A Queen's Grief

by Princess Ruto

I pace the floor worried to death
Impa comes out of our chamber and looks at me
Her eyes tell me what she cannot say
I know what it is
Fighting the lump that rises in my tight throat
I walk to your bedside
Your face is serene
The sun casts a beam towards you
You seem to be asleep
But I know you're not
Why did this have to happen Link
You were only thirty
It seems only yesterday the arrow peirced your side
Injecting the terrible ailment
You forgot who I was
And babbled for days in a fever
Now you are at peace
But so far away from me
I brush a tender kiss against your pale lips
And stroke your brown locks for the last time
Why did you leave me my Link
You are dressed in the tunic you wore so often
Candles surround you
Your beloved crissord lies at your side
You seem to be sleeping
But I know you're not
Crystal tears smudge the kohl that rims my eyes
Falling on you
Trying to wake you up
Trying to wake me up from this nightmare
Please don't go
Hold me as you used to again
On those humid summer nights
Under the twinkling starlight
Kiss me tenderly again
Like you used to every morning when I woke
Washed in the dawn's rosy glow
The service is done
They place you in the cold ground
I can't help it anymore
A sob escapes my sore throat
My heart aches
You were my better half
Now my soul is incomplete
Why did you leave me Link
The cool night air dries my tears as I look up at the stars
A new one rises into the sky
Twinkling pulsaiting
My heart just pains even more
Knowing you are up there
So far away from me
I wish I had taken more time
To tell you I truly loved you
I didn't show it as much as I should have
As cool tears drip down my drawn face
I look to our sleeping daughter Cassia
How she has your brown eyes
Your laugh
Though she is just five
My soul burns with consuming greif
I walk to where she dreams serenely in peaceful slumber
I kiss her soft cheek
And look back to your star
I miss you so much Link
I step again into the cool twilight
Savouring the soft scent and quiet
Wondering why you have abandoned me
And dive off the balcony
Into the dark courtyard below
We are reunited at last

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