LOZ: What the Heck?!

byNaruma, Gerudo Princess

Chapter 1


Link was having an unusual dream. He was standing face to face with Ganondorf. Instead of having the Master Sword with him he had a gold sword with a black hilt. The expression on Ganondorf's face told him that he recognized the sword. Ganondorf was going to say something and then the dream would end. Link awoke with a start because the dream was so weird. He got up sluggishly because today he was going to start his spring-cleaning. As the day went by he cleaned the floor, the bed, the table, the walls, and the outside porch. He was now going to tackle the closet. When Link opened the door to the closet a bunch of stuff landed right on top of him. After he got out from under the pile of stuff he found a lot of things he hadn't seen in ages. " Hey I haven't seen this in a long time," He said holding up a broken vase. " The last time I saw this was when I was a baby. I remember when Saria kicked me out of her house because I broke it. I wander what else is in here?" After a bit of rummaging Link came upon something that startled him to near death. It was the sword he had in his dream.

" I've got to tell Zelda about this," He told himself. After putting everything back in the closet he ran out of the forest and summoned Epona. Link rode to Hyrule Castle and ran into the courtyard followed by a legion of guards. Zelda was sitting down having a cup of tea when she saw Link running up to her followed by the guards.

" What is going on?" She asked.

" I need to talk to you but these guards won't get off my back," Link replied. " Guards leave us," Zelda commanded. The guards left and Link told Zelda what happened.

" Last night I had a weird dream. I was face to face with Ganondorf and I had this sword with me by the expression on his face I could tell that he recognized this sword he was just about to say something then the dream ends," Link explained.

" This is very interesting that you would have a dream like this," Zelda said. "You're right my usual dreams are about you and me in bed doing the mattress mambo," Link said.

" Link, you need to have more normal dreams," Zelda said annoyed.

" I don't want normal dreams," Link whined.

While Link and Zelda were talking someone snuck into the Temple of Time. The person was a girl of about seventeen; she had bright orange hair, dark skin, and pointy ears.

" Do not worry father I will release you," she said to herself. She cast a spell to open a portal to the Evil Realm. When the portal opened a tall muscular man stepped through it. I was Ganondorf.

" At last I am free. All of those attempts to escape must have weakened the seal," He said.

" Ehem, taking all of the credit like you usually do father," the girl said. " Naru? What are you doing here away from the fortress?" Ganondorf asked his daughter.

" I came to set you free," Naru stated.

" Oh, well uh how did you manage to break the seal?" He asked her. " It was like breaking a twig only easier," Naru replied." Now let's get out of here."

Back at the castle Link and Zelda were making out when a messenger came by.

" Your highness Ganondorf has been released, the messenger said.

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