LOZ: What the Heck?!

byNaruma, Gerudo Princess

Chapter 6

      Link and Zelda made it to Link's house in the Kokiri Forest. Upon entry Zelda is appalled at the sight she sees. There are at least 60 bottles of the (Happy Pill) inside Link's closet of mystery.

" Link when I asked you to get rid of the (Happy Pill) I meant for you to destroy the bottles full of pills," Zelda said with fury.

" Well I didn't know what you meant. You said to get rid of them not destroy them," Link yells.

" What do you think getting rid of them means? Zelda asked in intense anger.

" Lets not talk about it any more I'm getting a headache," Link said rubbing his temples. Just then four Gerudo women entered the house and confiscated all of the bottles containing the (Happy Pill).

" Because of the scene at the fortress we will be getting rid of these," one of the women said.

" Finally someone who knows what their doing," Princess Zelda said.

" Lets go," the woman said to the others. When the women left Link got upset.

" Darn I was going to use some of the pills myself," He said in dismay.

" Why would you need the pills?" Zelda asked.

" You really do not want to know," Link replied," Well I going to go back to the fortress to learn more about that hot chick Naru."

" Oh Link before you go I think you should know that she is the Gerudo Princess," Zelda said.

" So," Link said," What does that have to do with me getting to know her better."

" She is the Gerudo PRINCESS," Zelda Said.

" That would make her Ganondorf's daughter," Link said.

" That's Right," Zelda replied.

" So," Link replied as he walked out the door.

" Damn," Zelda mumbled to herself

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