Ganon's Deadly Trio

By Jason Boaz

Chapter 2: The Secret of Kylara

Later, in the North Palace, Kylara, a native of Link's home village of Calatia, was visiting Link. As always, she was determined to make him her husband. Unkown to anyone, though, she had a secret agenda. Kylara: Hello, Linkie-Winkie. How's about a kiss for your future wife? Link was disgusted with that nickname she just called him.

Link: Linkie-Winkie? Blech! That's the most ridiculous nickname I've EVER been called!! Besides, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, my heart belongs to Zelda. As usual, Zelda hid her true feelings for Link, and insulted him. She even insisted upon Kylara kissing Link.

Zelda: Hmmph. All you've got of me that belongs to you is my portait, hanging by your bed, in that god-foresaken room of yours! Kylara, be my guest. Kiss him.

Link: (surprised) But, Zelda?!

Kylara: (excited) Thank you, Zelda! (kisses Link, ON THE LIPS!)

Link: Now, wait a...(voice muffled) MMMPPPMMMPPHHH!!

Just as Kylara was kissing Link, she sensed a great evil who sent her into the Dark World a century ago in her previous life as one of the seven maidens...AGAHNIM!

Kylara: (to herself) NO! it can't be! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!! Agahnim has finally returned! I must leave and consult my ancestor, Rauru, Sage of Light, at once!! Kylara excused herself.

Kylara: I'm sorry to do this, but I have to go. I don't feel well.

Link: Sorry to hear that, Kylara. See you soon. (Yeah, right!)

Zelda escorted Kylara out.

Zelda: Go right this way, to the exit. (points straight ahead) Thank you, and Goodbye.

As Kylara left the Castle, Impa came in, along with Sprite and Miff. Sprite is Link's fairy, and Miff is, in turn, Zelda's fairy.

Impa: Princess Zelda, Link, the King has requested your audience.

Please come immediately.

Link: Aw, do I HAVE to?

Sprite: Come on, Link. This is important.

MIff: Yeah. Besides, you don't want to be a disappointment to Princess Zelda, as you usually are, now do you?

Link was agitated at Miff's words.

Link: Butt out, Miff!! (exasperated sigh) Alright, I'm coming.

As our heroes left for one meeting, Kylara went into the Temple of Time for an entirely different meeting. She goes into the chamber where the Pedestal of Time stands....the same Pedestal of Time where the Master Sword originally slept. She got out the Light Medallion, symbol of her family, and called upon her ancestor, Rauru, the Sage of Light.

Kylara: (hold medallion) I call upon my honored ancestor, the Sage of Light from the Chamber of Sages in the Sacred Realm. Please, help me in my time of need.

Then, just as she called, Rauru, the Sage of Light appeared before her.

Rauru: I am here, Kylara. What do you need, my dear descendant?

Kylara explained the situation.

Kylara: Agahnim has finally returned, after all this time. Hyrule is in extreme peril. What should I do?

Rauru: There is only one thing you can do, Kylara. You must tell Link and Zelda the truth about your origin. You cannot hide under your reincarnated form any longer.

Kylara: I understand. I'll do it. Besides, I knew someday this would come to pass.

Rauru: Good. And now, Kylara, I must go. Always be true to the path of goodness and light, and no evil will harm you. And Remember, once you reveal your true self, your time in this Realm will end after the great battle. You will take your rightful place with me in the Sacred Realm, for all time.

Kylara: I will remember...and thank you, my ancestor.

Rauru: Farewell, Kylara.

With that goodbye, Rauru returned to the Sacred Realm. Later, at the meeting in the North Palace, the King was finishing his briefing with his daughter, Zelda, and Link.

Harkinian: And so, you must stop this new evil, who is leading Dark Link and Evil Zelda into our Castle.

Link: Don't worry, your highness. There's no creature that's too powerful for me to stop.

Suddenly, Kylara came into the throne room.

Kylara: I'm afraid you're badly mistaken, Link.

Link, Harkinian & Zelda: KYLARA!!

Kylara: (continues) This is an ancient evil, who 100 years ago, sent me, Princess Zelda's ancestor, and 5 other maidens into the Dark World, where Ganon was trying to open the seal the Seven Sages created long ago. Link was completely puzzled.

Link: Seven Sages? Seal? I've never heard of these things.

