He Loves Her Only

by Amber Washington

They waste their breath feuding for him,
desert, water, ranch, and forest.
Can't they see that gleam in his eyes
whenever your highness is present nearby?
A sparkle of passion, burning wildly
for his one and only, re-ignited

If he loved her, then why did he flee onward,
despite her tears, and continued, wordless?
If he craved her, then why didn't he stay
as her companion during those midnight serenades?

If he desired her, then why didn't he accept
her proposal for marriage in Zora's depths?
If he cared for her, then why did he refuse
to live in the fortress, alongside the Gerudos?

His gaze is solely shared by the holder of wisdom.
His gift for the ocarina is answered by her harp.
Even in disguise, he knew it was her
for his love made him approach wherever she stood.

Never has a legend spoken so boldly
of a hero and princess wanting do controllably.
Through eight adventures, only two kisses were shared,
leaving their feelings unexplored, yet secretly flaring.

Undeniably interwoven are their destinies
and she shall cradle his heart for all eternity.

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