I Know You

by Alice2

"You are the descendant.......
Of the one who used to hold a wood sword.
He was from this wave-eaten kingdom that is now ignored.
Of the one who saved a Princess from an everlasting rest.
Out of these warriors, you are the best.
Of the one who claimed each magic pendant.
I know who are. You are their descendant....
Of the one who woke the windfish.
I know this destiny must be more then you wish....
To Labrina and Holodrum one ancestor of yours has been to.
But I know a slightly sad origin of the real you.....
This I have sworn. I stand with the Hero of Time,
Reborn! You are not fit in with this setting.
In the past you would be more go-getting.
Yes, the Hero of Time. Strong and bold.
The only one. I know by the Triforce you hold.
The one who was the original link to Royal
Family. The one who overcame an evil and cursed mask.
I know who you are. And I shall settle my grudge at last."

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