So What

By Miscellaneous

Yeah so what it's my entire fault?
I really will never care,
I'll be grateful to get away from here,
Away from your icy stare

I won't feign my innocence,
But surely you will understand,
I didn't kill the Deku Tree,
And now I must leave this land

Yeah so what she always yells at me,
Hey listen! Little boy,
At least I have a fairy now,
You can't now use that ploy

Yeah so what Saria likes me more?
You're jealous I can tell,
That I've got a sword and you are weak,
And I've got a shield as well

Yeah whatever Master Mido,
Your wish is my command,
But I'm off to see Lake Hylia,
I'm off to see its sand

I tumble past the entrance,
I can hardly wait to go,
But there's someone right behind me,
Who my progress she does slow

Oh, you're leaving she says to me,
And she hands me our last bond,
The beige fairy ocarina,
I don't know how to respond

I back away, step by step,
She mustn't see me cry,
But once I am clear of the forest,
I wish that I might die

Yeah so what the night is falling,
And zombies do appear,
They're nothing compared to Gohma
They'll never even get near!

They stare at me as I enter town,
I'm different I admit,
But must they make it so obvious,
If they're not careful I will hit

Yeah so what the guards are everywhere,
I can take them all!
At heart they're kittens really,
Letting other people rule

There she is, I don't know how,
But I recognise her face,
Her gown is white and pink and blue,
Embroidered, trimmed with lace

You see that man inside, right there?
He's evil and he's cruel,
He's planning something against my Dad,
He wants to take Hyrule!

Anger swells within my heart,
Don't fret, Ganon will stop,
Its going to be very dangerous Link,
I answer, Yeah, so what?

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