Great Humiliation

By Elizabet

A dark (okay maybe not so dark) night in Gerudo fortress Ganondorf had just got a bit depressed. He was sitting and stuffing himself with chilli buritos.

Ganondorf: Nabooru would be back by now. It can’t take so long to get here from Lake Hylia!

Suddenly a Redead enters the room.

Redead: You Ganon...We maybe could get this over now and you could have the money.

Ganondorf: Okay but quickly before Nabooru gets back!

Just while they were making love in Ganondorf’s bed Nabooru stormed in to the room with the rest of the Gerudos!

Nabooru: Ganondorf Dragmire!!!How could you cheat on me and sleep with a Redead?!

Ganon quickly gets up and the Redead disappears.

Ganon: Well he was just supposed to pay me 600 rupees!

Nabooru: But guess what he sleeps with a teddy!

All Gerudos: Uhhhh...

Nabooru: And the engagement ring he gave me was fake!

All Gerudos again: What a *beep*

Nabooru throws the ring at him.

Nabooru: And...his second name is Mipsy!

All the Gerudos: Hahaha!!

Ganondorf faints because of the humiliation.

Nabooru: Okay lets go for a pizza!

Gerudos: Yeah!!!

¨¨The end¨¨

P.S Ganondorf got killed once and for all after everyone in Hyrule knew it.


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