Saria's Song

by Malkam

Forest Green, light so dim
Yet another day begins - oh yet again
Hear my song, hear my call
Save me yet again before I fall - the darkness calls

Leaves are falling, all around, yet my eyes shall fail
Harshened hands, grip me tight, I hope you can prevail
Forest dying, Leaves igniting, into evil flame
I am left alone please save me, I can only hope you will soon show

Tunic Green, Sword divine
If you heard me call please give one small sign - As darkness holds
Falling fast, may not last
Everything is dieing, time is all but past - the sand fall fast

Temple's key, set me free, fairy's light shall guide
Poe's protect, bow's select, in the darkness hide
Fire fast, hit with grace, look evil in the face
You have once again prevailed, and I am left alone in forest's light.

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