The Legend

by Princess Ruto

Listen up
And listen well
For I have quite
A legend to tell
Of an ancient land
Of Queens and Kings
Where fairies flit
And the Ocarina sings
Where a sacred relic
A golden treasure
The sacred triangle
Will bring one pleasure
But greed can take over
One evil heart
He gets the Triforce
And the land falls apart
But a noble boy's courage
and a Princesses dream
Will make this wasteland
Once again gleam
With the light of good
And the promise of peace
As the greedy Gerudo's
Reign does cease
And the birds do sing
And the Hylians dance
And across the field
Wild horses prance
And as the sun sets
On the day of liberation
At Lon Lon Ranch
There's a huge celebration
And the Hero will dance
The Princess will dance
Together around the fire they prance
As the stars will shine
So high up above
For Hero and Princess
There is only love.

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