Falling Legend

by Amber Washington

Flaming streaks race through the sky
as we stand upon Lake Hylia's shores.
"The fans are falling," we both realize
like Termina's moon did once before.

Shooting stars, each of them
or maybe meteorites,
For only the cold at heart would send
this threat upon their hero's life.

It's not his fault, I beg of you,
Miyamoto and Aonuma are to blame!
They degraded his world to a mere cartoon,
yet you are ruining his fame.

Hyrule deserves a second chance
since it was there from the start.
Is this our Final Fantasy? I ask.
Please don't break this Kingdom's Heart
His mind is racing, his eyes are so scared
I see as the night leaves us alone.
While he gently places his head in my lap I feel him dying in my arms.

Please hold on, Link. Don't abandon me now.
The battle shall not end without a war.
I will grant you my strength, I solemnly vow,
your greatest fan, your truest love.

Oh, let us wish upon the Triforce
and hope the end fairs well.
You must be strong for Hyrule.
You must be strong for Zelda.

If the fans continue to follow another
the opposing forces may seal their win,
If we only watch and do nothing
this story will become just that---a legend
Come now, my love, a Dark Cloud is upon us,
more menacing than Ganon himself.
Larger than the three goddesses,
it is a fate worse than death.

Can't you play the ocarina to call back time
like you did so often back then?
It wouldn't matter. I suppose you're right.
This would probably happen all over again.

But I won't give up. I'll help you fight.
We shall reclaim all of them.
Whatever proceeds, I'll remain by your side
even after the legend ends.

(note: I was inspired to write this poem once I discovered that a close friend of mine had given up on The Legend of Zelda due to the new Wind Waker design. He's now obsessed with PlayStation and the Kingdom Hearts game. The reason the words "Final Fantasy," "Kingdom's Heart," and "Dark Cloud" are capitalized is to refer to the games the old Zelda fans are now turning to.)

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