A Melodious Problem

By Pata Hikari

"I try not to think about it."

-Red Mage (From 8-bit Theatre)

The quiet sounds of the harp filled the air, the simple tune bringing a touch of otherworldly beauty to the castle grounds. Five people were resting in a small garden, one of them was playing the harp with a great amount of skill. Finally the one playing stopped, she smiled as the rest of the group applauded.

"Nice job there Red." Link said, laughing slightly, "Didn't know you were that good with a harp."

"Dad made me practice." Malon shrugged, "Though I prefer singing to playing an instrument."

Zelda smiled, "I can see why, you have a nice voice." She picked up Malon's harp, slowly pulling a few strings. "I was forced to learn to play a verity of instruments, from the Ocarina to the Piano."

"Being a Princess sucks, I bet." Link added.

"It has some benefits, I'm sure of that. Right Zel?" Kasuto gave out a sly grin.

"Maybe…" Zelda smirked, "What about the rest of you? I know Link and Saria must have some musical talent."

"I know a lot of songs," Saria pulled out her Ocarina, "Mostly Kokiri folk songs and hymns."

"Same with me." Link said, "Nothing particularly special."

"What about those Songs of Power you know?" Malon asked, "Those are special."

"You know Songs of Power?" Kasuto jumped up, sounding eager, "Play some!"

"Kas! One can't just casually play a Song of power!" Zelda shook her head, "They can be dangerous."

Link frowned, "I guess I could play one… it's pretty harmless." He smirked as he pulled out the Ocarina of Time, "I suggest you get covered."

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" Saria muttered, as she moved under a tree.

"Because Fairy Boy's making that smirk?" Malon sat down beside Saria, "It usually means trouble of some kind."

"Malon makes a good point." Zelda leaned back against a wall, under the overhang. "Though last I checked you cause more trouble then Link, and the rest of us, combined."

"I try." Malon stuck her tongue out.

"Shh! He's about to play!" Kasuto waved her hand in a shushing motion.

Link started to play the tune, it was a fast paced song that gave one the feeling of being inside a spiral. With each rise it seemed like thunder sounded, soon thunder did sound, as rain started pouring down from the sky. Link was drenched in a matter of moments. However, the storm faded away the instant the song did. There hadn't been a cloud in the sky.

"What was that?" Saria looked up, trying to spot a sign of the rain.

"The Song of Storms. It summons, rather predictably, a thunderstorm." Link sat down in a dry spot, "It can also cleanse the body of some curses."

"Amazing…" Kasuto whispered, "To think, you can do something like that so easily! Oh… I wish I knew how to play an instrument…"

"It's not as easy as it looks." Link stretched his arms over his head, "The Song of Storms is wild, it tries to take control. If you're not careful while playing it you might create something truly horrible."

"Where did you learn it?" Saria sat down next to Link, taking care not to get herself wet.

Link shook his head, clearing his mind and recalling the memories. "I learned it during the Lost Years. I was in Kakiriko because she," Link pointed to Zelda, "had sent me off grave robbing."

Zelda folded her arms, "You make it sound so wrong."

"Chasing a crazy ghost, through an insane obstacle course, while it throws fireballs at you, all the while being in the ghost's own grave, is wrong." Link said, "Anyway, I managed to get my hands on a Hookshot, which is why I was in the damn pit in the first place, so I decided to head out. Now, you know about the Kakiriko Windmill?"

"Somewhat." Kasuto said.

"Good, because that's where I ended up," Link tried to lean against Saria, but she pushed the wet boy away, "Turns out there was some kind of tunnel connecting the two. Now, once in there I met this guy. Now, this fellow isn't the most stable man you'll ever meet."

"How so?" Malon asked, leaning down on her stomach.

"He was nuts, scratch that, he is nuts. Totally psycho, he kept ranting about some kid screwing things up. How this kid had caused the windmill to drain the well. Well, being concerned for the legally insane, I asked him what had happened." Link shook his hat dry, letting the drippings hit Saria. (She hit him later for it.) "He then went into another rant about 'The Goddess-Cursed Song' as he called it. He then began playing it again and again." Link held up the Ocarina of Time, "I, being curious, managed to figure out the song and play it. And that's how I learned the Song of Storms."

"Bravo." Zelda deadpanned, "A crazy man taught you it."

Link raised up a finger, "Wait, there's more. You see, later I discovered that in order to get the Lens of Truth and get through the Shadow Temple I needed to get into the well. But it was sealed shut at that point! So what did I do? I went back in time, I could do that remember, and went to Kakiriko. From there I went to the windmill and drained the well. Figuring out that playing the Song of Storms would do the trick. That's how the Crazy Windmill Guy learned the song." Link smirked, "Well, what do you think?"

There was a silence.

"What? Is it something I said?" Link looked at the girls.

"Link…" Saria sighed, "Who wrote the Song of Storms? If you learned it from the Windmill Man, and he learned it from you, where the heck did it come from?"

Link froze, "Um…"

"It's confusing…" Kasuto muttered.

"Link…" Zelda said slowly, "I hope you're happy, you broke the Law of Causality, Great! A huge paradox! Just what I needed!"

"The… what?" Link blinked, "Anybody understand her?"

"You broke a rule that shouldn't be broken!" Zelda shouted, "You created a paradox, the song had to come from somewhere but where?"

"It can't be that bad…" Link said, tiring to be reassuring.

"I'm the Time Sage, I have to deal with these paradoxes before they destroy all Time." Zelda said.

"Um… sorry?" Link grinned sheepishly.

"He's a dead man." Kasuto whispered to Saria.

Something clicked in Link's mind, "Wait! I know where it came from!"

"Where?" Saria asked.

"You see, after I was sent back, the Song of Storms was kind of fuzzy. I couldn't remember how to play it." Link smiled, feeling confident again, "But then I entered Termnia! There I found this guy who wrote the song, and I learned it!"

Zelda breathed a sigh of relief, "That Nayru I don't have to deal with anything…"

Saria remembered something, "Wait, Link, wasn't Termnia the place where you made that time loop?"

Link winced, "Saria! Don't talk about that right now!"


The End.

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