What Happens When Link is Captured

By Zeldalover




Authorís Note: This is dedicated to my friends in my class. Just so you know, there are some look-alikes in this story, so you might wanna memorize this list of all the people that transform. Just imagine Link never went back in time, so they are all 17. Except for Brady.








Chapter 1: All in a Dayís Work



Once upon a time, in a land called Hyrule, Princess Zelda, the fair and magnificent princess, was relaxing in her room, when she heard an evil cackle. She rushed to the window and gasped. She saw Ganondorf carrying away someone: LINK!!!

"NO!" Zelda screamed.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Ganondorf said.

"I now have Link! Who will save your triforce and town now, Stupid princess? HAHAHAHA!!!" Then he carried Link away, Who was squirming and kicking and trying to break free.

"Oh No! What am I to do now? Link isn't here to save us, so who can? Wait...Maybe...the book...it might tell me how to fix this, or it will help me find new heroes! Hey, It DOES say about new heroes! Two boys...Two girls...'will take any ones shape that is in the land. Most likely to be familiar to you... I have to summon these people!"



Back in the human world, we come across a 5Th grade classroom. Here, 14 children are learning History. 4 kids are daydreaming. These children are our main stars...


"The pilgrims separated from England because blah-blah-blah..." Rebekkah wasn't really paying any attention to Mr.Simons lesson. She looked over at her Friend Jessica Chambers desk. She wasn't paying any attention either. She looked over at Brady Romero and Michael Chery's desks. They looked bored. Rebekkah thought she was going to fall asleep when suddenly the door broke into a zillion pieces. Everyone looked startled and afraid.

'They should be afraid.

' Rebekkah thought. 'That door is metal!' Fog came pouring out of the open doorway. Two hooded men appeared.

"Jessica Chambers,Rebekkah Sheridan, Michael Chery, and Bratty Romero. Please come with us."

"IT'S BRADY NOT BRATTY!!!" Brady shouted, clearly annoyed.

"Sorry." the hooded men said. Brady then went back to being scared. Jessica looked at Rebekkah, Rebekkah looked at Brady, Brady looked at Michael, and he looked at the door. They all shakily stood up, and walked towards the door.

"You must travel with us to the sacred land of Hyrule, young ones. There you will assist the princess Zelda in rescuing Link."

"Oh no! Link has been captured? I'm-I'm-I'm gonna...faint..." Jessica said. And then she fainted. Luckily Michael and Brady caught her before she cracked her head open.

"Aw. What a cute trio you guys with make!" Rebekkah said teasingly. Michael turned bright red, Brady grinned like an idiot, and Jessica...well, she was still out cold. Then Jessica began to regain consciousness. Brady let go of Jessica. Jessica was just about to hit the floor when Michael had to catch her, AGAIN. Jessica opened her eyes.

"Why are you Holding Me?" Jessica asked Michael. Again Michael turned beet red, and he dropped Jessica, who hit the floor hard

"OW!!! I asked why you were holding me?' not 'drop me on the floor!!!!" Jessica shouted at Michael, steam coming out of her ears. (Well, enough with funny stuff, let's get down to biz....)

"Take these magical stones. They will tell us everything we need to know." The weird hooded men said in Usion. Suddenly, four magical stones dropped from the sky into our heroes hands. They immediately changed color. Rebekkah's turned pink, Jessica's azure blue, Brady's red, and Michael's green. Then suddenly, someone called

"Wait! don't go!" A girl wearing a purple shirt, jeans, and a white shawl called out. "Becki, please don't go without me!" she said and the girl clung to Rebekkah.

"This is Jennifer," Rebekkah explained, "She and I are really close friends. Is it possible if she could come too?" the two hooded men looked at each other. They then nodded their heads and gave Jennifer a stone that turned bright green.

"In Hyrule, you will assume new forms. We cannot tell you them, but you will find out who you are. You will take your new forms when you arrive in Hyrule. Good luck, and farewell." Then a rainbow of colors shot through the sky, and our heroes were encased in a rainbow crystal and flew up to the heavens.





"My hand..."

Our hero's landed in Hyrule with a bump, thump, and SPLAT!

"Oooohhhh...my head..." Rebekkah moaned. When she reached up to see if there was a bump, she noticed something. She was wearing light pink gloves, and the triforce mark was etched in her hand.

"Hey, guys, do you notice anyth-" she stared at her friends.



"You..look different. You have..red hair.. and blue eyes." Jessica looked at herself. "AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! WHO AM I NOW?"

"You look like Malon. And actually, Michael looks like Link,Jennifer looks like Saria, and Brady...HAHAHAHA!!! BRADY IS A FAT GORON! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Tears rolled down Rebekkah's cheeks.

 "Do I look different?" Rebekkah asked, regaining her composure.

