Into the Golden Realm
(Essence of the Triforce: Hero Arise)

by Musica

Note:There is also a video of Musica singing this song available on YouTube: Into the Golden Realm

Here I wait for you, My only love
And I call to you from skies above

In a Land beyond all Mortal Realms
That is where My Golden Power dwells
Hero, step forth and come find Me
With the Master Sword, only you hold the Key

Your Courage, Strength, and Purity
All will lead you to come to Me

With Heart and Soul and Sword in hand
Hero, now enter the Sacred Golden Land

Only you can keep the Kights' Line true
Young Hero, both worlds count on you

Step up to the challenge
Come to Me and stop this evil will

Verily, a Hero will arise
Strong and sure, with unclouded mind
And he'll save us all from this evil plight
With Pure Heart, Courage, and Might


Verily, a hero will arise

And thus will party the stormy skies

Come find me...

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