The Legend of Four Links?

By Casey

Chapter 1: They Arrive?



It's a beautiful day in Kokiri Forest!


*Link is sleeping*


*there is a shake on Links shoulder*


Link: (mumbles still asleep) five more minutes navi……..


*another shake*


Link: five more minutes……


*another shake*


*Link gets up*




*Link stares in front of him and is shocked at what he sees*


Link: ……….is it really you guys?


*standing in front of link is Red Link, Blue Link, and Purple Link*


Red Link: yep its really us

Blue Link: we're here!

Purple Link: in the living flesh!

Link: …………

R, B, and P Link: you surprised to see us?


B Link: calm down! you think we are re-deads?

Link: how are you guys here! I put the sword back!

R Link: you really are a retard. you don't remember?

Link: remember what?

B Link: it goes like this……..


*at the four sword sanctuary*


*Link puts the Four Sword back in its seal and R, B, and P Link vanish*



Zelda: finally Vaati is defeated and peace is once again returned to hyrule!

Link: yeah finally. I hated that fight it took so long…


*Link leans on the sword*


Zelda: come Link lets go back to the castle!


*Link falls over*


Zelda: are you ok?

Link: yeah come on lets go


*they leave*


*the sword is on the ground out of its seal and the other three links come out of the sword*


*Kokiri Forest*


Link: oh yeah I forgot…….

R Link: yeah stupid.

P Link: but we got to thank you. if you didn't do that retarded action we would still be sealed but now we can live our own lives!

B Link: Purple is right.

R Link: well I'm going to go date as many girls as possible!

P Link: Red if you did that you wouldn't be able to kick ass.

R Link: true….. hey why don't we adventure like we used to?

Link: (thinks) oh god I cant deal with these guys again.


*Navi flies in*


Navi: Link! Link! Hey Listen! Li-


*Navi sees the four links*


Navi: oh god……. I cant annoy four links on my own!


*Navi flies to the Four Fairy Sanctuary*


*Navi splits into four*


*Kokiri Forest*


Four Navis: Hey Listen! Hey Listen! Watch Out! Link! Listen! Hey Listen! Watch Out! Watch O-


*Red Link cuts the four Navis in half*


P Link: Holy Sh** Red!

Link: I'm fine with it

B Link: so are we going to adventure together again?

Link: *sigh* I guess so……

B, R, and P Link: YES!


Chapter 2: Trouble at LonLon Ranch


*outside Links house*

Link: this is Kokiri Forest

R Link: we have never been here before

B Link: that because we were in a different dimension

Link: ok well this is where im living

B Link: btw what was with that cow?

Link: don’t ask

R Link: well come on lets go!

* R Link leaves Kokiri Forest*

B and P Link: wait for us!

Link: ugh this is going to be madness

*outside Kokiri forest*

R Link: hmmm nice open field…. Hey look! I see a ranch!

B Link: lets go!

*at Lon Lon Ranch*

*Malon picks up two bottles of milk*

*Malon sees link*

Malon: hey link!

Link: hey malon!

*Malon then sees the other 3 links and drops the bottles which shattered when they hit the floor*


Link: uh….um…..

R Link: don’t scream we are his twin brothers!

*Red winks at link*

Link: um…yeah they’re my twin brothers

Malon: why didn’t you tell me you had twin brothers?

Link: uhhhhh sorry must have slipped my mind

Malon: well next time do go scaring me like that. Anyway what do you need? Do you need some milk?

Link: no I just came by to say hi

Malon: well ok then

B Link: um green

Link: yeah?

B Link: whats that over there?

* B Link points to the horses in the circle and green looks*

Link: wait a minute

*link sees the figure then focuses and sees many figures*

Link: hey! Those are poes!!!

Malon: what!

*all of a sudden malon gets struck from behind and is knocked out*

Poe: hehehehehehehe

Link: come on guys lets take them down!

*all four links draw their swords*


Chapter 3: The Poes Are Only The Beginning


G Link: Get those Poes! Red……….um Blue take care of Malon!

R Link: why not me?

P Link: cause you’re perverted

R Link: im not perverted!

*P Link kills a Poe*

G Link: use this Red!

*G Link tosses Dins Fire to Red*

*R Link uses Dins Fire and kills all the Poes*

B Link: Guys! Malon is waking up!

Malon: what happened?

R Link: you were knocked out by a Poe

Malon: The Horses! Are they safe?

G Link: don’t worry Malon none of them got hurt

Malon: well that’s good im going to go inside and lay down

*Malon goes inside*

P Link: well its good we came here

B Link: yeah otherwise we wouldn’t have rescued her

P Link: well we should move on

*R Link farts*

G, P, B Links: WTF Red!

R Link: sorry I had a burrito earlier

*they leave Lon Lon Ranch*

G Link: where should we go next?

B Link: hey green whats that in the sky?

*they all look up*

*a giant ball of light is floating there and then heads in the direction of Zoras Domain*

G Link: come on guys lets follow it

*they go to Zoras Domain*

R Link: look!

G Link: oh my god

*Freezards and White Wolfos are everywhere*




Chapter 4: Zora’s Domain As Well?


R Link: green whats going on around here?

G Link: I really don’t know!

P Link: it doesn’t matter right now! We got to destroy the freezards and wolfos!

B Link: purple is right we need to focus on the enemies right now

G Link: right!

*a scream from below*

B Link: look!

*they look and see freezards surrounding Ruto*

G Link: as much as I hate her we got to save her

R Link: why do you hate her?

G Link: shes obsessed with me and wants to marry me

R Link: that’s not bad. Dude theres a woman who want to marry you!

G Link: are you bonkers! Shes a f***ing fish!

P Link: guys stop! We got to destroy the enemies!

*the freezards freeze ruto and wolfos carry her away*

G Link: come on guys!

*the four links destroy all the enemies but couldn’t find ruto*

B Link: wheres Ruto?

R Link: wheres the zoras?

G Link: come on guys lets go find the king

*in the kings throne room*

G Link: hes not here

P Link: whats going on around here?

B Link: um whats that?

*they look in the back of the room and see a hole in the wall. They get closer to it*

P Link: whats this?

G Link: I really don’t know

R Link: maybe we should see where it leads

*all of a sudden the four links fall into the hole and disappear*

Voice: heh heh heh now they wont interfere with my lords plans


To Be Continued…..




Yep theres more down here!


Authors note: Hello readers as you know my name is Casey (I’m a boy if you’re confused) I hope all of you people are enjoying my series. If you have any comments or concerns you can e-mail me at I hope you all are enjoying my series!

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