My One True Love

by Princess Ruto

We sit
Watching the sunset
On the lake
Your hand brushes mine
And you smile at me
I snuggle against your broad shoulder
And stroke your face
That is so handsome
I gaze into your eyes so blue
That look like deep pools
Filled with emotion
You trace my lips with a fingertip
And pull me closer
I can hear your heart beating
A strong swish
A sign of life and peace
And I know mine beats the same
Full of love
And devotion
I know I cannot live another day
Without seeing your handsome face
I have always loved you
Ever since I first saw you
At the tender age of ten
When you snuck into my courtyard
You are my one true love
The only one that fills my dreams
Though I am royal
And you are a peasant
I beleive we were destined
To forever be together
And I feel safe
And loved
Locked in your embrace
You smell of life
Of the sweet grasses of the field
Of clean sweat
And my lips find you perfect
When I kiss you tenderly
For you must be an angel
Sent down to me
And I love you so much
I fall asleep on the edge of Lake Hylia
Embracing you
My one true love

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