The Hero's Violet

by Aianarie

A violet growing in the deep forest,
As blue as a clear summer sky,

And guarding its radiant beauty;
The valiant raven's proud cry.

On days when dark clouds form,
And blackness blankets all,

This violet is an icon of hope,
So listen to its heavenly call.

Whatever is to come in the future,
Whether an end or a new begin,

A hero will rise from the twilight,
And let tranquility preside again.

The courageous one wanders the forest,
In search of truths unknown,

His laughter, their fear, his sword, her tear…
Shall this hero wander alone?

He finds the violet in the deep wood,
And instantly regains his faith.

His determined soul of gentle, pure light
Will disperse the evil's wraith.

So gallantly he rides, in courage, of love,
To find the missing part…

To find the one that he loves most,
The bearer of his heart.

When the darkness cleared, the hero stood,
Atop the highest hill,

And at that moment he realized,
He had fulfilled his will.

Time long passed, destinies revealed,
But the eternal amaranth still grows there,

In the forest of light where he once stood,
The savior and his mare.

That violet growing in the deep forest,
As blue as the tear in her sad eye;

And under its radiant beauty…
The hero shall forever lie.


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