Whispered Wishes

by Princess Ruto

The twilight breeze
Cools my bruised cheeks
I wince as I step into the night
Ingo cannot sleep it seems
Until he beats the tar out of me
Painfully I creep into the small pasture
And lay in the sweet smelling grass
Tears roll down my face
Mixing with blood
Stinging my scratches
As I raise my tired eyes
To the endless sky
And whisper my dreams to the moon
I wish.....
I wish Ingo wasnt so drunk
I wish Daddy could come home
I wish I could escape this life
I wish King Ganondorf was dethroned
I wish the monsters that roam this land
Would be swallowed into the ground
I wish Mommy were still alive
I wish......I wish........
I wish the faerie boy would return
So he might save me from this heck
I whisper sadly to the moon
But I know that dream
Can never come true
For he disappeared without a trace
Nearly seven years ago
And I can't help myself
I cry

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