Ganon's Deadly Trio

By Jason Boaz

Chapter 3: The Great Fight

In the Lost Woods, Link, Zelda and Kylara have finally reached the area where the Master Sword rested. Link was amazed with the powerful Sword of Evil's Bane.

Link: AHA!! The Master Sword!

As he approached the stone where it was struck in, he was instructed by Kylara.

Kylara: If you are indeed the hero who has Power, Wisdom, and Courage....the Master Sword itself YOU! Link grabbed the handle with all of his might. Then, all three Pendants of Virtue glowed, as he was able to retrieve the Legendary Sword of Evil's Bane.

Link: WHOA!!

He looked at the Master Sword with amazement.

Link: much POWER! It's like holding a lightning bolt!

Zelda: Yes. It is powerful. Now, we have to hurry!! Agahnim is at the Castle Gates!!

Kylara: COME ON!

As the three heroes returned to the Castle, Agahnim, Dark Link and Evil Zelda already began their attack!

Dark Link: HA HA HA!! You cannot stop the forces of the Great Ganon this time, you goody-too-shoes!!

Evil Zelda: AH Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!! This time, WE ARE INVINCIBLE! Captian Krin and his forces were being overwhelmed by this evil threesome.

Krin: (to the King) Your majesty, The enemy are overpowering us! We must call a retreat!

Harkinian: Oh looks as if we have NO CHOICE. RETREAT!! Just then, the sound of the Master Sword's mighty Beam Attack was heard from the distance. It struck Agahnim at a vital moment in casting a spell which would send the entire Castle into the Sacred Realm.

Agahnim: Ne-aan-deru-taa....(hit by beam attack) UUNNGGGHH!! That CAN'T BE!!!

Agahnim turned around and saw Link, Zelda, and Kylara ready for battle. Zelda gave the other two heroes their targets.

Zelda: Kylara, you take on Dark Link with your powers. Link, Agahnim's all yours. Evil Zelda is MINE!!

And so the battle began. Agahnim was zapping Link left and right, barely missing him.

Link: (dodging magic blasts) WHOA!! AHHH!! EEP!! YYYEEOOWW!!

Kylara fought Dark Link with her own powers, and both foes were evenly matched.

Kylara: (zapping Dark Link) Take this!! And That!! And a little of lame imatation of Link!

Dark Link: (using magic shield to deflect her blows) UUNNNGGHHH! I won't let you DEFEAT ME!!

And, Zelda and her evil twin were deadlocked in a slugfest.

Zelda: (punching Evil Zelda in the eye, the face, and the stomach) That'll teach you to mess with MY BOYFRIEND!!

Evil Zelda: (getting hit, and then reciprocates with the same blows Zelda gave her) Oh yeah?! I'll mess with him anytime I want!!

Back at Death Mountain, Ganon was watching the whole thing. He was distressed.

Ganon: This is not good. So far, it's an even match...but if Link discovers Agahnim's secret weakness...then defeat will be certain.

Back at the Castle, Link tried to slice at Agahnim...but the Master Sword's blade passed through his adversary as if he were a ghost.


Agahnim: Heh heh heh. Haven't you heard the old legend about me, foolish whelp?

Link: What are you talking about?

Agahnim: "Even the mighty Master Sword cannot harm the Wizard's Body!" Ha ha ha ha ha!!

Link: Crud. And I thought it would do the job!

Zelda, who was still battling Evil Zelda, finally got out her Magic Bow. She sent an arrow into her impostor.

Zelda: Gotcha!

Evil Zelda, who was amazed, was now sent to the Evil Jar, in defeat.


Kylara, who was battling Dark Link, also got in a lucky blast. He too, was hurled into the Evil Jar.

Kylara: Bye bye.

Dark Link: NOOO!! I'LL GET EVEN WITH YOU SOMEDAY!! (disappears)

Zelda and Kylara were now free to tell Link the secret to defeating Agahnim...and just in time, too. Agahnim was getting Link's butt whipped!

