I Won't Say Goodbye

By Miscellaneous

My footsteps sound so heavy,
Upon the soft green grass,
I hear the neighing horses,
As if no time has passed,
My eyes search the lush terrain,
Surveying Lon Lon Ranch,
And resting on the mountain,
Where I made the monsters blanch,
I hear the drawbridge clatter,
As it closes on me forever,
But although she wishes me back through time,
I won't forget her, ever,
There is no bright blue light,
Quivering and shivering beside me,
And I am just a child once more,
But she says this is how it must be,
Oh Zelda, can't you hear my heart,
Mourning for your loss,
Yes I am a child again,
But at what terrible vast cost?
My body is a little boy,
But inside I am a man,
And without you I can not live happy,
I cannot do what I can,
I hear your voice within my head,
Muffled, though, with tears,
And for all the shouting Hylians,
I cannot hear their cheers,
My dearest, dearest Zelda,
You always were so na´ve,
And many times with Ganon there,
It was you I had to save,
You cannot keep me away from you,
From your gentle searching gaze,
From your bright blue eyes,
That shine out like sunrays,
I am coming for you now,
And this is not a lie,
No matter how you restrain me,
I can never say goodbye.

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