Link's Randomness

By Alexandra Louisa Elliott

One day, Link was sitting under a tree, lying in the sun...When all of a sudden, a cute squirrel jumps onto the ground, slightly bashing its face into the ground (stupid squirrel's ¬_¬) Suddenly, it decided to speak to Link, with an important message!! DUN DUN DUN!!! It uttered these wise words…
"Link, you are in grave danger! Gannondorf's evil, dark piece of paper plans to rule Hyrule! But, armed with these sacred weapons, you should be able to defeat him!!!” (Squirrel hands Link a pencil and rubber) Link looks slightly confused with this strange event (but wouldn't we all if a squirrel talked? YAY SQUIRRELS AND PAPER!) So! Anyway, before I was distracted _ AGAIN!  Link set off on a meaningless journey to crudely draw on this paper to destroy its papery goodness! Yum! When Link reached the paper mache house of destruction! MWHAHA =D He quickly prepared his rubber and pencil! He quickly tackled the cardboard guards then reached the evil paper! It quickly spoke
"Link, I have been expecting you" The paper replied
Link hastily tortured the paper by crunching it into a ball and ripping the sides off =D  Then he, I dunno...a fairy princess??? anyway, he drew a princess that magically fluttered across the page, destroying and traces of eeeeeeeeeeevil!!! Then, he had a tea party with hamster! Woooooooo, what a great time, huh? (And yes, I am a hamster)  IT WAS RANDOMNESS PEOPLE!! WHAT DID YOU EXPECT!? ¬_¬

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