By Miscellaneous

Yes, I may have once felt more for her,
Yet we can never be,
For I will grow up Hylian,
While she's a Kokiri

She's the one, who knows me best,
Whose trust will never waver,
As I chip away at her anonymous past,
I feel like a caver

We play among the trees all day,
And amuse ourselves with jokes,
While she tries to guess at my past,
And she pries around and pokes

Her hair is forest green,
She has a tendency to cheat,
As I gaze into her emerald eyes,
I know, when we're dead we'll meet

She always believed I would find a way,
To prove myself forever,
She always believed in my innocence,
Could I forget her? Never

Her face was always smiling and joyful,
She never got put down,
Not once did I see a tear on her face,
Nor did I see a frown

Saying goodbye was the hardest thing,
But she never actually cried,
But her face was solemn and full of pain,
I knew she was crying inside

Years later I found her again,
And awoke her to her destiny,
She smiled and nodded without a word,
And placed her trust in me

Now she's within that other realm,
She will be there until the end,
But although she's so far away from me,
She will always be my friend

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