Ganon's Deadly Trio

By Jason Boaz

Chapter 4: Kylara Moves On

At the Lost Woods, Zelda and Kylara watched as Link placed the Master Sword back into the stone to rest. After he had done that, it was time for Zelda and Link to say goodbye to their friend and ally, Kylara.

Link: Well, Kylara, I guess this is goodbye.

Kylara: I know, Link. I'll miss you and Zelda a lot. But the Sacred Realm is my home now...and I must go there.

Zelda hugged Kylara with a warm embrace of friendship.

Zelda: Goodbye, Kylara. May the Golden Goddesses of Hyrule watch over you always. (cries)

Kylara: Thank you, Zelda. I'll never forget you, or Link. You both have been good friends. I will always cherish the memories of this, my final moments in the Light World.

Zelda: And well will always remember you, Kylara.

Link and Zelda stepped back, as a light from the sky touched the ground, landing on Kylara. Rauru's voice was then heard.

Rauru: Thank you, Link III and Zelda III. Together, with Kylara, you have faced your greatest battle. There will be others, but I know you will triumph. (turns his attention to Kylara) And now, my dearest descendant, it is time to take your rightful place by my side, at the Sacred Realm. Before you leave, though, you must give Link and Zelda something to remember you by. Kylara knew exactly what to give them.

Kylara: Thank you, Rauru. Link, Zelda, take this medallion. (gives them the Light Medallion) Think of this as a memento from my final moments on this Realm. Treasure it always.

Link: We will, Kylara....and thanks...for everything.

Then, Kylara looked up into the light, and spirited away into the Sacred

Realm in a yellow light. She bade farewell to her friends.

Kylara: Goodbye, Zelda. Goodbye, Link. I will always be with spirit.

Link and Zelda waved at their departing friend. and wished her good luck.

Link & Zelda: Goodbye, Kylara! And good luck in your new life!

As Kylara was completely sent into the Sacred Realm, the light faded. Kylara was now with her ancestor, Rauru, Ganon was once again beaten by Zelda and Link, Peace once more reigned in Hyrule...and the Master Swordsleeps again...FOREVER!!

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