Love's Patience

by thechicagohylian

Princess Zelda and Link were talking as always in the garden,
When a servant interrupted saying:Your highness, I beg your pardon”
“Your father has arranged for Prince Shaun to arrive”,
The Princess rolled her eyes and said this is number 5,

Link consoled the Princess saying this Prince could be the one,
While inside he was thinking how his chances with Zelda were almost done,
For he truly loved her since they were young,
And since then he was hooked as if he was by Cupid’s arrow stung

“How many times must I go through this ordeal”,
Zelda continued, my dad doesn’t understand that I desire a love that is real”
The Princess burned from the inside to confess her love for Link,
But like him was afraid possible damage to their friendship was to costly a toll

Then came the night of Prince Shaun’s arrival,
Zelda was unusually interested in who would normally be her chief rival,
This Prince was stunning and dashing,
Though they learned later his insides and outsides were clashing

For the dashing and charming Prince of a land out yonder,
Left the choosy princess with for once a tough decision to ponder,
So the hours became days and as the Princes time at the castle grew,
Princess Zelda’s infatuation with Shaun did too

Unfortunately Link had to watch from the front row daily,
While continually advising his best friend and true love Zelda,
He realized the unfortunate nature of what he must do,
He must let Zelda be happy at whatever the cost, for his love was true.

However Prince Shaun changed too as he began quite peachy,
But soon all but Zelda seemed to notice that he wasn’t so dreamy
He would order the Princess to do this and that
Without as much as a thank you or a warm loving pat

Zelda struggled into the last day of her deadline,
The day to decide to marry Shaun or send him packing was the headline
The Princess reasoned within herself despite how he treated her,
That he was the best she would get and that Link could never love HER

So Princess Zelda agreed to marry Prince Shaun,
And to avoid any doubting placed the wedding at dawn
Link smiled and congratulated her at this wonderful news,
He was crushed and upset, even all along he knew he would lose.

He spent that last night up in Zelda’s room
Although he felt like entering his own tomb,
For he laughed and smiled in support of his girl,
Hiding his true love that would in circles around Shaun’s false feelings twirl

Zelda talked and reasoned with Link all night,
Making sure that her decision was indeed right,
Although she knew he was the one for her,
Without his confession or being a prince, she could not let her feelings for him stir

So as it was that wedding day morning,
The bride was in her room in her beautiful wedding dress adorning,
She was having second thoughts about whether Shaun was the one,
But reasoned within herself that he was good enough and soon the decision would be done

Link walked into the wedding temple all prepared to say his goodbyes
Goodbyes to his best friend, true love among their other various ties,
But then it hit him that true love is always worth fighting for,
And that he would do whatever it took to win his love, even being thrown out the door

So knowing what he must do, Link waited during the sermon,
For the part when anyone with objections could stand up he did removing his turban,
He stood staring Princess Zelda in her gorgeous brown eyes,
Saying that he would love her until the very day he dies

He said “I’ve been a fool for not loving you each and every day,
And to tell you this I wish there had been another way,
I just must say that I have and always will love and cherish you
Even until our last days are through

All I can offer is the very key to my heart,
And tell that you my love for you will never part”
Zelda stood overwhelmed with joy and fear,
Wondering if Shaun had thought to hear,

Zelda grew teary-eyed and stammered to say,
Link I even love you here on my wedding day,
But now I don’t know what I should do,
For Prince Shaun is here waiting for me to say I do

At this point the foreign Prince Shaun just shook his head,
“Link you should come here, and stand in my stead”
At this all the castle workers cheered
For the first time Prince shaun treated the princess in a manner undeserving of being jeered

For you see all the servants around the castle had seen him,
The way he treated Princess Zelda was appalling to them,
But she was blinded by her belief their would be none better,
Only to realize Link loved her and would in any weather

So Link took his place next to the Princess he loved
And the wedding continued between the two so beloved
When the moment came to say I Do,
The new Prince Link knew what to do

Prince Link and Princess Zelda began their love journey that day,
And they continued to love each other until Link passed away many years later in May
At the end even Zelda knew it was for the best,
That her life-long lover would be laid to rest,

To her daughter she gave her last words of wisdom as the rose Link gave her lost its last petal,
She said always follow your heart and never settle
For true love is both rare and kind
But there is only one for you to find

So that is the story of a Princess and her lover,
The man who many would’ve sworn was her brother,
The two proved that true love will always make it through,
As long as the love is patient and true.

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