A Very Merry Christmas

by Mallard

Chapter 2

    Well, it was a cold Christmas, the weatherman could testify to that. Link and his family were snuggled on the old couch by the fire. Scrooge was counting up the 50 billion+ he'd gotten over the years. Well, it wasn't his fault that Nakil Crachit couldn't give him that next shipload of money. He could neatly erase half the federal deficit, Scrooge thought smugly. He tried to think of a way to get back at Link for being so cheeky with him that evening. And then it hit him. He dialed the police office. "Hello? Can you get me with the sheriff? Thank you. Hello, sheriff, guess what? That isn't Nakil Crachit you've got in

there, it's Link Crachit...." Link was snoring loudly on the couch while Zelda was trying to make something for dinner. Suddenly the State Police broke into the place. "Everyone out of the way, there's Nakil Crachit!" the commander yelled. "Nakil? I'm Link!" Link said. Zelda and the kids looked perplexed. "Officer, what's going on?" she asked. "I didn't know that Nakil had a wife. Well, your husband here has done some pretty bad things! Robbing a bank, attacking innocent people, I could go on and on!" the commander said. "Link? He hasn't done anything like that!" Zelda laughed. "Obviously he's been telling you lies also, ma'am. That's Nakil Crachit, one of the most wanted men in the state. Take him out!" the leader said, looking sternly at the kids. They backed away. Zelda frowned. Something was fishy. No one would arrest Link, he was nationally known for being honest in a group of dishonest people. She dialed up on the telephone fifteen minutes later. "Hello, operator? Get me the police station, please. Thank you. Officer? Can you get me hooked up with the sheriff? Thanks. Hello, Sheriff? Do you have anyone that resembles Nakil Crachit down there in the slammer? What's that? He is, eh? Well, thanks. I needed to know," Zelda said, putting down the telephone. "Well, is he actually in there?" Saria asked. Zelda nodded. Loretta started weeping. Saria comforted her. "It's all right, we'll get him out of there somehow." she said.

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      Scrooge settled down in his chair. He had been hearing noises all evening, but he had computer-operated infrared scanners monitering every inch of the house. In addition, this things controlled high-power guns that were set to go off at the moment an unidentified person tripped the laser beam. He chuckled, then laughed, then guffawed madly. "I just can't think of how miserable that Crachit kid is! Ha, he won't last a week in the pen! (jail, for you laymen, or laywomen) Suddenly a clatter outside the door pulled him from his mirth. A white shape crawled meekly THROUGH the door. Scrooge frowned. He pulled his cane silently from it's resting place. He suddenly swung at the thing. The cane passed right through it. Scrooge gasped and pulled back. "What are you? Why are you here?" he cried. The ghost pulled itself up to it's full height. "You moron, don't you remember me? Aaron Miffy, your red-haired supposedly-brown-haired-at-the-roots corporate executive! Look at this dump, I get paid better on the other set, you know, Hyrule, Hyrule Castle, shoot the works, look, let's get this thing over with! I got these big chains full of who knows what-I don't like to look at it-stuck on me cause I was really greedy, robbed from the poor, worked for your darned industry, oh, you know what I mean! Well, you've got three ghosts of Christmas coming to scare your pants off for the sake of the story, and they are VERY cute, so watch out! You aren't married, are you?" Aaron asked. Ganondorf shook his head. "Uh-huh....there isn't too much hope for you. Well, I'm going to go now. Good-bye. I will be leaving this dump now. Hey, and-AAAAAAH!" Aaron yelled as he tumbled down a step. "You all right? How did you do that, ghosts don't trip!" Scrooge yelled. "They do when they want to!" Aaron called from the bottom of the stairs. Ganondorf made sure Aaron was all right, and then crawled into bed. Suddenly the window flew open, and a girl came stumbling in. "Hey, aren't you-" "Link's sister. I know, they made me double for this part." the ghost said. "Well, what do you want?" Scrooge asked. "I'm the Ghost of Christmas Past, and I'm here to show you a little bit about Christmas." she said.

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