"I sound different actually."

 "Wow Rebekkah! You're Zelda!" and so it was. Rebekkah was now the fair princess of Hyrule, Jessica was Malon, a skilled archer, Jennifer was Saria the sage of the forest, Brady was Darunia the goron chief and sage of fire, and Michael was now the handsome hero of time Link.

"C'mon guys! We gotta go help the real Zelda!" Rebekkah said. "Right!" everyone said in usion.

"Guys, while we aren't around our Hyrulian counterparts, let's call each other by our form names. Jessica, you're Malon. Michael is Link, Brady is Darunia, Jeniffer is Saria, and I'm Zelda, O.K.?"

"Okay." everyone agreed. They started on their way to Hyrule castle, Rebekkah in the lead, for if they were stopped, they knew Rebekkah could do her Zelda impression and get them out of any situation. They reached Hyrule castle safely. "Wait, how will we get in?" Brady asked 

"Leave that to me." Rebekkah whispered.

"Sir, please, open the gates." Rebekkah said to the guard. 

"Yes Princess. But who are these others?"

"They are friends. I allow them passage into the castle."

"Yes. Open the gates!" the guard shouted. Rebekkah led the way through the path. She came to the front gate and stopped to ask a guard the back route into the garden. The guard directed her to a door by the moat, and gave her a key that would open the door. Rebekkah led the way past the moat to the door.

"Hey, one question." Jessica said.

"How did you know Zelda would be in the royal gardens?"

"I guess that when I took her form, I got her powers too. So now I can use magic and communicate with my mind with ceartain people."

"Awsome." Jessica said. They quickly walked through the royal garden mazes. The guards stood at attention as "Zelda" and friends walked to the royal flower garden.

"I think this is creeping me out, but I could get used to this." Jessica said. They finally turned a marble archway and found themselves in the REAL Royal gardens. Zelda was standing in the exact middle of the garden. Her back was to the new comers. When she turned around, she gasped.

"Is...that me? Who are you?" she sounded frightened. Rebekkah curtsied and motioned Jessica and Jennifer to do the same. Michael and Brady got the hint and bowed.

"Your highness, we were called to Hyrule by two old hooded men. My name is Rebekkah, but you may call me Becki." 

"I am Jessica your highness." Jessica said.

"I am Brady, your worship." Brady said.

"I am Jennifer your highness." Jennifer said.

"And I am Michael, your highness." Michael said.

"Wow. When the book said that the new heros would most likely be familiar to me, I had no idea this was what it meant!" Zelda chuckled.

"Book?" Rebekkah asked, clearly confused. The real Zelda clapped her hands together and a book materialized in her hands. It was a gigantic red book. on the front, there was the title "Spells and enchantments to use in dire need".

" I use this book when Link has been taken, Link is hurt and he can't save the triforce, or we need some help. As you probably know, Link has been captured by Ganondorf. I could not fight him myself, so I called you to help, but I currently just read that to actually save Link, you must go through the adventure of me and Link in our tale: 'The Ocarina of Time'. Will you all please go through this for Link and Hyrule? In fact, please do this for your world. If Ganon is not destroyed and Link is not brought back, The whole universe will be thrown off balance and, perhaps, the world as we know it will be erased out of existance." The real Zelda fingered the book in her hands and looked down.There was a silence. Then, Rebekkah said


"If no one else will, I will go through this adventure to save our land. Who will travel with me through this adventure?" There was another silence.

"I will." Jessica spoke up. "With my new archery skills,  I will be able to shoot enemies from afar without indangering my allies." 

"I shall help too." Jennifer said. "I must have some power that can help."

"I shall include my powers." Brady said. "I should have some fire powers.

"And I will help too." Michael said "I'm sure with the help of my friends," He looked at his allies, "I should be able to banish Ganon. Forever. Besides, I know that I must do something to help Hyrule." 

"Splendid!" Zelda said, her face brightening. She snapped her fingers and the book disappeared. I DO have some good news. Michael, you will have all the sages and weapons Link had just before he fought GanonBecki, you will have all my powers and the ability to contact the sages. Jessica, you now have the power to shoot a bow and arrow with emense skill. The only person who could beat you would be Link himself. but, I do have some bad news."

"What?" everyone said in usion.

"I won't be here to help you."

"WHAT?!?!" Everyone shouted in usion.

"I must go to the sacred sage realm. You see, that is the only complication with the spell I used to bring you here. The one who summons the heroes must depart and enter the sage's realm. but, I will be able to send mesages to Becki to help you. Also, you only have to go through the last part of the adventure. Oh, I am so upset I will not accompany you. i will have to leave in an hour. Might as well get aquainted."

and so, for the next hour,Jessica,Michael,Rebekkah,Jennifer, and Brady sat and talked. After the hour had passed, Zelda then said,

"I must depart now. Farewell, and good luck..." and she was carried away in a glowing pink beam of light.

