LOZ: What the Heck?!

byNaruma, Gerudo Princess

Chapter 5


" Why are you knitting?" Link asked.

" I am knitting because I am depressed," Ganondorf said sniffling.

" Why are you depressed?" Link asked.

" Because I am 50 and I haven't had any yet," Ganondorf said. " Oh well I can't do much except give you this ( Happy Pill)," Link said handing Ganondorf a ( Happy Pill).

" Thanks you might not be such a nuisance after all," Ganondorf said as he took the pill.

" Your welcome," Link said as he walked out of the room. As soon as he shut the door a look of Oh crap I just remembered something appeared on his face.

" Oh crap I gave him a whole pill," Link said with dread," I'd better get Zelda and get out of here." Link ran to get Zelda and then left in a hurry. 30 minutes later...... Ganondorf is running around the fortress swinging his pants in the air.

" I'm not wearing any pants," He screamed as he ran down the halls of the fortress.

" Get him we need to get him back under control," A guard said as she

lead a group after the happy King of Evil.

30 minutes later........

" Wait... Why am I not wearing any pants?" He asked himself" Wait a minute I remember now I took a ( Happy Pill) . When I find Link I am going to kill him for this humiliation." he said. Meanwhile Link and Zelda were hightailing it back to Hyrule Castle.

" Link why are we running away from the Gerudo fortress in such a hurry?" Zelda asked.

" Because I gave him a (Happy Pill).

" I thought I told you to gather all of the bottles because they were band," Zelda said.

" You did you just never told me what to do with them," Link replied.

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