by Princess Ruto

I smile
You stand before me
Every muscle defined through your worn green tunic
Drenched in sweat and blood
Blood shed for your country
My country
A small red trickle seeps down your forehead
I reach up to wipe it away
Using my powers to close the wound
And you look at me
With eyes of azure
That penetrate my royal soul
You clutch my Ocarina in your gauntleted hand
I know what must happen
I try to take it back
So that you might regain your lost time
I stole your childhood
Something you weren't ready to lose
I must make it up to you
But wait
My hand fails to bring the Ocarina to my lips
My soul burns with something different from gratitude
I know what I feel
An emotion that I have felt for seven years
My dreams were filled with the emotion
Through this tribulation of Ganon's
It is unmistakably love for you
My Hero of Time
But Zelda
I tell myself
Do not allow yourself to feel this
You are a noble and he is a peasant
Never meant to be
I cannot let myself think this thought
For my heart now controls my mind
You take my hand
The one clutching the Ocarina
And beseech me not to send you back
This is your time
Where you are meant to be
We can rebuild Hyrule toether
You and me together
Forever you whisper
Forever........ Oh Link I cry
And throw myself into your arms
Yes I shall let you stay
For without you
My life would not be complete
Even with my title and jewels
Your lips meet mine
And I feel I am in Heaven
And I know truly
That we are destined to be together

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