A Love From Afar

by thechicagohylian

I didnít know what to say,
Whenever she looked at me that way,
As princess of Hyrule she was way beyond me, A forest boy, who was entrusted to a tree.

Her gorgeous eyes, her impeccable smile, Not to mention her unmistakable grace and style, When she looked at me with that penetrating blue gaze, It was enough to send me into a haze.

Maybe somewhere, far far away,
A forest boy could marry his true love someday, Princess or peasant, theyíd all be the same, All men would have a chance to win her love game.

Zelda was the perfect girl, always just and fair, Everyone always said we made quite the pair, Itís too bad she never looked at me that way, The way lovers do and often may.

I had always stood by her side through thick and thin, And even saved her from all the danger she had been in, However I would never be good enough for her, A prince, both handsome and powerful she would prefer.

So, as it stands I can only watch from here afar, And continually wish on all those stars, Hoping one day the world would shake out, Unfortunately, thats something everyone seems to doubt.

I now will sit here smiling hiding what i know is true, However, Iíve now decided what to do, I will write a letter expressing my feelings and undying affection too, And close it saying Forever & Always yours, I love you.

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