LOZ: What the Heck?!

byNaruma, Gerudo Princess

Chapter 4


"My mother?" Link asked in confusion.

" Yes I am your mother I died trying to get you to safety," Link's dead mother said.

" I know the Deku Sprout told me that Ganondorf killed you when you were taking me to the forest," Link said bursting into tears. " No that's not what happened. You might not believe this but Ganondorf actually tried to help me get you to the forest," the Poe said. " Wait a minute why would he help a Hylian woman get to safety?" Zelda asked.

" You don't need to know and Link you will find out later why Ganondorf helped me and where you got that sword from. Now I must leave," the Poe said then vanished.

" Well I guess we go on," Link said," We're almost to the Gerudo Valley." They rode on to the Gerudo Valley. When they reach the fortress the place was deserted. There no guards to be found anywhere. " Where are the guards?" Zelda asked knowing full well that there should be guards present.

" I don't know maybe they're inside," Link suggested," Lets go inside." The two went inside not a guard was in sight.

" No one seems to be here," Zelda said with fear in her voice.

" Lets go to the throne room," Link said.

" Why?" Zelda asked.

" That's where we'll find Ganondorf," Link said as he led Zelda to the throne room. When they got there they did not see Ganondorf instead they saw a woman sitting on the throne holding a sword similar to the one Link found. She had dark skin and pointy ears.

" In order to face Ganondorf you have to face me," The woman said. " Instead of fighting why don't we talk... I mean there must be something we could settle," Link said.

" Why? Are you afraid to fight?" the woman asked. " No its just you'll probably kick my butt and I'm smart enough to know one does not screw with a Gerudo warrior," Link replied. " You are intelligent maybe we can make a trade. I'll let you in to face Ganondorf but you must leave the princess behind," the woman said. " Okay... What is your name?" Link asked.

" My name is Naru," Naru said. Zelda who had been silent the whole time finally speaks.

" Link I'm going to hurt you for making such a trade," Zelda said with hate in her voice.

" All right now all you have to do now is walk through that door," Naru said as she pointed to the door to the right of her. Link walked through the door and was aghast to see Ganondorf sitting in a rocking chair next to a window knitting.

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