Goodbye, My Daughter

by Princess Ruto

Impa places you in my arms
My darling baby girl
My little Zelda
I gaze into your aqua eyes
And stroke the yellow fluff that adorns your little head
But my strength is leaving
My life is ending
My gorgeous child
I have high hopes for you
And as I hold you here
I sense you shall lead Hyrule
To prosperity
I see a vision of you
All grown up
Helping a handsome man
Rid this world of evil
You cry brings me back
And I speak to Impa
My strained voice beseeching her
To retrieve the Ocarina
To soften your wail
She brings it to my bedside
It glows with a blue aura
I place it to my lips
And muster the strength to play
The tune rings out softly, but sweetly
It soothes you
Your beautiful eyes droop and your cries sleep
But I have no more strength
The Ocarina falls to the coverlet
My consiousness fails as I whisper to you

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