I Am From

by Christi Myren

*Authors note: I take NO CREDIT for the title or repetition part with the "I am from" phrases. Some other lady did one like that, and we did the same at school. I thought it was a fantastic way for me to open up, so I'm gonna do my first Link poem, don't be to critical, please!!*

I am from the forest,
Kept away from life, an outcast
My days spent playing alone,
The one withough a fairy, the underdog.

I am from adventures,
The smell of sweet fresh air in my face.
Riding my horse,
A moment away from the evil.

I am from fear and hatred.
Anger towards a man,
One from the desert,
Containing a heart of cold stone,
Sole reason of Hyrule's suffering.

I am from Love.
Love of my country, I risk my life for.
Love of my friends, I risk my life for.
Love for those I don't even know, I risk my life for.

And I am from love of my soul mate,
The one who I would die for,
Just to end her suffering.
The beautiful creature from beyond my world,
Sent to Hyrule to me, by a miracle.

I am from Time.
Something so cruel, so heartless,
A force pulling me, away from my life,
Into the future to protect the land,
My land, that took away my parents ,
And yet let me live for them.

I am from carefree days,
Moments of soletude, time alone,
Watching the sun rise above the Forest,
Set to the right of the desert.
Laying on the grass with the one I love,
Watching the beauty from my own heaven.

I am from morals.
Morals which don't give me too much pride,
A humble hero,
Learning from those so arrogant,
Promising never to be like them,
Fighting for their inferiors' God given rights.

My world...the place I am from,
So many emotions inside,
Hardened by years of fighting.
The greatest honor in the world,
And yet greatest burden.
My lover as the only way to release them,
The only one who understands,
And I know she does.

For I am from those days on the battlefield,
Dark places and deep caves,
With my lover right along with me,
My apprentice and soul mate,
The woman of my dreams,
Aiding me, distroying the last of evils followers.

And I am from those moments with her,
The being from a different world entierly,
Hearts leaping, knowing we have just done what no other could,
Those many who were murdered in the effort.
Destroying the evil once and for all,
Together, side by side.

I am from those moments with her,
The love I will never feel for anyone else,
As long as I live....

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