My Angel

by Happy Mask

You are my sunshine, the light that fills my soul
And the reason I smile every day
I watch you, your golden hair flowing down your shoulders
You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

I cannot breathe when our eyes meet, and you look at me
Your eyes, deep pools of sensuality
Your scent intrigues me, fascinates me, holds me captive
Take me, for I am forever yours

You walk so gracefully, just like a future Queen
In your flowing gown of red
I long to touch you, to hold you
To take away any pain that you may feel

When our lips touch, I feel so blessed
That you feel the same way I do
It is like my fantasy come true
I want to kiss you forever.

When I raise my shield to protect you
It is not what I must kill, but what I allow to live
And you are the most cherished of all lives,
I would never let any harm come to you

When you were imprisoned in the rose crystal
My heart sank to my feet
As I watched your eyes looking back at me
You knew somehow I would find you again

When I admitted my love for you
You did not run away and hide, you kissed me deeply
And even though I am but a peasant
It did not matter in your eyes

I do not deserve such a gorgeous creature
To be given to me as a gift from above
I shall honor, obey and serve you
As long as we both shall live

Then I take your hand in mine
And look deeply into your eyes
I place my humble ring on your precious finger
Still not believing you are about to be mine

When you say "I do"
And kiss me as my bride
I want to exclaim at the top of the mountain
How much I love you

Now, as we go away to be alone together
As husband and wife at last
My heart beats wildly in my chest
I cannot wait…

Then, as I hold you in my arms
And look down into your eyes
I promise to always be faithful to you
Now and forever

For you are my angel
The one I will always hold dear
You are the only woman for me
My darling Zelda…my Princess…my life.

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