Zelda: I have. Long ago, Ganondorf Dragmire, the Gerudo King of Thieves, had discovered the hidden entrance into the Sacred Realm, by following Link's distant ancestor, into the Temple of Time. As Link I retrieved the Master Sword, his foes entered the Realm with full force. When he and his army found the Triforce, a long-running battle was fought, and Ganondorf was the victor.

Link: in Ganon?

Kylara: Yes. After Ganon vanquished all of his followers, he touched the Triforce. But, his heart was not in balance, so the Triforce separated into the three components you have now...Power, Wisdom and Courage. But even one piece of the Triforce was enough to conquer the Sacred Realm.

Zelda: That's right. Ganondorf became the Great King of Evil. Many more people entered the Sacred Realm, which was now known as the Dark World, to find the Triforce. But no one ever returned...

Link: What does this have to do with Kylara? And what about this...Agahnim?

Kylara: I'm getting to that. One day, evil power began flowing from the entrance, and in seven short years, Hyrule became a land of monsters. Fortunately, Rauru awakened Link I at that time. He took on his role as the Hero of TIme, and awakened five Sages. Saria, Darunia, Princess Ruto, Impa, and Nabooru of the Gerudo. Link was even more confused than before.

Link: You're saying that these Sages were the ones the towns of Hyrule were named after?

Kylara: Yes.

Link: But...I thought there were Seven Sages, not Six.

Zelda: There are. My direct Ancestor, the First Princess Zelda, was the seventh sage, and the leader of them all. Together, with the Hero of Time, they fought Ganondorf, who seemingly died. But, after Link I and Zelda I made their escape, he became Ganon. After a great fight, he defeated Ganon, and the 7 Sages banished him into the Dark World. Peace returned to Hyrule...until a century later.

Link: I understand. But what about this Agahnim character?

Kylara: He is Ganon's greatest wizard. he sent me, and the other 6 maidens into the Dark World. But, he was not unopposed.

Zelda: Right. Your next ancestor, Link II, was the Legendary Hero. He retrieved the Master Sword, which was then moved to the Lost Woods, and fought the Dark Wizard and beaten him...But, Agahnim sent him into the Dark World.

Kylara: Fortunately, Link II was able to save all of us. With the help of Zora, Roam*, and Epheremelda the fairie*, he was able to free all 7 maidens from crystal cocoons, and used their power to go into Ganon's Tower. I should know...I was there. I am Kylara, one of the Seven Maidens, and descendant of Rauru, Sage of Light.

Link: And all this time, Kylara, I thought you were just a love-crazy girl who wanted to marry me.

Kylara: I do want to marry you...but that is no longer possible.

Zelda: Why is that?

Kylara: Because, I am only to reveal the truth of my origin when a grave evil from the past comes forth, and threatens Hyrule. Now that I have told you who I am, my time in this Realm will soon end. When the battle is over, I will move on to the Sacred Realm...forever. Link was saddened by what she had said.

Link: B...but that means.....I'll....never see you again.

Kylara: not grieve for me when I am called....because it is destiny that you and I cannot live in the same world. Zelda, you complete the story.

Zelda was more than eager to finish telling the tale.

Zelda: Thank you. A fight had begun, and our heroes, Link II, Zelda II, and Roam were pitted against Agahnim a second time. Making the Supreme Sacrifice, Roam took out the cost of his own life. Then, as Agahnim "died," Ganon had appeared out of his body, and began to fight against the remaining two warriors. Link II managed to paralyze Ganon long enough for Zelda II to send a Silver Arrow into him, thus vanquishing the Evil King for a time. Then, Link II touched the Triforce, which was brought with them on their return to Hyrule. As he touched it, Epheremelda bade him farewell. Following Ganon's defeat, The Dark World vanished, releasing many who had been trapped there in monstrous form. The longed-for peace once again returned to Hyrule. Link II was appointed as the master of the Knights of Hyrule by the newly-crowned Queen Zelda....and the Master Sword sleeps again....FOREVER....or so we thought.

Link: What do you mean? Are you saying I can't beat him with the Cressword?

Zelda: Exactly. We must go to the Lost Woods without delay. (leaves the room, and then returns) Put these three pendants on.

Link: Why?

Kylara: If you are truly Hyrule's greatest'll need those 3 pendants to pull out the Master Sword.

Link: Well...what are we waiting for?! LET'S GO!! And so, Link, Kylara and Zelda rushed off to the Lost Woods...and the Master Sword. Meanwhile, Agahnim, Evil Zelda and Dark Link were getting closer to the Castle. Can our heroic trio stop them in time?

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