"Well, we best be on our way then...off to-" Rebekkah started to say. then, suddenly, a GIGANTIC bird swooped down and grabbed Brady! Well, tried to grab Brady. In his new form, Brady was a whole lot heavier. He now weighed about 243 pounds. the bird squawked, then, fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

"I guess it's good I'm so heavy." Brady said, dusting off his knees and munching on a stone he picked up. 

"Well, we can't let this bird stay here. He could be a spy for Ganon." Rebekkah said, checking Brady for injuries. Suddenly, Jennifer had an idea.

"Well, at least Ganondork doesnít have the real Link. And he just captured the fake Zelda. He is so stupid!!!!" Jennifer exclaimed.

"Yeah," Jessica said, getting the strategy, "He's so stupid, he didn't know he captured the wrong Link and Zelda!!! He really should stop capturing innocent people. He didn't even take the real princess of destiny!"

At this, the bird got up and flew to Ganondorf, believing he had a big secret to tell his master. 


"WHAT?!?! HOW DARE THEY DEFY ME!!!!" Ganondorf raged on, having just been told he captured the wrong Link.

"I should show that stupid mongrel a lesson! I will go and capture Zelda myself, so then Link can suffer!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! YOU! MOBLIN WHO IS THREE STORIES HIGH! GO, TAKE THIS CAGE AND CAPTURE ZELDA!!!!"

"Yes master!" the ultra tall moblin said.
He picked up a heavy steel cage and lumbered out the door, trying to remind himself to close the door behind him. He knew if he left the door open, master would be very, very, VERY angry with him. 


"What were you two doing?!?!" Rebekkah asked Jessica and Jennifer.

"I thought if Ganondork thought he caught the wrong Link, he would let the real Link go and go after Michael instead of the real Link."

"Oh, well that makes sense Jen." Rebekkah said.


"Oh, well, I guess we'd have to save you without "the strong hero Link" to protect us. You could handle being the damsel in distress for three hours, couldn't you?" Jessica shot back.

"Well, probably..." 

"Stop bickering! Well, let's go to Ganondork's fortress and-" Rebekkah started, but she never finished that sentence, because then came the biggest, ugliest, FATTEST Moblin you ever saw! It rose three stories high, wore an ugly piece of armor the color of vommit, and had the stupidest bull-dog face you ever did see! He then bent down and picked up Rebekkah and stuck her in the cage.

"Hey, take this, pig face!" Jessica/Malon shouted up at the Moblin. She pulled out her bow, fitted an arrow, and let the arrow fly. It bounced off the Moblins armor with a *ping*.

"Rats!" Jessica said. 

"You are going down!" Brady said. He curled up into a big rock and started to roll. He rolled right up the moblins leg, up to his belt, and to the cage where Rebekkah was. He uncurled himself, then tried to goron punch the cage. The punch made the tiniest scratch on the lock. Brady exhausted himself, and didn't fight back as the Moblin grunted and flicked him off his belt. Jennifer ran up to the Moblins foot, and then planted a seed. The seed emmediately began to grow and the moblins leg became rooted to the ground.

"YES!" Jennifer yelled, jumping for joy. The moblin took one look at his leg, the reached into his magic pouch, took out some brown dust, and sprinkled the dust on it's leg. The roots then turned and attcked Jennifer.

"AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! NO!" Jennifer yelled, running away. The roots wrapped up her legs and arms, making it impossible for her to move. The Moblin then bent down and picked up Michael and threw him into the other steel cage on his belt. Then Moblin took out a black stone, squeezed it, and teleported back to Ganondorf's lair. "Well, that worked out well." Jennifer said dryly.



"Oh, this is just great!" Rebekkah said as the moblin walked up the steps to the evil secret lair of Ganondork.

"I'm captured, and "Link" here is supposed to save me, but he's captured too! What does a girl have to do get a decent warrior around here?!?!"

"Hey! I just didn't know where my weapons were! stop complaining "Zelda" or that whining is going to get you in big trouble!"

"Well, frankly, we can't even see each other, so how in the world are you going to teach me a lesson, hotshot?!?!"

"Hey! Who's the one complaining here, might I ask? Not me. So, who could be complaining? Oh, how about miss little prissy princess over there!"

"I'm not complaining, just making a statement! Geez, are all guys as bad as YOU?"

"Quiet Princess! Master will take care of you shortly. So hold your tounge before my sword takes care of you, permanently. And your little green friend too."

the moblin growled. Rebekkah and Michael both shut up after that. After two minutes, they were standing in front of Ganondorf.

"Ahhhhhhh... nice work, moblin. place the princess in front of me. Throw Link over there, on that hook."

