Ganon's Deadly Trio

By Jason Boaz

Chapter 1: Ganon Summons His Deadly Trio

It all started at the North Palace, home of Zelda, Link, King Harkinian, and the Triforce of Wisdom. Link was taking a snooze in his room. As always, his, room the room where he guarded the Triforce of Wisdom was a mess! Unknown to him, a squadron of Moblins. Stalfos, and Darias were about to attack. There were five monsters in all...2 Stalfos, 2 Darias, and 1 Moblin.

Moblin: Whatever you do, Daria 1, don't drop the bomb until I say so.

Daria 1: Don't do what?

Moblin: Drop the Bomb.

Daria 1: Okay. (drops bomb)

Stalfos 1: NNNOOOOO!!!

Moblin: Too late.

The ignorant Daria dropped the bomb, and it exploded, sending himself and a Stalfos into the Evil Jar.

Moblin: Oh, boy. (slaps his face) This isn't going very well.

Now, the Moblin gave the second Stalfos his orders.

Moblin: Now, throw that boomerang and hit Link. He'll he out cold for several minutes...long enough for us to steal the Triforce of WIsdom. Now don't mess up!

Stalfos 2: I'll try.

The second Stalfos threw the boomerang at Link. Unfortunately, for the bad guys, when the Stalfos hurled the boomerang at Link, he turned to the other corner in his sleep, causing the boomerang to miss him completely. The boomerang hit the remaining three monsters. All were catapulted back into the Evil Jar.

Moblin: (disappearing) OOOHHHHH NNNOOO!!!

Daria 2: (disappearing) This all your fault, Stalfos!!

Stalfos 2: (disappearing) Sorry.

Link woke up for a moment, just in time to see the monsters send themselves into the Evil mistake.

Link: Let's face it, I'm good.

Link went back to sleep.

Meanwhile, in Death Mountain, Ganon saw his squad of monsters materialize into the Evil Jar. He had seen everything through his crystal ball. He wasn't too happy about it.

Ganon: YOU STUPID, IDIOTIC FOOLS!! You bungled yet another assignment!!

Moblin: Don't blame me, Master Ganon, blame that stupid Daria, and that dumb Stalfos. THEY RUINED IT!

Daria: LIES! It all Stupid Moblin's fault!

Stalfos: Hey, don't blame me!

Ganon: SILENCE!!

All of Ganon's creatures became silent. Ganon: I can't put up with this incompitence any longer!! You stupid fools mess up EVERY TIME!! That leaves me only one choice. I must summon my three best warriors from the Evil Jar. Agahnim, Dark Link, Evil Zelda, COME FORTH!! The monsters quivered in fear as Ganon's three fiercest warriors were freed from the Evil Jar. Agahnim: Ah, Master Ganon. It has been a long time since I was defeated by Link II, my liege. Ganon: Save the formalities, Agahnim. I have a mission for you and....(interrupted by Dark Link and Evil Zelda) What the? Dark Link: You're nothing but a spoiled brat, Princess Pest! Evil Zelda: Well at least I'm not a washed up evil version of Link, LIKE YOU!!

Dark Link: Well, Excccuuuussse me, Princess!! At least I've been around since the Imprisoning War, 200 years ago! I've got more experience than you! Evil Zelda: Experience?! Ha! You were beaten by the first AND the third Link!! Ganon was having a headache.

Ganon: (to himself) These two act just like their good counterparts...that is so disturbing. Ganon yelled at the bickering twosome.

Ganon: SHUT UP!!

Evil Zelda and Dark Link obeyed.

Evil Zelda & Dark Link: Yes sir.

Ganon: Now, as I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted...(glares at Evil Zelda and Dark Link) I have a mission for you three. You are to attack Hyrule Castle, and steal the Triforce of Wisdom! if Link and Zelda try to stop you, DESTROY THEM!! I have waited two hundred years for this moment. Finally, VICTORY WILL BE MINE!! (evil laughter) Geh heh heh ha ha ha ha ha hee hee hee ho ho ho ho ho AH HA HA HA HA HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH!

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