What happens when a Kokiri hits puberty?

By Pata Hikari


Growing older is the greatest trial the Goddesses inflicted on us.

-A Gerudo saying

It looked like it was going to be a good day. Saria opened her eyes, she had spent the night at Lon Lon Ranch. She yawned and got out of bed. "Unng…" She shook her head, something felt…off. "Did I catch something?" Saria felt strange, her stomach was cramping up and she felt just on the whole unpleasant.

"So much for a good day…" She groaned, "Nothing fun about throwing up." She ran out of the guest room, eager to reach the toilet. (A marvelous Hylian invention, right up there with bacon.) And retched, but nothing came out. "Great…" She felt really angry for some reason, "Stupid stomach!" She shouted, kicking the toilet. She noticed something else, "Oh Goddesses, did I wet myself!" How embarrassing! She hoped nobody noticed. She took off her shirt, "Guess I should take a bath." She sighed, as she pulled off her skirt and underwear…she saw why her pants were wet…


Link sat up from his seat at the breakfast table. "Saria!" He shouted.

"What's going on?" Malon looked up, "She sounds terrified!"

Link was already running upstairs, following Saria's screams. Malon quickly followed. "Don't worry! We're coming!" Link called out, they ran down the hallway to the bathroom. Link pulled open the door.

To see a completely hysterical Saria. She stopped screaming and sobbing when she saw him. "Oh Link!" She called out.

Then they both realized that Saria was a naked as the day she was born. "Gah!" Link blushed and turned away.

"Eeek! Get out!" Saria shouted, her embarrassment overcoming her panic for a moment.

Link got hit with a few bathroom items before ducking out and closing the door. Malon gave him an amused look. "She's naked…" Link croaked out, his face beet red.

"I see…well then, I'll talk to her." Malon said cheerfully. She entered the bathroom.

"Hey Saria!" Malon said, "Can you tell me why you're screaming your head off?"

Saria looked at Malon, "I-I'm bleeding!" She shouted.

Malon blinked, "OK…what does that mean?"

"Bleeding out of…" Saria flushed with embarrassment, "I'm bleeding down there…" She whispered.

Malon looked at Saria for a moment, before laughing.

"What's so funny!" Saria cried, tears flowing down her cheeks, "I'm bleeding here and you're laughing?"

"Saria." Malon placed a comforting hand on the Kokiri's shoulder, "What you're going through is perfectly normal for girls once they start growing older."

Saria blinked, "It's normal? How can it be normal! I knew I wanted to grow older…but this?"

Malon sighed, "Well, I guess I could have Dad or Mr. Ingo explain it." She smiled, "Everything's going to be OK."

"You sure?" Saria asked quietly.

"I'm sure." Malon patted Saria on the shoulder. "First let's get you cleaned up and in some fresh clothing."

"So, did you figure out what's wrong with her?" Link asked, rubbing his forehead. "Her aim hasn't lessened any…"

"She's fine." Malon giggled, "Saria just had her first period."

"What?" Link asked, "Period?"

"Puberty for girls." Malon said dryly.

"Oh." Link blushed, "Navi told me about some of the things boys go through, but she didn't say anything about the girls."

Malon chuckled, "I've been having periods for about a year. She'll never get used to it, no girl does. But she'll learn to deal with them."

"So…if you aren't explaining them to her, who is?" Link asked.

"Oh, Dad is." Malon said.

Talon looked at Saria, the poor girl looked like she thought she was going to die. "Well, I guess you want me to explain what's happening to you?"

Saria nodded fearfully.

Talon coughed, "Well then, I guess I should start by explaining where babies come from…you wouldn't know that."

Saria shrugged, "I know where Kokiri come from. They're born from the Deku Tree."

"Well, with the other races it's a tad…different." Talon said. "Let's see, to begin, for a baby to be born. Both a boy and a girl are needed."

Saria nodded, "What else?"

Talon was very uncomfortable with all this, "Well, you see. When a boy and a girl start to grow up. They begin to change, this change is what lets them…make babies."

"And I'm going through this change?" Saria asked.

"I guess so, So maybe Kokiri aren't so different then the rest of us." Talon sighed, "Something just keeps most you from changing."

"Oh! That makes since!" Saria smiled, "So…how are the babies made?"

Talon felt his confidence rise, "Well, it goes like this…"

"So…" Link asked, "Is there anything else, other then the bleeding, that happens?"

"The mood swings." Malon said, "Believe me, they can get pretty bad."

"I see…" Link nodded, "That explains a lot."

"…and that's where babies come from." Talon finished his explanation, "You want to know anything else…Saria?" Talon noticed that Saria was once again wide eyed. She shook her head no. "Well then, that's all. I guess."

"Thank you." Saria said slowly, before standing up.


Link and Malon heard the screams. "What now?" Link asked.

"Daddy…" Malon groaned.

They both stared as a panicking Saria ran into the room. She saw Link and latched onto him like a lifeline, "Link! Link!" She shook him rapidly.

"What is it Saria?" Link said, trying to calm her down.

"Promise me we'll never have sex!" Saria shouted in his face.


"Promise me!" Saria screamed.

"OK! OK! I promise!" Link shouted.

Saria instantly calmed down, "Thank you." She said softly, kissing quickly." She looked up, "Hey, is that bacon?" She said, suddenly cheerful.

"Yeah…we saved some…" Malon said slowly.

"Oh yum!" Saria ran off to go eat.

For a moment, there was silence.

"Red." Link looked at Malon.

"Yes?" Malon asked.

"Let us never speak of this again." Link said quietly.

"Fine by me…"

The End

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