By XoXzeldafreakXoX

   One fine day in Hyrule, Link was riding Epona across the feilds. She whinnied in exitement as Zelda's horse, carrying Zelda, galloped across to them.

   "Hey Zel!" she pulled her horse along side Epona.

   "Hi! Do you want to go to the Lake Hylia with me?"Link nodded and turned Epona in that direction.

   "Sure, I'll race you there." He kicked Epona and they sped off.




   Ganon was sitting at a small table with his head in his hands.

   "What's wrong Ganondorf?" Nabooru placed a hand on his shoulder.He sighed.

   "That stupid Link kid gets all the girls just because he's goooooooood." he rolled his eyes."Maybe I should become friends with them.Then all those girls, especially Zelda, would be going after ME!" He rubbed his hands together.

   "But how would I get Link to trust me?"He scratched his head, deep in thought.Nabooru looked at him, her eyes flaming with jealousy.

   "I don't see what you see in that royal brat Zelda! Who cares if she's the prettiest, nicest, smartest, most powerful girl in Hyrule. You can go out with me instead!" Ganon looked up at her frowning.

   "You?I don't think so." She stomped her foot down.

   "You know she's in love with Link. You can't separate them." He put up his hand to silence her.

   "Oh,but I can and I will!" He ran out to get his horse. His horse was not there. Instead there was a camel. A Gerudo was standing there, fileing her nails.

   "Where is my horse?" She looked up at him.

   "He's gettin' his shoes changed.Just take Clarice." She pointed to the camel.It was chewing hay and drooling every where.He sighed and jumped on it. It groaned and inched forward.

   " C"mon you stupid animal!" He kicked it and it screeched, Running faster than his horse had ever run. Soon he was on his way to find Link, and more importantly, Zelda.




   Link and Zelda were sitting on the beach stareing at the sun when Ganon rode up to them on Clarice. Link jumped up and readied his sword.Ganon motioned for him to put down his sword.

   "No, no, no.I'm not here to fight, Link. I'm here because I want to become friends and good!You know turn over a new leaf." He walked toward Link. Quickly he lifted his sword higher and backed away.

   "Why should I believe you?You tried to kill me like 126 times!" Ganon looked down at his boots.

   "Acutually 127,But that's all beside the point. I don't really like being evil ALL the time. It kinda gets boring. You get to have all the fun and all I do is sit in my little tower and wait for you to come get the princess. Then you kick the crap out of me and it starts all over again!" Link lowered his sword, somewhat

   convinced be the Gerudo king's story of woe.

   "Well you can still be good, but You aren't allowed near Zelda. Zelda looked very nervous when Ganon smiled at her. She motioned for Link to come next to her.

   "Can we really be sure he's not planning something extremely evil?"She whispered into his ear.

   "No, but he does sound like he really does want to be good. We can just keep a close watch on him and if he tries and funny business....."He patted his sword, indicating what he was going to finish the sentence with.He turned back to Ganon who was jumping up and down and clapping like a school girl and saying "YES,YES,YES!!!!" When he saw them staring at him he stopped and straightened out his shirt.

   "Ahem.So what do youn good people do for fun?"Link scratched his head.

   "Um.......beat you up...." Ganon's face got very red with anger.

   "I KNOW, I know, but other than that."

   "Bombachu bowling." Ganondorf frowned.*What the hell is a bombachu?*, he thought to himself. Link could she he was confused.

   "Come on.Me and Zelda will show you what I'm talking about."He jumped on Epona, happy to have some compition other than Zelda.She did the same and Ganon got on his camel.He looked at Zelda and grinned clicking his tongue.She, trying to be polite even though he was repulsive, shyly smiled back. They rode to town and started playing. Of course,Link won,Zelda cam in second, and Ganon came in dead last.He was furious.he threw a bombachu across the room and turned away. what he didn't count on was the bombachu coming back.It blew up right behind his feet, singeing his legs and but.Zelda and Link's cheeks were turning blue from trying to hold their breath.He was very impatient so he started thinking of a way to get Zelda alone.He smiled wickedly and looked out the window.

   "Oh no Link, a monster is running wild through the town. We have to stop it!"Link grabbed his sword and ran outside.Zelda was about to follow him but Ganon blocked the door.

   "What's the hurry princess?"She backed away.

   "There's no need to be alarmed,I just want to talk.He snapped his fingers and the bowling alley turned into an elegant ball room."He put a rose in his mouth and started twirling around,dancing. Zelda was scared.She liked it better when he was mean.

   "Care to dance, my flower?"She backed away even further.

   "Um, no thank you."His cheeks turned red again.

   "WHY NOT!!!LOOK WHAT I"VE GONE THROUGH JUST TO TELL YOU TO MARRY ME!!!! I RISKED LIFE AND LIMB JUST TRICKING LINK AND YOU WON'T EVEN DANCE WITH ME?!"He lunged forward to grab her and she jumped away, strikeing him with a ball of magic.He landed on his face and she leaned over.

   "Sorry, but you suck.And you smell like a camel!"She kicked his burnt but and walked out to get Link.




   Link and Zelda where at the alter, getting married.just before they said "I do," Ganon burst in the door riding his trusty camel.

   "Zelda!You can't marry Link,I love you!"The crowd gasped.She frowned.

   "I don't like you!I'm marrying Link!" Nabooru,who had followed him, ran over.Ganon knew he wouldn't change her mind so he sat down, feeling dejected.

   "Ganny,don't feel bad. You can always marry me."He laughed.

   "Are you nuts!You're ugly!The only reason I wanted to marry Zelda was so I could have a hot babe and rule Hyrule.I didn't really like her."Nabooru was extremely angry at this point.

           "WHAT?!THEN WHO DO YOU LIKE????"He turned and faced his camel.

   "I love Calrice."He grabbed the camel and started french-kissing it.

   "Good Lord!"Link bent over and threw up and Zelda fainted.Nabooru screamed and ran out of the temple. When Link recovered and Zelda came to, they had a triple wedding.Zelda and Link said 'I do', Ganon and Calrice said I do(Well only Ganon said 'I do', Clarice just grunted.) And Epona and Flippy, Zelda's horse, whinnied 'I do'.


   The End


now wasn't that nutty?






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