Four Swords Mix-Up

By Holder of the Triforce

      Vaati was rising again, so Link came to the Four Swords Sanctuary. He pulled the Four Sword out, and out shot the three copies. Link was about to tell them to hurry up when he realized they were GIRLS.

      "WHAT?!" he shrieked. The girls looked at him funny. Then Purple Linka spoke up.

      "Sitting in that sword has made made me thirsty. Who's up for a root beer float?" she said. All the Linkas nodded vigorously.

      "You, where can we get root beer floats?" said Blue Linka, pointing at Link. Link screamed.

      "WHY ARE YOU GIRLS?!? YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE BOYS! I CAN'T DEFEAT VAATI WITH A BUNCH OF GIRLS!!" Then Vaati swooped down. Link fell to his knees. "Mercy... Have mercy..." he begged. The three Linkas rolled their eyes, leapt over him, and stabbed Vaati to death. They clinked their swords and whooped.

      "I wonder if we're the real ones, and he's fake?" said Red Linka. "I'll test." she put the Four Sword back in the pedestal. Link disappeared, screaming.

      "Woo yeah! Let's get a root beer float!" yelled Purple Linka, and they skipped off to town.


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