The moblin hung Michael's cage on the stand, then placed Rebekkah's cage in front of his master.

"As your reward for bringing me the princess, I have supplied an never ending supply of steaks for you here." Ganondorf said, pointing to a mountain of steaks four stories high.

"Oh! Yum! Thank you master! THANK YOU!" the Moblin said, diving into the pile of meat.

"Now, as for Zelda..." Ganondorf said, turning to face Rebekkah, "Give me your triforce, and I'll let your people and kingdom go." "Never!" Rebekkah said, playing the part of Zelda well.

"Well, I guess we'll have to MAKE you talk, right stalfos?"


(okay peoplez. this will be a really stupid part, but I COULD NOT think of ANYTHING else)!!! 


"Right master! I'll get the feather ready!" the stalfos said with glee, running to get the torture device. Ganondorf then had Rebekkah taken out of the cage and tied to a chair. He made sure she couldn't escape, and then started the torture.

"Stalfos, you know what to do." 

"Yes Master, I do!" and the stalfos took out the feather and began to tickle Rebekkah.


2 hours later at Ganondorks secret lair.....



"No, because I old you for the last two hours, I'M NOT TICKLISH!!!!"

"I'm getting Master!" the stalfos said, running out the door.

"Don't you dare try something!"

"Oh, I won't try something...." Rebekkah said, "because I already know what to do!" she then thought about fire, burning, searing through rope....

"YES!" she cried, as the ropes immediatly turned to ash. she quickly untied the ropes around her ankles, and thought about what to do.

"I need to hide, first of all." she reminded herself.

"Hmmmm...no rafters...too bad I'm not....invisible....I GOT IT!" that's when Rebekkah got a brain spark. She thought about invisibility, clear, see-through....BAM! The door was kicked down, just before Rebekkah turned invisible. "How did you know I escaped?!?!" Rebekkah yelped as Ganondorf stormed in and encased her in a crystal.

"Didn't you know? I had survailence camras put in!" Ganondorf said, pointing to a black camera that blended in with the walls.

"Ohhhhhhhh.....so that's how you knew..." Rebekkah said.

"Finally, you did something smart for a change!"

"Thank you, that's very kind of yo-" Ganondork started to say, as he is an idiot and didn't realize that was an insult.

"WHY YOU LITTLE......!" Ganondorf said, clearly mad. He got very red, and his head grew just a tad bigger. then he rose up a little, as then his head was being filled with hot air. Rebekkah then realized that if Ganondork was insulted, he would get full of hot air and float. Maybe, if she insulted him enough, he would float right out of Hyrule!

"Well, just saying you usually make stupid decisions! Like that time it was Christmas and you got drunk and almost gave link the triforce! And there was that time you took your pants off and ran around Hyrule in your underwear, I don't even want to remember that!"

Rebekkah said, pretending to grimace at the memory. and while Rebekkah said these things, Ganondorks head began to grow bigger, and bigger,.....and BIGGER!!!!

He began to float high in the air, swaying back and forth.....back and forth.....back and forth.....

"AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! MAKE HER STOP TALKING! NOW!" Ganondorf shouted. One of the small blue moblins then opened the crystal, and stuck Rebekkah into one of the soundproof glass cages. That worked perfectly.

"Oh, evil, nasty, rotten master who causes fear and peril in the city of Hyrule!" the blue moblin shouted. As the moblin said this, all the air escaped from Ganondorf's big head. His head returned to normal size, and he gently floated down to the floor.


"Thank you, Westley (moblin). As a reward, you can have anything you want."

"I only wish to be second in command." Westley said.

"So it shall be. Today, and forever, Westley is second in command." Cheers then went up from all monsters.


Okay, let's get back to Brady, Jessica, and Jennifer....



Well, once they had finally cut all the roots away from Jennifer, the trio tried to think about what to do next.

"Well," Jessica said, "We should try and rescue Link and Zelda. You know who I mean. Let's go to Lon-Lon Ranch and get some transportation. C'mon!" And off they went. They finally made it to Lon-Lon Ranch, because Jennifer was still dizzy from her being attacked by the roots.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" Jessica called out.

"Just a minute!" a voice rang out.

"Hello, how can I help.....you? Who are you? and why do you look like me?" the real Malon asked, coming out of the barn. And, so, Jessica told Malon everything, how they were called to Hyrule, how they met Zelda, and about their other two friends who looked like Link and Zelda who were captured by Ganondork.

"Oh my, I see." Malon said, very understandingly

"Is there any way I can help? In fact, Can I come too? Ingo and daddy can run the ranch without me. I can supply the horses."

"Sure. We need all the help we can get!" Jennifer said.

"Wait. We have a problem." Jessica said.

"I don't think you have a horse that could withstand Brady's weight, do you?"


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