Agahnim: Hah hah hah!! And now, for the final blow, foolish hero!!

(sends a magic blast at Link)

Link: A little help here, guys!

Zelda: Link, listen! Agahnim's magic is like a double-edged sword...

Link was holding the Master Sword upright, and had no idea what Zelda just said.

Link: What do you mean?

Kylara told him what Zelda had said meant.

Kylara: The Master Sword was also forged to repel evil magic!

Link: It can defend as well as attack?

Link kept the Master Sword in the current position. It took Agahnim's shot and sent it right back at him.

Link: I have you now, Agahnim! Your own evil energy will be the end of YOU!

Agahnim: NOOOOO!!

Agahnim could not repel the blast, and was hit  by his own magic spell.

Agahnim: Urrrgh...

The Dark Wizard was slowly dematerializing into the Evil Jar.

Agahnim: Well met, like the true hero you are! It appears that you are not such a fool after all...but, it makes no difference...(starts to disappear) day, when I am at full power once more....I...SHALL...RETUUURRRNNNN!! (disappears)

The battle had been won...for the moment.

Link: Well, I do say that it's a job well done. By the way Zelda, was what you said about me being youe boyfriend true? As always, Zelda was in denial.

Zelda: You are not!

Link: Yes I am. (singsong) That's why you defended me! And...remember that you were the only one who could see me when I was a ghost, because YOU LOVE ME.

Zelda: Well...I guess I do love you...a little.

Link was SO HAPPY, he yelled his praises out loud.


Kylara laughed.

Kylara: (giggles) Does he do this ALL THE TIME?

Zelda: (sighs) Afraid so, Kylara. But, even with all his faults, he's still the Greatest Hero of Hyrule. (tunrs to Link) If I kiss you, will you calm down?

Link was excited when he heard what Zelda said she'd do.

Link: YOU BET!!

Back at Death Mountain, Ganon was very angry. So angry, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Ganon: NNNNOOOOO!!! MY BEST FORCES BEATEN BY THOSE THREE HEROES!! THAT'S IT!! No more Mr. Nice Guy. I'm going to take them all down myself. (teleports to battlefield)

Just as Link and Zelda were about to kiss, they were totally disrrupted by Ganon's appearance.

Ganon: (teleports in) NOT SO FAST, HEROES!!!

Link: (agitated) Aw, man! THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS!!

Ganon: This time, I have you right where I want you! Especially you, Kylara!! Twice now, you have meddle in my affairs, but no more!! Now, you're mine!! Kylara realized that she, Link and Zelda had a BIG advantage,

Kylara: AŘ contraire, Ganon. We have you right where we want YOU!

Ganon: Huh? Why is that?

Zelda and Link caught on quick.

Zelda: Because, we have the two great weapons that can completely destroy you. (pulls out silver arrow) The Silver Arrows...

Link: (completing Zelda's sentence)...And the Master Sword.

Kylara: And besides, the power of the Seven Sages are with us. If we wanted to, we'd send you into the Dark World in a heartbeat, so I'd suggest you'd leave...NOW!! Ganon realized the gravity of his situation.

Ganon: I see. To remain here would surely mean my complete downfall. You're absolutely right. You may have won this time, but I'LL BE BACK!! (teleports back to Death Mountain, in defeat)

As Ganon teleported back to Death Mountain, he saw the unthinkable occur...Evil Zelda was about to give Dark Link a kiss,

Dark Link: Kiss me, Princess.

Evil Zelda: I guess I will. Pucker up, my dear Dark Link.

Just as they were about to kiss, Ganon shook the Evil Jar with his bare hands...which in turn shook everyone in there up...even Dark Link and Evil Zelda.


Evil Zelda: (being shook up) Sssssoooorrrryyy, Mmmaasssttteeerrrr.


When Ganon stopped shaking the Evil Jar, he turned around and thought about how bad a day he had.

Ganon: (to himself) This just hasn't been my day.

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