The Perfect Little Fairy

by Sir Calibur

Should I tell her how I care about her,
What much she means to me?
How I see her every night in the land of my dreams?
She's more than a friend, I love her so much,
But she's so small I could eat her for lunch.
Are we doomed to be parted, can't we be?
Together forever just my Fairy and me.

I know she won't leave, no matter my fate,
But being away from her just fills me with hate.
Someone up there said "Keep them apart".
Now I live my life with a crack in my heart.

There will be others, but they won't be the same.
Not like my Navi, which brings me to shame.
I'm in love with a Fairy, how could it happen?
All it's done is make me feel saddened.

She sits with me now, asleep in my lap.
I told her I'd be reading a map.
Part of me says "Speak up!", but I can't bring myself to be that tough.

To be smitten with a Fairy, that's my destiny.
No one could be more perfect than she and me.
Not Zelda, not Malon, nor Ruto could be
As perfect as Navi is to me.

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