

Flick: Thanks to yer help, and the help of me ancestor...I've finally
overcome me shame. From now on, me mask, not to mention me battle scars
are now symbols of honor. See ya around, everyone.

Link: Goodbye.

Zelda: And thanks.

Nabooru: Farewell, Flick. Take care, ok?

Flick: I will, honored ancestor. Goodbye...and good luck, everyone.
(leaves for a new job)

And so, with those goodbyes, Flick left the North Castle, and went on to
her newest job. She looked a bit different, now. She had more confidence
in herself than she ever had before, since the burden of her shame and
the weight of her parents' death had finally lifted. As soon as she
left, the unexpected occurred...Zelda asked Link if he wanted to kiss
her again.

Zelda: So Link, want to try again?

Link: REALLY? You really mean it?

Zelda: Yes. You've endured so much today. Pucker up, Link.

Link: OH YEAH!!

As Link and Zelda began to kiss again, Nayru and Ambi II both felt that
Maple, a witch who lived in Holodrum AND Labrynna centuries ago should
see this, since she's a sucker for romance.

Ambi II: You know, that's so romantic. Maple should see this, don't you
think, granny?

Nayru: Yeah. Let's send her here, now.

Ambi II and her great great great great great grandmother Nayru once
again combined their powers, and send Maple through time. Unfortunately,
for them and Link...Nayru and Ambi II forgot one thing...Maple is a
lousy broom pilot, and crashes into ANYONE in her path.

Maple: Huh?! How'd I get here?! And WHO put that guy in my path?! (is on
a collision course with Link)

Zelda: Uh oh...



As always, it was too late. Maple crashed into Link, who turned around
to see the young delinquent witch crash into him.

Link: What the?! (turns and sees Maple crash into him) OOPH!!

Maple: (crashes into Link) UMPH!! OW! OW! OW!!!

As they crashed, the stuff that was in Link's magic pouch and Maple's
bag flew out. Maple...was a bit angry.

Link: What have you done?!

Maple: What have I DONE?!  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! Watch where you're

Link: What are you talking about?!

Maple: You have NO IDEA what you did, do you?!

Zelda: (to herself) Uh oh...Link's in trouble now...that's Maple...the
young witch who has quite a twisted sense of justice...she takes the
stuff of whoever bumps into her. I doubt he's ready for this. (turns
away) I can't watch!

Maple: You just hit Maple, the Great Syrup's apprentice! Thanks to
you, all the stuff fell out of my bag! The Great Witch will be mad!

Link: What are you talking about?

Maple: I can't find a force field ring, and now this...

Link: What do you intend to do?

Maple: I'll just take the stuff you dropped, too!

Link: Say WHAT?!

Maple: Finders keepers...Losers weepers!

Nayru: Poor Link. Now, he's going to get it...

Ambi II: We forgot about the fact Maple has a tendency of crashing into
people ALL THE TIME.

Nayru: Yes...we also forgot she turns on whoever she crashes into.

As Link watched, Maple took several purple rupees, (3 were Maple's 5
were Link's) a force field ring he kept in handy, an apple, and a couple
of his boomerangs. Link could do nothing but watch as the vindictive
witch named Maple took all of his stuff, and hers.

Link: Hey...STOP THAT! Put that down! COME ON!!

But, it was too late...as Maple munched on Link's apple, which he was
saving for a snack, she taunted him.

Maple: Ah ha ha ha! Now you're sorry! I have more stuff than before!
(munches on Link's apple) Thanks for the force field ring. You've made
my day.

Link: HEY! That was my stuff! Give it back! (Oh, great! NOW I know who
she is! If I recall the account of Link II's adventures in Holodrum,
Subrosia and Labrynna correctly, this is Maple, the witch who terrorized
him on a regular basis. Why me? Why?)

Maple: (finishes the apple) Neener neener neener!!

Link: Well, that just great. (They say bad luck comes in threes...I
wonder what's next?)

Link's question was immediately answered, as Maple threw what was left
of Link's apple. It flew in the air, and hit his head. This action
knocked Link out. Ambi II and Nayru brooded, and had lowered their
heads, as they reluctantly decided to send her back.

Maple: Thanks for the snack, and the ring. I truly appreciate it. See
ya! (throws the apple's core...which hits Link's head, and flies off)

Link: OUCH! Ooohhh... (is knocked out)

Ambi II: Oh, great...Maple just had her revenge...just like the records
of Labrynna show.  (lowers her head)

Nayru: (lowers her head, as well) Let's send her back...

Nayru & Ambi II: Right. (both use their power to send Maple back to her
own time)

Zelda ran to Link's side, and yelled as he slowly came to.

Zelda: Oh, no! (goes to Link's side) LINK! Are you alright?

Link: Uuuhhnnn....(comes to) I doubt it, Zelda...I've got a complete set
of slashes which will be gashes, thanks to Flick...I've got my stuff
stolen by Maple...and to top it all off...she threw an apple core on my
head. This has been...a REALLY BAD DAY.

Zelda: Poor guy...you've really went through a lot. You've had quite a
rotten day, with a score of injuries to show for it. Here's a kiss to
make it all better. (kisses his cheek)

Zelda, in an effort to comfort Link, kissed him on the cheek. Link was
so surprised, and relieved...he fainted from joy.

Link: Oh my...you kissed me. I'm so happy...(faints)

Zelda: Oh, no...LINK!

Seline: It's alright, daughter. He's okay. Your kissing him on the cheek
made this whole day of trial and tribulation worthwhile for him.

Zelda: (giggles a bit) I guess you're right, mother. Let's get Link
patched up, alright mom?
Seline: Sure thing. Let's take him to his room, and bandage him up.

Zelda: Yeah.

Seline: And after we do this, do you want to tell me about the most
recent adventures you've had? (carries Link's arms)

Zelda: Sure thing, mother. (carries Link's legs)

Nabooru: Well, all's well here. Our job is finally finished. Shall we go
back to the Sacred Realm now, Nayru and Ralph?

Nayru & Ralph: Let's.

Ambi II: (waves good-bye) Goodbye, granny and gramps! It was good to
meet you.

Nayru & Ralph: Later, Ambi II. We'll see you soon.

Nayru: (looks at Ralph) Do you feel that old? (holds Ralph tight, and

Ralph: Maybe I do...a little. Oh well. (kisses Nayru, and both

Nabooru: Goodbye, Ambi II. Tell Link and Zelda we had to go, ok?

Ambi II: I will. Afterwards, I must return with Simon's body to
Labrynna. He died a hero, and shall always be remembered in name, and in
song. I shall see to it. Thank you for everything.
Nabooru: Don't mention it. Goodbye. (disappears)

As Zelda and her mother, Queen Seline brought Link to his bed to nurse
his wounds, and as Nabooru, Nayru and Ralph return to the Sacred Realm,
so ends this adventure. Nobody knows what will be in store for Link and
Zelda next, but one thing's for certain...it will be anything but
boring. As for Flick, she's faring quite well, and is now more confident
in herself, and her skills. Nobody knows what her next job is...but one
thing's for sure...Ganon and his minions will never mess with her, ever
again. And as for Simon, the knight who died fighting Flick, he was
declared a hero to his country, and was given a hero's burial. He will
always be remembered by Queen Ambi II, his family, and all of Labrynna
as its greatest hero. (Or rather Labrynna's second greatest hero, since
Link II was Labrynna's greatest hero) All in all, the day of the peace
conference turned out to be a day that nobody, not even Flick will ever

The End.

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