Defying Fate

by Bobby Polosky

The chosen one
hero of the land
two lovers before him
fate is at hand
as hardships unfold
and dangers arise
still these two lovers
tear him to peices
his friend
his race
he blushes before her
what a beautiful face
relations no trace
this girl has no taste
he dotes her to the floor
only but a waste, this girl is no more.
after the battle is over
and all the smoke is clear
His choice is Zelda
more than anything for Kylara to bear
Fate is angered at this affair
'Causing trouble, it seems unfair
Those who do not follow fate
will  be at its bellowing mercy
If not for the actions our hero made
Fate would be in a peaceful state
But now, twould be too late
as fate will always compensate.
As time goes on
as life goes on
Kylara's spirit will forever be by
our hero's side
Haunting him for all of eternity.
Driving him crazy.
Loving him until the end of time.
When this day arises
Fate as it seems
will finally redeem
its self esteem.
This is only one of the many ways fate
might compensate.
Fate is destiny.
Destiny is fate.
Destiny you can deny
but fate will always testify.
Kylara was Links destiny.
He denied it.
As time went on
as life did,
eventually fate would testify his defiance.
Never again will Link truly be at peace.
Good as evil will always exist.
That is fates gift to all humanity.
The Triforce is only part of that gift.
As part of a cycle.
As part of fate.
Life arises
and death plauge's us.
With this I must say,
parting is such sweet sorrow.

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